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  1. Leicester - May 15th

    Draw 1-1 Hazard
  2. Liverpool - May 11th

    Chelsea win 3-0
  3. Tottenham - May 2nd

    Chelsea win 3-1 Costa
  4. Man City - Apr 16th

    Chelsea loss 0-2 No scorer
  5. Swansea - Apr 9th

    Chelsea win 3-1 Pato
  6. Aston Villa - Apr 2nd

    Chelsea win 3-1 Costa
  7. Everton - Mar 12th

    Chelsea loss 1-2 Fabregas
  8. PSG - Mar 9th

    Chelsea win 3-1 Hazard
  9. Stoke - Mar 5th

    Chelsea win 2-1 Costa
  10. Norwich - Mar 1st

    Chelsea win 2-0 Costa
  11. Manchester City - Feb 21st

    Chelsea win 3-1 Costa
  12. I'm enjoying this season more than I have done in years! Going home and away with the blues you do realise what wondeful fans we actually have. We make every game a special occasion. Even when we were down in 16th for what seemed like forever, we were still there, having a laugh, singing our hearts out, enjoying the camaraderie etc. It's been fantastic imo and I don't want it to end! Come on the Chels!!
  13. PSG - Feb 16th

    Loss 1-2 Hazard
  14. Newcastle - Feb 13th

    Chelsea win 3-0 Costa
  15. Manchester United - Feb 7th

    Chelsea win 3-1 Hazard