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  1. General Transfer Talk

    We have John Terry, Ivanovic, Cahill and Luiz, we don't need to spend money on a CB
  2. General Transfer Talk

    I think we're fine for LB with Ashley Cole and Bertrand as back up, I don't think Ivanovic would play great RB seen as he's not a good crosser or long passer either, much more of a strong CB. So I don't know who could replace Azpilicueta if he was to get injured. As far as a striker, it's a strange situation, I'm willing to give Torres one more chance (season) as I believe in him, then there is Demba Ba, who was brilliant for Newcastle and was "so so" for his first (short) season at Chelsea, but has shown he can be brilliant (Newcastle). I would be very excited if Lukaku were to come back but at the same time he's very young. So we are left with huge uncertainty, but then again, imagine having four strikers next season. In my opinion, the bigger problem is the CDM situation. In brief, Lampard = Getting old and his attacking work rate is far too high compared to his defensive work rate, BUT great passer and vision (important for a CDM). Mikel = High chance of him leaving, to sum up, poor season but plays very defensively which is what I like. Ramires = Again, high attacking work rate and low defensive work rate, nor was he ever a great long range passer but did show flashes of brilliance last season. David Luiz = Half of the time he's risky, sloppy, poor and half of the time just AMAZING. Also, there's the whole CB situation. Then there's Essien returning, which I believe is important and exciting but another CDM or two is a must.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    Other than a CDM or two and a striker, does anybody else think there is another position that there should be another player signed for? Maybe a RB?
  4. Welcome to the forums Singeorzan :)