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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    The likes of Leonardo Jardim, Pochettino, Zidane, even Simone Inzaghi or Di Francesco, they all like the attacking side of the game, but I think that Klopp, Tuchel and Sarri are the closest thing to Guardiola at this moment. Simeone, Allegri, Conte, Mourinho they're all top managers (excluded Low and Tite as they are off the "club management" market), can play some good football against lesser sides, but I don't think they come close to Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel, Sarri when it comes to the attacking side of the game. These four have it in their blood to play expansive football and since three of those are totally unreachable, I think Chelsea would do an amazing job to appoint Sarri. Think it really is time for a change both on the pitch and on how Chelsea is seen globally - from "But of course Chelsea know how to defend, it's what they do." to something more pleasing for the eyes and close to the modern times.
  2. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Apparently Zenit have offered Sarri a top contract, but he is stalling on it, wants Chelsea to make a move and come to PL.
  3. The Conte Thread

    Tuchel took charge at Paris, Mancini at the Italian NT, Allegri is going to stay at Juventus for at least another season and Napoli have Ancelotti lined up should Sarri leave. It's the jobs Conte's been linked to for the past months and frankly, watching his last interviews, it gives me the feeling that the situation has completely changed now - He moaned all season and I had the feeling he does not want to be here anymore, but now it seems he looks out of alternatives (no top clubs in need of a new manager) and he'd be willing to stay, but frankly I have no idea what the board thinks of him anymore. Maybe an FA Cup triumph could save his job. Personally I'm advocating for his stay if it means we're not getting the likes of Luis Enrique. But with two conditions - a total change in attitude and tactics. For all the flaws in this squad, he's been at fault also for this bad season because of his constant moaning. Disrupted the atmosphere for the start of the season and he's looked a shadow of his former self. Also a change in tactics is needed. This five at the back shite is outdated and totally not fitted for a big club.
  4. The Conte Thread

    Personally I can't see a 60 years old Italian manager that apparently speaks no word in English switching leagues now. But at the same time I think I have read an interview with Sarri some months ago saying he does not care a bit about transfers and will work with whoever the board brings at the club and he is there to improve players and try to win trophies with whoever he got at his disposal. Judging by this, I think this is music to the ears of our board and the perfect candidate for the allegedly vacant Chelsea manager job this summer. Like it or not, unfortunately this is going to be Chelsea's policy from now on and there is only a handful of quality managers ready to accept this. Fortunately Sarri is amongst those and a top one with a clear vision on attacking football and developing players.
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    All I know mate is them tits are the real deal
  6. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    False hope had we won this - Maybe this result is for the best. Painful because it was Spurs and we always want to see Chelsea win, but maybe another season out of the Champions League could be a wake up call for the board. City are moving forward at fast pace and we've even fallen behind Spurs and Liverpool !!! United will always pump money into this team and Arsenal for sure will only get better after Wenger's tenure will end. If a yes man is appointed with no clear philosophy that is ready to accept transfers of 10 players worth 200M in total instead of 2-3 world class ones for the same amount then I am lost for words...
  7. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

  8. Luke Shaw

    Same old, same old. Mourinho unable to develop young talent - Tell me something new... We were made to believe De Bruyne is the laziest and most unprofessional player on this planet. And we fools took the bait. Look at him now. Luke Shaw is a victim of Mourinho's ego - Chose United over Chelsea when Mourinho was in charge here. Enough for Mourinho to hold grudge on him and try to discredit Shaw with every opportunity. Even when the kid has had a good game, it was "Mourinho's brain and Shaw's legs"... There is three top, super, highly talented internationals in United's squad that any other manager would have improved by now - Martial, Rashford, Shaw. No wonder they have stalled, maybe even regressed under Mourinho. Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, City - no matter who Shaw's next club is, I'm 100% he'll hit the ground running again.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    He's making a fool of himself by even calling De Bruyne's name in that presser. Maybe next time somebody could ask him about Conte's heritage, too - De Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah, Filipe Luis, I dare add Cuadrado, maybe even Bertrand to that list. This guy is so full of shite. Talks about Sevilla like they are some European super power, when the truth is that a team like United that has invested that much money into the team, should knock them out in style. Watch Bayern rip them a new hole in the next round. There is teams like Betis and Eibar that have put 5 past this Sevilla side this season during 90 minutes, while United have only scored once in 180+.
  10. The Conte Thread

