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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    Tractor first touch turned into goal. Basically his first touch was a shot on goal haha
  2. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    You should watch the post match interview he did for MU TV as well. Completely delusional, he lists all the chances they had after the 85th minute mark and talks like they should have scored at least two or three with ease. Frankly if you had not watched the full match and only watched that interview alone, the way he speaks about all the chances you would really think they were unlucky not to leave the Bridge with a win. Distorted reality a la Jose Mourinho, he forgets that by that 85th minute mark they've only had one shot on goal in the first half and Chelsea missed at least three sitters (Bakayoko, Christensen in the first half, Hazard in the second half). He's a prick and one big deluded git. Fuck him.
  3. The Board

    If Luiz is still unhappy then he should follow Emenalo as well. Hope this was a Conte vs Emenalo war behind the scenes that Conte has won. Long live his reign here.
  4. 30. David Luiz

    Kick him out if he is truly questioning Conte's methods and training regime. That buffoon Kenedy, too. This "player's power at the club" must end once and for all. There is only one boss and that is the gaffer. If things degenerate and Luiz is indeed going to lead a rebellion against Conte then the match going fans must definitely act and support Conte.
  5. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    When you look at the table you realise City is going to walk the league and frankly there is no shame in that they really look like the real deal. But for me this is the last thing that comes to my mind right now, I am so pumped up and full of adrenaline it is unbelievable and a superb feeling for me. Haven't felt like that in such a long while. To be honest I had sex with a gorgeous woman that I was craving for a long long time, but that does not even come close to this win. It's seventh heaven for me right now. Glad we can now rub it in Mourinho's face once again he truly is a despicable human being, glad that we've now shown the Mancs just how useless Matic is in a big game, after weeks of taking the piss saying we were fools to let him go. I'm proud of Conte and happy that he can now have a fucking break from all the shit that's been thrown at him lately. And proud of two players in particular - Morata and Bakayoko. Both under a fabricated pressure by the media and away fans on the basis that we've supposedly chosen the wrong players instead of getting Lukaku and keeping Matic. And the standout for me was Andreas Christensen - brilliant player, hands down the best young defender in the world. Christensen and Azpilicueta - MUST be the first two defenders on the teamsheet every single time. Personally I feel invincible now, amazing what a football match can do, even if it is for a couple of hours only until the adrenaline level gets down again. But this is the moments I live for, can't tell you how much I wanted Chelsea to win this.
  6. The Conte Thread

