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David Luiz

Started by BlueLion.,

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He was pretty harsh singling out Luiz.

Essien, Malouda, Anelka amounst others was asking for one of them most of the season, why didnt Carlo do it to them too?

Maybe, but he didnt help himself by arguing with Carlo. Making Alex warm up seemed a bit dramatic, but it was presumably used as a 'kick up the backside' for Luiz, and he didnt respond. Maybe the language barrier is causing a few problems, he's playing his own game, or at least what he's told at the start of the game. Terry cant really control him or tell him what to do because he doesnt understand. Note, i'm not criticising his lack of english, you cant expect fluent english after a couple of months, I just mean when he does learn english he'll benefit and hopefully make less mistakes. He's still been a stand out player in a pretty dire season (at times) and i think he'll be much better next year

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Alex made a mistake for the 1st free kick that led to the toon goal, but he didnt scapegoat Alex.

Because Alex doesn't make 5 of those in 10 games?

And c'mon, you know that goal can't be blamed on Alex. The deflection was unreal.

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