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Phil Driver

David Speedie

Started by Phil Driver,

Speedie was signed from Darlington when the club were at its lowest point ever ,we were dire ,if I remember rightly John Neal signed him for 30k in his first season he was the driving force who saved us from relegation to the old third division with his vital goals and fighting spirit ,small in stature (about 5ft 6 ins) but big in heart ,Speedie was superb in the air and would often outjump much taller defenders and he scored many goals with his head ,Speedie was also a clever player with two good feet and great control,however Speedie's biggest asset was his determination and he took no prisoners on the pitch (ask Pat Van de Hauwe at Everton) who wrongly thought he could kick Speedie off the pitch .

After the club had survived relegation to the third division with the Clive Walker inspired win at Bolton,Speedie really shone the next season ,although to begin with the manager preferred the Colin Lee ,Kerry Dixon partnership ,however I knew it would not be long before Speedie would partner Dixon in that team and his partnership with Dixon was amongst the best in the 1st division for a year or two and Speedie would supply Dixon with many of his goals as well as scoring many himself,Speedie went from Darlington to Chelsea and also played for a good Scotland team ,before he was sold to Liverpool after more internal problems at Chelsea.

When I remember Speedo I remember a hard as nails player who would give more than he got against defenders ,he was tough and another who would die for Chelsea Football Club,but make no mistake Speedie was a very good all round footballer and his contribution to Chelsea especially in the season we were very nearly relegated to the third division was priceless,many had given up at the club and morale was low and relegation semmed certain at one stage ,a major reason that never happened was because of David Speedie, Chelsea Legend.

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