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  1. Politics & Stuff

    Great video, very deep thought provoking things being discussed. Thanks for sharing!
  2. The English Football Thread

    Thank God for arsenal fans like Ty! Their club will continue to sink to further and further down and they will keep suffering horrible humiliations because of them... I love it Arsene Wenger we want you to staaaaaay!
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    TELEGRAPH: Chelsea focus efforts on signing Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku this summer as Alvaro Morata interest fades Good news as I would personally prefer Lukaku to Morata, if Diego was to leave... Also reassuring news about hazard in this article Doubtful that we would get Sanchez too but if we did: ..............Costa/Lukaku............. Hazard ......................Sanchez That would be a pretty mouthwatering front three
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    this jim white guy is supposed to be reliable, right?
  5. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Really? It's my favorite out of the lot, clean and original with unique colors
  6. The English Football Thread

    same here, decided to catch glimpses of the city game rather than barca-psg (was going to watch that later but ended up getting spoiled ) This is the first time this season I feel somewhat confident we have the title in the bag (barring a collapse of unprecedented proportions). It seems pep is more concerned by the CL at this point than the league, none of us will be complaining. However, Spurs are kind of on the up and their GS and GA are similar to ours so I wouldn't celebrate just yet but it's looking good
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    Drogba had his annoying moments too with his diving, sulking, wanting to leave Chelsea etc in his first few years here... He ended up being one of our top 3 players of all time (imo) and delivering us the CL and multiple PLs amongst other trophies... I'm not saying the same thing will necessarily happen with Diego but sometimes it's a good idea not to make rash decisions based on one or two isolated incidents when you have an absolutely amazing player at your disposal... I don't expect Diego to be perfect, Mendes probably told him to try to get a few days off while he discusses the details of a possible deal with the Chinese club and Diego did it. It's of course very annoying for us fans but at the same time, I think it's a good idea to remember that this is still a job for footballers and a business for agents, clubs etc so we perhaps shouldn't expect absolute loyalty from anyone
  8. 19. Diego Costa

    even all the media now saying with absolute certitude that he's off in summer, they have no clue whatsoever and are just making educated guesses based on what has gone on thus far... Their predictions are as valuable as yours or mine, and actually probably less so because they don't follow Chelsea as closely (there are exceptions of course but this is true for the majority of tabloids, journalists)... He very well might leave, although personally, I very much doubt it. IMO, the most likely scenario is that he helps us win the league this season and is re-signed to a 250-275K/week contract until 2022. A scenario I'm all for tbh, Costa is a clinical beast and he gives our team a fear factor and a real focal point up front, add a real quality player on the right side and we'll be up there with the top sides in Europe and not just England. Also, like I said before in this thread, I don't blame him for considering this Chinese bid because the amounts discussed are absolutely astronomical. He would stand to increase his current after tax salary 6-fold (from 5M after tax to 30M after tax) and IMO, any player in the world would at least have a think about such a proposal.
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    you just made me feel better about this whole thing with your post!! hope it plays out like that! for me, in the absolute ideal scenario, diego apologizes, everyone forgets about it and he stays for 3-4 more years without any drama and we win plenty of leagues and cups with both conte and costa but that seems farfetched at the moment
  10. 19. Diego Costa

    the guy is a lost cause
  11. 19. Diego Costa

    unlike the last 2 seasons? in 2014/2015, he had 20 goals in 26 premier league appearances lollll And a nothing player without his goals? DUHHHH he's a striker FFS! And on top of 14 goals in 18 games this season, he has 5 assists, that's pretty damn good for a nothing player... you're so clueless its laughable
  12. 19. Diego Costa

    literally all the points in your post are untrue
  13. 19. Diego Costa

    I said stats aren't useless, I didn't say we should we use stats as the sole indicator of a player's worth... I still don't understand the comparison to Suarez though, whether he is better than him or worse, he is still our best player and a top 5 player in the premier league. And to say that Costa's overall play is shit is very misguided and ridiculous. Hazard is not a striker so he's naturally more involved in the build-up play whereas Costa is a striker so his main job is to finish off his chances...
  14. 19. Diego Costa

    we're talking premier league here, what does Costa being better/worse than Suarez have to do with anything? And this season, yes, Costa has been a bit better than hazard imo. Not by much though
  15. 19. Diego Costa

    Stats aren't useless, especially for a striker, they show fairly accurately and objectively the contribution of the player. In any case, I also said most pundits/fans would have him top 5. Can you name 5 players better than Costa this season in the prem?