    Love him to bits
  7. The Conte Thread

    We, the fans, always ask this stupid questions "Why is X out of the squad?", "Was Y dropped?", thinking those players might get mad and stuff like this. Well who the fuck really cares if they get mad? I surely don't and I hope Conte starts to drop them usual suspects gradually and do things his way even though some at the club don't want to let him do it that way. But for as long as he's here still I would love him to get really mad and stop being the nice guy. Maybe sometimes an iron hand is exactly what you need to put things in order.
  8. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    Frankly to me the 0-3 loss in Rome did not mean that much. Ok, it terms of performance it was horrible to watch, but at least AS Roma completely exposed our weaknesses and Conte can learn from that. Like he did last year after the match at the Emirates when honest to God it was a similar shit show. And in the end Qarabag bailed us out of jail big time. Now we beat them away from home and we're through to the play-offs and no more Champions League worries until late February. Now about this match on Sunday - to me it is the perfect fixture to play at this moment. Chelsea have nothing to lose. If they do lose, then it's nothing out of the ordinary at this point. Truth is we're miles off the team we were last season. We win and we can rub it in Mourinho's face and come only one point behind mighty United that is supposed to challenge for the league title. Only one point behind with all our problems - does not sound bad to me. Now the funny thing is we'd want Conte to take United hard on Sunday knowing Mourinho's habit to park the bus against top oposition. But United fans would want the same from Mourinho - haha. To come at the Bridge and play expansive football because we're shite lately. Just like they we're supposed to do at Anfield. We all know what is going to happen and that Mourinho is surely going to bore the hell out of Stamford Bridge and all the viewers on telly. Now honest to God I'm hoping we're going back to a four man defence and bring some balance into the team. I would go for Morata Willian Hazard Pedro Kante Drinkwater Alonso Luiz Christensen Azpilicueta Courtois
  9. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Last season a gutless performance away from home and a 3-0 loss changed our season completely. Can we do it one more time? Fuck knows, but for sure I bloody hope so. I love Antonio Conte and I pray he wins the next game against Mourinho for all the negativity around to be gone for a while at least. But he must change some things. Starting with the formation and personnel. He's the manager and he's with the players every day of the week, so no matter what formation and players he chooses, I will support him. But... My two pennies on our current situation - I think the current tactics do not fit Chelsea at the moment and certain players must be dropped and others must play. Starting with Andreas Christensen. What I saw last night and in the past months is a totally unbalanced team playing more of a 5-2-3, rather than a three at the back formation with flying wing-backs. We defend too deep with too much defenders (five), we always lose the midfield area and the three up front look lost. They are always left for dead and there is no transition between the defence and attack. For me, at this moment, it is like there is three different Chelsea teams on the pitch at the same time - the defenders playing their own game, the midfielders doing close to nothing and the three attackers trying to do something with no support from the others. The three at the back formation worked wonders last season, but we have to admit in was only a stop-gap solution. We desperately need to revert back to a four man defence and find some balance, because frankly and I will say it again, I bloody love Conte, but this Chelsea team under the current 3-4-3/3-5-2 formation looks so unbalanced it is unbelievable. Plus it's probably the worst tactics to play against top dogs, so easy to exploit. The bright side is (if there is any) that we can't get any worse than this. There is nothing to lose now, hope Conte thinks like this and will turn things around once more. Must not do what Mourinho did and wait for the sack - should act now and think with his footballing brain and not his heart.
  10. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    Remember after the Champions League Final, Madrid v Juventus, the next day I went on to read & watch all the expert analysis on the tactical side of the game. The vast majority of them, and I'm not talking about Daily Mail kind of "experts", but big ex footballers and current managers, said the three at the back formation is never going to work against big teams. 3-4-3, 3-5-2, either way, you are going to lose the wide areas or the midfield area. Exactly like what happened with Juventus against Madrid - Marcelo and Dani Carvajal had a field day against Alex Sandro and Dani Alves who were left for dead in the wide areas, with no support because there was no wide players to track back and help them. All this while allowing Cristiano and Isco to come inside and create a midfield four (Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Isco) and add an extra attacker (Cristiano). Think a back four would be more balanced against top sides, although there is no natural left back in the squad. Hazard Morata Pedro Kante Fabregas Bakayoko M.Alonso D.Luiz Rudiger Azpilicueta Courtois
  11. Bournemouth 0-1 Chelsea

    I'm loving the sight of Cahill & Willian on the bench.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Very happy for him and loved his celebration after the third goal to bits. He is Juventus through and through and frankly I don't know how much of a Chelsea fan he is, but he sure did act like one, actually like most of us watching that third goal go in. For me he is the Chelsea fan on the bench. Four matches before the break - pretty sure we can do the job against Everton and Bournemouth. Then a draw in Rome would put us in the driving seat for the first place in our Champions League group and then if Conte can beat Mourinho at the Bridge then I think all this shit about crisis and sacking will be gone. Two-week break after the United game as well for all the players to be back fit again.
  13. The Conte Thread

    Listen mate I do respect your opinion, but from my point of view last season was totally different than how you see it. Chelsea was the first top-flight team in history to win 30 games in a 38-game season and only one game away from breaking that record for wins in a row. Still, Chelsea is tied with Arsenal at 13. This has nothing to do with the opposition being weak IMHO. I would agree with you and anybody who would say that Chelsea had a massive advantage of not playing European nights. Lots of rest and time on the training ground for Conte to work on his drills and implement his style of play. But honestly, a league consisting of Guardiola at City, Mourinho at United assembling the most expensive squad in football history, Klopp at Liverpool and one of the best teams that Tottenham has ever had is no weak stuff if you ask me. City with Mark Hughes, United with Moyes, Liverpool with Hodgson or Dalglish, the Spurs team of some years ago, yes that is weak opposition, but not now when you have a plethora of world class managers at the big clubs and a highly talented, stubborn, firing from all cylinders Spurs. The way you put it then every season you can dismiss the league winners and say they've won it because they had no competition. Does not work like this for me to be honest. The City match was the last one from a series of 7 matches in 21 days, I know they are pro athletes, but still, it's no easy job to play a Guardiola team after a match against Stoke away from home and one in Madrid, having only a day to rest and prepare the match. Whereas City played relegation fodder Palace and Shakhtar, both at home. You win some, you lose some. Our title rivals still have to play against each other, too. City won't play Huddersfield every week, nor will United batter Palace week in, week out. Plenty of time for the big teams to swap position between each other at the top of the table until May.
  14. The Conte Thread