    For me personally Conte is the right man for the job, but frankly I think he wants to leave more than we want him to stay. I wish that for the first time Chelsea would show the world that they can trust the manager after a poor season and give him another go. But unfortunately we know it won't happen. Just look at United and the differences between the two boards - what Mourinho has done there this season is borderline pathetic. No title challenge and knocked out by the team sitting 5th in Spain and with a worst defensive record that Leganes and Girona, dumped out of League Cup by a Championship side, all this having a squad filled with 90M players and a 600k/pw one. But he will get another season, this is what I am sure of. While Conte will surely get the sack after having had to do w/o an out of form centre forward all season, poor full backs and a one man midfield all season as Kante had no decent partner since August! To me it looked like he played all alone in the centre of the park all season long... Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Emerson, Barkley. Add to this a totally out of form Morata that has struggled to cope with the PL all season - Compare this to the other teams' transfer dealings... You just can't expect anybody to mount a title challenge and a long UCL run with this transfers. Conte is stubborn and would pick a fight with everybody, but you can't expect him to do miracle after miracle while others spend big on best players.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    I don't understand this "Hazard going to Madrid because of Zidane" talk. At this point there is more chances of Hazard being managed by Zidane at Chelsea, than at Madrid. Madrid are 20 points behind Barcelona and out of the Spanish Cup. Next up is the Paris tie and it is do or die for Zidane. There is a lot of pressure on Madrid before this tie and a lot of delusion from the Spanish media if you ask me because they talk about this leg as if they are favourites to win it and playing a normal opponent. The relationship between Zidane and Florentino Perez is totally broken since a few weeks ago when Zidane refused to sign Kepa from Bilbao. It was Florentino Perez's signing, he agreed everything from release clause to Kepa's contract, but Zidane did not want him and since then there is a lot of tension between the two of them. Perez was furious and wanted to sack Zidane after this incident, but kept him out of respect for what he meant as a player and what he did as a manager in the last years. But he is surely gone in the summer if you ask me.
  12. The Conte Thread

    A season ruined by this useless board before it even started. Every sane person would think that you must build on a title winning season, but not this board it seems. And it is not even the first time it happens. They would rather go and buy seven or eight players worth 200M, than get two or three world class players who would automatically improve the team. You look at Arsenal - the perennial losers, 6th in the table, Europa League level, a dinosaur of a manager, a deluded fan base, a club that has lost their best player to a rival. They go in the market and buy one of Europe's best goalscorers for a club record amount. While we set for the likes of Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Bakayoko and Roma's bench warmers, looking closely to influence as little as we can the net spend. We had everything a club could have asked for in May last year - a title winning squad, a passionate manager, a great atmosphere, lots of players taken to the next level. Everything was there for this club to reach new heights. Diego Costa should have been the only departure last summer. Everybody else should have stayed at the club, while adding at least two or three other top players to automatically break into the starting eleven. But not with this board. They had to sell in order to buy, Pathetic!!! This is not 2005 anymore where you could allow yourself to get relaxed knowing there is maybe only one club posing a threat and you could easily bounce back very quickly. Times have changed, there are at least five clubs now ready to pump money into their teams and it hurts to say this but Chelsea looks way behind all the others at this point and there is no signs anything will change come the end of the season. I bet this pathetic board would sell Hazard for 200M and buy six or seven Zappacostas worth this money, instead of looking for the best talent out there and fight for him. Conte had the right ideas and was the perfect manager to drive this club forward, unfortunately he had to deal with this greedy board. Will be sad to see him gone.
  13. Edin Dzeko

