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  1. Leicester - May 15th

    Draw 1-1 Hazard
  2. Liverpool - May 11th

    Chelsea win 3-0
  3. Tottenham - May 2nd

    Chelsea win 3-1 Costa
  4. Man City - Apr 16th

    Chelsea loss 0-2 No scorer
  5. Swansea - Apr 9th

    Chelsea win 3-1 Pato
  6. Aston Villa - Apr 2nd

    Chelsea win 3-1 Costa
  7. John Terry

    The day he plays his last game will be torture. The tears will flow at SB if it is to be his last game against Leicester. We will never see the like of this great man again. The passion and commitment. The love for the club. He is right at the top as a legend for this club. He will have a statue like Ossie. We will see him back here as manager one day I am sure of it. Captain, Leader, Legend.
  8. Discussion Topic

    Does my prediction still count? Lol.
  9. Discussion Topic

    No thread up for the watford game. I'll leave my prediction here. Chelsea win 2-1 Costa
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    If we play like we did 2nd half yday then of course we can beat Southampton.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Now i understand your frustrations with performances and more importantly results but to say we are in danger of missing out on the top 4 is ludicrous. We are 5 points behind with 31 games still to play....
  12. Your Chelsea FC Memories

    Could have been the Carling Cup 1/4 final. Lamps scored just before the end which was a god send. Extra time was the last thing we needed going into the busy xmas period that year. I think Duffa scored our 1st goal. We won 2-1.
  13. Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea

    Yes!! Couldn't agree more!! Of course it is because she is female. Jon Fearn never gets a bloody mention. It's always Eva this, Eva that. Whether it was right or wrong, he had a go at the both of them yet all you here is Eva's name. Why? Also, how the fuck is this even a story?? So he moaned at the club doctors... who gives a fuck?? And to those saying Jose was blaming them on the draw. Are you fucking stupid?? He was angry at the fact we were down to 9 men for a period not for the fucking draw!!
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    Holy fuck! She is hot! I'm surprised Jose allowed her out like that but I am sure as hell glad he did!!
  15. Discussion Topic

    If you're that worried about it why don't you help Viper out, calculate the score and send it to him. It is a time consuming job so give him a break.