    No, Chelsea went back to the top after a poor start because of Conte and that glorious winning streak, not because others were poor. You don't get to win 13 on the bounce, score 30+ goals and keep 10 clean sheets in the process just because "others were just not good enough". United had the exact same team last season, bar Lukaku, but Ibrahimovic up top. The difference this season is their easy run of fixtures so far. Swap any of the top sides with United and they would all be on the same points as United is now, if not better, with that fixture list. Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea - three of the next four matches for United. Let's see after the Chelsea game how much they've improved. Nobody can predict the future so I find it irrelevant to draw any conclusions like most of you do now. But talking about the past, it has a tendency to repeat itself, so you never know... Before Chelsea go to the Emirates on New Year's Eve, we get to play only two difficult matches until the end of the year - at home against United and away at Liverpool. 12 others are against lesser sides. And 7 out of these 12 matches are at home Think some of you should reconsider your thoughts now days after the City match. You might be in for a surprise before the Arsenal game on NYE when Chelsea will probably be way closer to the top than most of you would imagine.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Spot on mate and one thing I would like to add is that people these days draw conclusions way too early in the season. You win two in a row, hooray we're going to win the league. You lose one, nah we're not good enough, need to rethink everything. It's like they never learn and it's like this every single season. Last season at this exact moment Chelsea was losing 0-3 at the Emirates and was trailing City by eight points IIRC. And by the way City was demolating everything in front of them just like they do now. I'm not saying it is surely going to happen the same thing (Chelsea to come from behind and City to start dropping points all of a sudden), maybe City won't even lose a single game this season. But can anybody predict the future? Especially in the EPL? Everything is possible in this league. And let's not forget Chelsea have definitely had the worst schedule so far. And on top of that, prior to yesterday's match, Chelsea have played Atletico in Madrid and were coming after an emotional win. I'm not trying to find excuses, no way, although I don't think it would be wrong to talk about the two days rest in between these two massive games. I mean - with an International break coming up, surely this match could have been moved on Monday night, or at least Sunday night. But Saturday? After finishing the game in Madrid close to midnight on Wednesday?... Whereas Liverpool play on Tuesday night and get to play late on Sunday afternoon... Look at Real Madrid now - they are currently seven points behind Barcelona. A side led by Messi that could win every match in that two horse league. But nobody is talking about the league being finished already and other crap like we've seen on this forum. For me the worst thing about the defeat against City is not the result. Or anything related to this game. It's the fact that I saw a lot of United fans taking the piss, some of them saying "can we write Chelsea off now?". No you can't you fucking bellends. You've played no decent team so far and had the easiest schedule a team could dream of. I hate Liverpool and Spurs with a passion, but my God how I'd wish they beat the shit out of United in the next rounds.
  16. The Conte Thread

    Listen, I think the worst thing about modern football is primarily the lack of respect that fans show towards opposition, making them into missing certain aspects about the football game and think their team is entitled to every trophy. I'm reading all the comments and once again I feel exactly the same like I was feeling after the Arsenal match when everybody thought Arsenal would come here and get thumped. Fans (all over the world) nowadays can't see past their own teams and this is wrong. We've played Atletico twice under Mourinho and both times it was a complete shitshow. Remember Diego Simeone at that point - he was definitely the most defensive manager in this whole world, but it did not matter for Mourinho. We went to Madrid, played with 5 at the back and had no chance to score and then we came back to London and Mourinho played with six defenders! (Cole, JT, Cahill, Ivanovic, David Luiz, Azpilicueta) and got humiliated by Atletico. Now a few days back we go to Madrid again and completely dominate Atletico. So Conte has showed us that this team can play attacking football and will do so. But my point is and this is what I want to emphasize - as much as all the fans hate him and judge him by his last (trophyless) season, Pep Guardiola is a once in a generation manager. Is he better than Conte when it comes to defending drills? I don't think so. But is he better in the other half of the pitch? Definitely. And for me the best attacking manager in the world. This guy has had a difficult first season, but now he's built a squad to play his way. Chelsea do not have the personnel to beat a Guardiola team at his own game, this is why Conte has chosen to sit back and try to hit on the counter. This is what Guardiola does - presses high up the pitch, plays with a lot of energy, two passes tops, lots of interchanging and freedom in the last third. We simply do not have technically gifted players like City does, nor a similar playing style. For me it is no shame we have lost against this City side.
  17. The English Football Thread

