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  1. Malmo - Chelsea

    Malmo I think they are poor and did not play competitive matches in a long time, but it is not about this though it is about us reacting to a humiliating defeat and if they can't find the motivation to do this no matter it is Malmo, a League Two side or Madrid then I don't know what to think anymore. A beef with Sarri or not it does not matter, players must do it mainly for the club and fans.
  2. Mauro Icardi

    If you think this through his wife's been doing this for months to get him a bumper contract which Inter is yet to offer and deems it absurd. Icardi is currently on Everton kind of money there at 4.3M p/y and wants double, which if you ask me is pretty decent given the money thrown around these days in football. Ramsey is going to be on 400k p/y at Juventus while Icardi is asking for roughly 180k p/y, which again I am saying is decent for a player of his calibre. He really is a top striker with a natural instinct for goal.
  3. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Tuchel is a brilliant manager as long as results go his way and the board does not fuck with his brains in the transfer market. This winter I think he was just a couple of days off before losing his shit because of the Paredes mini saga. But Paris do look good tactically and schooled United last night even w/o Neymar, Cavani, a half fit Verratti and Marquinhos & Alves played out of position. It is why I wanted United at home in the Cup - they nowhere near as good as painted by the lousy media. The honeymoon is over, we're a fucking mess but we'll dump them out. They only beat dross since OGS came in. And Arsenal. Spurs win was a miracle and had nothing to do with football, tactics etc. De Gea simply put another monster performance.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    There is two ways about modern football - you either buy the top dogs in the game and challenge instantly, or you promote/buy top talent and have lots of patience. What is in between it does not work and it is called mediocrity aka Chelsea FC of 2019. Been busy a lot for the last days, but I read somewhere that Roman has instructed his people to find potential buyers. Think it was an article in The Guardian the next day after the 6 nil loss? Well nevermind, but something has to change, there must pe some plan at least, a Director of Football, some people to come with fresh ideas. If we keep buying/keeping the Alonsos, Willians, Pedros et all then everything is wrong.
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    For me this is a very simple situation and a deciding summer coming up. The board back Sarri after a very, very, very poor season by Chelsea's standards - shows there is signs of improvement in the most concerning area and that is the supposed 'players' power' one (which personally I think it exists). The board sack Sarri and keep the likes of Willian, Alonso etc. Well I think there is no coming back then, we will only attract managers that think this club is easy money, first you get your season wages in full, and starting 2nd season why would you care, they eat managers alive, you get the sack and leave with the money for the remainder of the contract. You either have players ready to die for the manager or players ready to die for the club, regardless who is in charge. Nothing of this happens at Chelsea at the moment and the situation we find ourselves in it's a normal one given all this. Sad.
  6. Gareth Bale

    Our main targets from Madrid should be Isco and Asensio. Don't know how much Madrid value them at, but we MUST include them in the Hazard deal. But going back to reality I am afraid we're going to waste 100M on some PL overpriced fellas like Doucoure and Richarlison.
  7. Man City 6-0 Chelsea

    Those saying they don't care if Liverpool wins the league clearly have never met or dealt with their fanbase, hence they have no idea what Liverpool winning the league means. No matter they are English, Irish, Romanian, French, Russian, Italian fans, they are all the same, arrogant bastards with delusions of grandeur. Used to meet some people from time to time because of my work, all among the founding members of the Liverpool FC Romanian fan club. I remember first time I told them I support Chelsea they gave me the dog's abuse. These low life bastards deserve nothing but constant failure and I wish once again we crush their dreams at Anfield in April. They truly are the scum of this Earth, deluded, inbred knob heads.
  8. The English Football Thread