    What is the point really? Out of the League Cup, soon to be out of Champions League, too. The FA Cup? Give me a break, a back-up centre forward and a back-up left back is not going to change anything, two back-up players are not suddenly going to change everything and inspire Chelsea to an FA Cup win. Our problems root deeper than that. All that is left is a top 4 finish. Think Morata and Batshuayi are enough for one competition only. Kenedy's loan looks so damn stupid now. Emerson + Dzeko - It is 50M down the drain at this point if you ask me. And surely it's going to affect our summer spending, too, judging by Chelsea's transfer policy these days.
  14. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Messi on three goals in this Champions League campaign. Ronaldo on nine, but with a hard tie coming up against Paris. Might score a goal, though. Still, Messi is going to surpass him after the tie against us.
  15. The English Football Thread

    So here is some RedCafe threads over the last couple of years - "Juan Mata better than David Silva", "Ander Herrera better than Kante", "Schneiderlin best DM in the league", "Memphis Depay the new Cristiano Ronaldo", "Mkhitaryan Bundesliga POTY going to destroy PL" and all the Ibrahimovic, Di Maria threads and God knows what other players and stupid comparisons. Inevitably there is now the "Sanchez vs Hazard" thread where of course Sanchez is the 2nd coming of Lionel Messi. Ha ha So now the web site is full of predicted line-ups ready to win all the trophies, but how long before they go back to the state of two months ago when 90% of the squad was composed of average players? My guess is when they'll finish trophyless this season.
  16. Alexis Sanchez

    Quality player but his wage demands are simply absurd. No wonder City have walked away from this and Chelsea was not even in the race. The kind of deal that would disrupt the locker room and would force every board to raise the wage bill as other players would come asking for improved contracts. Imagine signing Alexis Sanchez on the rumoured contract he's being offered at United - no way the Chelsea board would even dare try to tie Hazard down to a new contract offering him only 300k p/w. But Mourinho had to sign him - he needs quality attacking players to hide his own managerial flaws when training attacking play. He simply has no clue training attacking patterns so he needs players like Sanchez to bail him out of jail. I always laugh when I read sentences like "Mourinho gives attacking players a lot of freedom to do whatever they want". Haha, no, he gives them freedom because he is inept teaching them attacking plays.
  17. Edin Dzeko

    One of my favourite centre forwards for the past 7-8 years to be honest. Never in the flashlights but a cool presence in front of goal and always delivered for City. I can still remember Mourinho tipping him for POTY after scoring one goal less than Aguero in that 13/14 City season and although I hate the bloke I cannot agree more with him. Granted it is almost four years since then, I think that Dzeko still has at least this half a season and the next one, too, at the very highest level.
  18. The Conte Thread

    Think it is quite simply to explain the current state of Chelsea Football Club - there are FOUR major factors IMHO that have put their print on this season. 1) No ambition at the top of the club. 2) Negative stories in the media. 3) City running away with the title. 4) Getting drawn against Barcelona. 1) and 2) go hand in hand - The board seems to be scrapping the barrel these days and we're getting linked to shite players, whereas ours get linked to big moves to the likes of Madrid. Also we're constantly bombarded with negative stories in the media about Conte leaving at the end of the season and our poor transfer policy these days. Say what you want but these things do affect the players and also the match going fans as I feel the atmosphere at the Bridge is kind of toxic to say the least. City's season has also gotten into our players minds and it happened very soon in the season. Think they've lost motivation early in the season when they knew all Chelsea could fight for is a top 4 place. Barcelona in Champions League last 16 was the nail in the coffin. We the fans know and the players know as well there is no chance we knock them out. I see people slating the players on a constant basis but have a look back at the 15/16 season and you will find a lot of similarities - Willian, Hazard, Pedro, Fabregas, Matic, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Courtois were losing against the likes of Stoke, West Ham, Southampton, Bournemouth during a toxic period and next season they went on to a wonderful campaign and won the title. We were also saying this squad was bang average and there is no future going forward, but 16/17 season proved that motivation is a HUGE factor in football. Don't think a lot has changed and Morata and Bakayoko to name a few names that are on fans' lips every week are not bad, they are just simply playing for a team that has a very poor season. With Conte in our out, I'm sure we'll look different next season, but the main question is - can we sustain two, three solid seasons in a row? The board keep doing the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of building on a successful season, they go on and have a poor transfer window in the summer, negative stories pop up the next minute, season starts, there is a lot of tension both on the pitch and in the stands, we start the season on the wrong foot and hell breaks lose.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    Watched Monaco v Nice last night, played as the anchor man in Nice's 4-3-3, actually very, very good on the ball, he's a tidy little player maybe a bit different than Kante in terms of work rate and tackling ability. Plays a lot of forward passes, too, think he assited one of Balotelli's goals.
  20. Andy Carroll