    I don't get Bobby Madley - every Arsenal free kick outside of the box, he whistles the first millisecond. For example the Sanchez free kick just before the Lacazette tap in - could have easily played the advantage, but did not. Totally opposite of what he did in the other penalty area with Jay Rodriguez. Why the hell would you play advantage there when it was a crystal clear penalty kick?! Still... How many chances do West Brom need though???
  18. The English Football Thread

    Story of Coutinho's career so far, too. Scores the wonder goal every now and then, everybody especially the media is in awe of him, but they never say it's the first goal in his last 30 attempts. Probably one of the most wasteful and selfish long range shooters in European football.
  19. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Maybe Conte had a bad day, too. It happens. It is a human thing. Chelsea do not possess the best squad in world football, nor have made stellar transfer windows lately. Also Conte does not earn absurd wages. So my point is that Conte, at least in my view, should not be under any pressure, especially coming from us, the fans. It's only a year and a couple of months since he's been with Chelsea and IMHO he's changed the club a lot, both in style of play and mentality. First season in England - wins the league title with a record breaking 30 wins in a season. And scores 85 goals, Chelsea's second best tally in the Abramovich era. Only after Carlo's Chelsea. Some might say it's only because Chelsea have had no European nights and a lot of time to rest, but if you ask me these numbers do not come by accident. Conte has truly reinvigorated this club and will surely continue to do so, this is why I find it pathetic to criticise this man after a bad result. It really means we are a fickle bunch if we can't digest a draw against a big rival. Derby matches are always imprevisible because of their nature and rivalry, maybe the problem is the fans that think Arsenal are some sort of Watford in disguise and not Conte.
  20. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Think the overreaction in here is a bit puerile to be fair. Yes we hate Arsenal and we make fun of them, truth is they are not as big as they think they are, but they are not Huddersfield either. I for one was not expecting a walk in the park. They were bound to a decent game against top opposition at some point, you can't expect them to be steamrolled each and every time they face a big team. Shit happens and we could not win. They did a good job in the first half, we made it hard for them in the second. Saw a lot of people criticising Conte for his team selection et al. Give the guy a break - it's only the first match since he came at the club in which Chelsea did not score at The Bride. He's not had the perfect transfer window and has had the most difficult schedule so far in PL. People creaming all over Manchester clubs' results - Really, haven't you learned your lesson yet? Titles are not decided in September... Barcelona have won the treble after starting to mount a challenge only late in January. Madrid never looks like anything special in the 1st half of the season. Big teams always peak between late February and May. Look at Paris last night - if Conte did a bad job with this players, what about Paris at home against a bunch of youngsters? Totally shite, Lyon had a clear penalty denied in the 1st half, missed glorious chances in the 2nd half and Paris won by two own goals.
  21. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Please don't fix it if it's not broken - Rudiger D.Luiz Azpilicueta. Hazard?! Loves to play against Arsenal, but is he fully fit yet? Hope so. Looked in chill mode in mid-week, but maybe Conte instructed him to just go out there and enjoy himself and forget about defensive duties. Between Moses and Zappacosta, I think the latter looks like the better defender. And very good going forward, too. But think Moses gets the nod here - Zappacosta needs a few more matches to get used to the EPL pace. Morata Hazard Willian M.Alonso Kante Bakayoko Moses Rudiger D.Luiz Azpilicueta Courtois
  22. Chelsea 6-0 Qarabag

    No way Antonio Conte is going to experiment in this game. Batshuayi Willian Pedro M.Alonso Bakayoko Fabregas Zappacosta Cahill Christensen Azpi/D.Luiz Courtois
  23. The English Football Thread

    This is the club that has payed a combined fee of 55M to Liverpool for Benteke and Sakho - utter dross worth 20-25M tops together. For this thing alone I have no sympathy for them and I hope they relegate at the end of the season.
  24. 21. Davide Zappacosta

  25. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Inches close.