    Drogba and Aguero - these two are in a league of their own when it comes to big match strikers.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    You would be totally right if this was an unknown manager trying things for the first time to see if it works or not. But this guy has made Napoli play some great football with no superstars in his team. It is why Chelsea hired him and the hope is not that we would like him to turn out to be like Klopp or Pep, but to replicate the football Napoli played. Was Napoli that boring as this Chelsea? Never. Were they clueless in the final third? No way. I am saying it again - Napoli never played like Chelsea play these days, that team was different in all aspects. And you would expect Sarri to bring the same methods he used there and I am 100% he did that, but why it is not working? It's either because the players are not good enough or simply don't want to pick up his methods, I guess Hazard would rather dribble past 10 players and cut inside just to pass it to Azpilicueta, or Willian would take 100 touches before doing something stupid like he does all the time. Our wingers no matter who plays there simply take stupid decisions instead of doing the exact same things Insigne, Callejon, Mertens used to do. Of course you are going to have tons of possession if all three midfielders are happy to just pass the ball and your wingers don't shoot, or run in behind, or try some quick one twos. Nobody in this team takes any risks, of course everything is boring as fuck. Does Sarri instruct them to? Not in a million years, I don't believe this for a moment.
  10. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    If we are to compare anything it is the situations of these managers and not their playing style. Two have had at least five or six full transfer windows to rebuild and were given big funds, whereas the other is being crucified after half a season and one outfield player to suit his tactics. Now two, with Higuain. What is funny is that Klopp could end his fourth season there trophyless and would probably still be backed by the fans. Things must change drastically at the end of the season and frankly I'd rather we stick to Sarri and rebuild around Jorginho and Higuain, players that would fight for the manager, rather than keep the current underperforming/unhappy ones. Time to move on from Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Cahill, Luiz and others that have a (toxic) influence in the locker room. If it was me in charge I'd shift Azpilicueta, too, at the very first offer. No need for Kovacic also so give the funds to Sarri and let him rebuild with players he trusts.
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    This is getting borderline ridiculous now. I hate Mourinho with a passion and I loved Conte, they made mistakes and had to leave, but you can't help but feel the players had some part in those sackings, too. It is impossible for me to be the only once noticing a very important aspect with this group of players and it happened with both Mourinho and Conte; now with Sarri, too - as soon as the squad feels they are out of the title race, not matter they are 6 or 10 points behind, they down tools and simply refuse to play anymore. As soon as City and Liverpool got themselves a couple of wins ahead, this season has turned upside down. There is no fight in them, I did not feel for a moment this squad was ready to put all the draws and losses behind and try to catch City and Liverpool, I simply did not. Sarri is stubborn and apparently picked a fight with Eden - well I'm asking this - his wingers at Napoli played a TOTALLY different game that the ones at Chelsea - if he's that stubborn don't you think he'd try the same things that worked at Napoli? Our wingers I don't understand what they are trying to do, always cutting inside, passing sideways, making it so easy for the opposing defence. Whereas Napoli's were always cutting inside, playing one-twos etc. I don't believe for a single moment that Sarri instructs the attacking players to look that lethargic. I am absolutely sure he uses the same methods he used and Napoli and that team was a different animal in the final third. Sorry lads but this is on the squad I am afraid. They simply don't want to pick up on what the manager instructs them to do IMHO.
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Those were leaders and world class footballers, too. Nowadays I see articles on how Azpilicueta confronted Sarri after his presser at the Emirates. Well I get that he sticks to his mates but what about he puts a shift or two at right back also and shuts his mouth? He is fucking useless this season, if you are about to open your mouth at least make sure you are one of the top performers, not a fucking joke. I think James Milner at right back looks like Cafu compared to Azpilicueta.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I get what you say and Sarri is to blame, too, I agree, but my personal opinion is that this set of players (not all of them of course, but I'd say 70% of them) are not good enough for this tactics. Sarri's Napoli in the final third was a totally different animal than Sarri's Chelsea, it is like watching a cheap, fake Sarri copycat. But the thing is there is no copycat and it's the same manager in charge. Napoli could adapt to his tactics, but Chelsea can't... Well for me it's clear who's fault it is to be honest.
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    You are just wasting your time mate thinking somebody is going to listen to you or me saying this is not 100% on the manager. Baffles me the way fans react knowing actually that this group of players are an average bunch. Let's be honest here this is a world class club among top 10 on this planet but with a poor generation of players that needs a refresh. It is dumb watching football matches blaming the manager solely when things don't work. Look at the bigger picture - Azpilicueta is simply a poor right back, Luiz a calimity, both left backs are average, Pedro, Willian what is the point of them these days really? A midfield that adds nothing and a Hazard in cruising mode. As much as I love Eden, he simply does not give two fucks anymore, Madrid can start selling tshirts of him it would not make any difference if it's now or August, I've never been more sure of a transfer than this one. Kante has the easiest of goals in his boot but flukes the chance and Luiz chooses the dumbest choice and gifts Bournemouth the second goal. Don't know what Sarri has to do with any of these to be fair...
  15. The English Football Thread

    Liverpool FC fucking PL winners can't fucking believe it... Fuck off City serves them right the wankers one league title in the past five seasons after all the money invested. One bloody job they had now we'll have to put with all the Liverpool wankfest fuuuuuuuck!!!!!