    Get in! Do you know when tickets for the Champions League Final go on sale?
  21. The Conte Thread

    It is one step forward, two steps back. Can't understand what is wrong with this board. 14/15 we win the title, then go few steps back. 16/17 we win the title then go few steps back again. Every football fan in this world could see that the club needed to build on those title winning seasons and have some solid transfer windows, except for a bunch of people at the top of the club. Really feel for Conte and indeed he looks done at this club. You look at Arsenal - dire football, 6th in the league, slim chances to a Champions League place next season, a dinosaur of a manager and about to lose their two best players. You would wonder why the hell anybody in their right mind would want to join them? They are fucking Arsenal the perennial losers. Still as we speak they are linked to players worth over 80M in Aubameyang and Malcom. We'll soon be linked to Brendan Rodgers mark my words.
  22. Alexis Sanchez

    Dortmund, Lyon - these two clubs in particular have decided they can't cope with today's market. Instead have decided to nurture young talent and play attacking football at the expense of trophies. And they do a pretty good job to be fair - both are fun to watch and make tons of money. On the other hand, to me it looks that the Chelsea of 2018 and I mean the board want to invest very little from their own pocket and at the same time fight for the biggest trophies. Can't have it both ways to be honest. We play dull football at the moment because the personnel is dull as well. If the board plan to follow this path of investing very little then why can't they propose something like a two year plan of totally rebuilding with young players while playing attacking football. At least it would be a win win scenario for all of us and fans won't have that big expectations either and would enjoy every matchday. The Chelsea of a few years ago would have had Sanchez snapped and playing against Leicester already.
  23. The Conte Thread

    Seeing the news he's going to leave at the end of the season - what a travesty this is. If it is his choice then fair play to him, he's not been backed enough and deserves better. But if it is the club pushing him away - then I am out for words.
  24. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    We've rested 9 of our starters against Norwich, we should put at least two past Arsenal - their defence is bang average.
  25. The Conte Thread

    Can't help but laugh reading the RedCafe threads - the people that few years ago would destroy Mourinho for every word he would say, now are making a hero out of him. They say Conte is an idiot for biting the bait as Mourinho did not even mention his name, but who else did Mourinho refer to for Christ's sake??? Chris Hughton? David Wagner? Of course not... It was Conte all the time and this is not fresh news and Mourinho keeps spouting shit about Chelsea and Conte for one and a half year now. But Conte never said a thing in response in one and a half year and now when he takes action he is somehow deemed as a fool. Like Mourinho should be the only one making allegations and if somebody replies then he is an idiot for letting himself dragged into Mourinho's mind games. But if somebody does not reply to him either then he is considered a pussy and Mourinho gets all the plaudits for being that clever that nobody can't stand in front of his words. Finally there is somebody that can take Mourinho to his game and speaks the fan's mind. I truly have waited for so long for somebody to call Mourinho a senile git because this is what he is now.