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Deadline Day!

Started by J.F.,

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3 minutes ago, xPetrCechx said:

Chelsea keeping third player target, other than Drinkwater and Zappacosta, close to their chests (Matt Law)

That 360sources "shockwaves" guy says it's Belotti

Don't bother with the link because it says 62M, which we know wouldn't work even if true.

If you're a masochist, here it is:



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Ross Barkley is absolutely fucking dreadful. Why do people want him here exactly? Where will he play?! CM? Can't hold onto the ball to save his life. On the wing? Not good enough.

People need to realise that he is far from 18 - he's almost 24 and he's done absolutely nothing of note. Nothing. It is a blessing we haven't signed him.

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11 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

One or two to turn down Chelsea is expected. Three or four is fucking careless. Five or six points to something rotten at the club.

Conte must be gutted

Completely agree mate! Just think about Drinkwater, he even took a medical weeks ago, but the board is so incompetent that we are entering in the last hours of transfer window and Emenalo and Marina can't finalize the deal. I won't be surprise if Conte leaves as soon as the transfer window closes.

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Think we can go to bed fellas. It'll be drinkwater at best and quite frankly, who gives a flying fuck about that. Very happy with rüdiger,morata and bakayoko and happy to give zappacosta a chance but still needed more and it's been a disaster this last few weeks. The ox fiasco summing it all up 

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