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  1. Timo Werner

    [emoji1317][emoji1317][emoji1317] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    there’s a reason he’s not in their squad even with so many injuries... He’s finished and would be a disaster in the PL with his severe lack of pace... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    reports that mertens is available for low fee (read 8.5M somewhere on twitter, who knows if it's true) because his contract runs out in summer and that us and arsenal are interested... wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to sell giroud, get mertens in until end of season to help us get top 4 and then hopefully make some big signings in summer like sancho and werner
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    the running track ruins it for me, apart from that very nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I hope you're right and that all these decisions that seem bizarre (if they even do happen, might all be fake paper talk for all we know) are setting the ground for sancho signing in summer...
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    hey if Lmaps wants him, that's good enough for me (even if I don't think he will help us in any substantial way, I obviously trust Lamps' judgement more than mine when it comes to players) but if it's a club signing that lamps has no particular interest in, then it's ridiculous as this guy has been a total dud... Freshen up the squad, fine, but don't try freshening it up with a players who has looked horrible for months and months, that doesn't make sense to me... Whatever happens, I hope Lamps is calling the shots and if that's the case, we'll live with wtvr he decides and hope it works out for the best
  7. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    lemar? ewww even on loan wouldn't want him... for what, so that he can take minutes away from development of CHO, pulisic and mount and then leave in the summer? Is he even better than pedro in any case? I don't think so... would be a horrible signing
  8. Politics & Stuff

    *your attempt at condescension and OK, you keep thinking that [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Politics & Stuff

    “gaslit from head to foot bottom” [emoji2361]...when you’re trying to sound cool and use some sort of catch phrase, at least get it right Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Politics & Stuff

    spewing talking points directly from the sub human scum that is the ayatollah and I’m the one that’s brainwashed? ok lol[emoji1305] And just so you know, cnn and fox’s views are diametrically opposed... cnn considers trump hitler and the greatest evil in the world while fox has a few hosts who support him. So saying I’m brainwashed by both shows you have no clue what you are on about... Also, iran attacked and invaded no one? In the past few years alone (without even going back in the decades where iran did much more of this stuff), Iran has literally invaded, attacked and is now controlling lebanon, iraq, yemen and more, what planet are you living on lol? And of course a country that mows down by the THOUSANDS its own citizens who are peacefully protesting, as iran did a couple of weeks back, is a bully that needs to be put down and a cancer, first correct thing you have said so far... not to mention their countless other human rights violations against their own citizens such as killing gays, oppressing religious minorities, jailing political dissidents etc etc As to your claim that the US created isis, if you mean that by leaving the area, they created a vacuum and breading ground for isis to form, ok maybe hillary/obama’s decision to leave did help... if however you think they literally orchestrated and created the terror organisation itself, then you are a fruit cake who also probably believes the earth is flat, moon landing was fake, protocols of zion are real etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Politics & Stuff

    lol cheering on the world’s largest state exporter of terror to get nukes, a state who shoots down its own citizens in the streets by the thousands for protesting peacefully, invades nations with the stated goal of creating new bases from which to attack other sovereign nations (yemen, SA, iraq, etc), hangs its citizens by the thousands, explicitly states its desire to annihilate sovereign nations like US and Israel, attacks US embassies, consulates, attacks SA oil refineries, started a war in yemen, attacks oil transport ships, funds and props up other terror orgs like hezbollah etc... (and all this just in the last 5 years) some of you in this thread need psychiatric help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Politics & Stuff

    iran has been overtly aggressive towards US for years... benghazi consulate attack in 2012, taking US navy offciers hostage a few years later, taking down US drone, attack on US consulate a few days ago... They were warned numerous times, especially by trump after the drone attack that there would be repercussions. They didn't listen, thought it was a bluff and decided to attack a US consulate so US kills the leading war monger of the region who's been sowing terror and killings for years in ME, suleimani. and now ppl are saying the US is pushing for war after they've shown restraint for years and iran has been antagonizing and attacking US for years lmao
  13. Super Frank Thread

  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    this is getting a bit ridiculous, what is taking so long? have a feeling his agents/representation are the ones not making this easy...
  15. Next Manager?

    meltdown would be much worse should it be benitez (I know, it won't be), at least jose is a chelsea man (much more so than fsw at least lol)