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Rumoured Luke Shaw

Started by Joker10,

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39 minutes ago, Vesper said:

That new salary is madness, just madness.

And again it's all hearsay and even if it's true, Just like Yaya Toure demanding 200k a week to go to West Ham then not going, Ronaldo/Messi demanding whatever every time they go for new deals, De Gea wanting 350k per week for new deal at United etc. 

No point saying it's madness, the arse has been ripped out of football and it's wages for almost 15 years now. It will only get worse. Television deals and agents are to blame.

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That new salary is madness, just madness.
I've seen £190kpw quoted and I'm not surprised at all considering what Utd are paying Sanchez for starters.

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