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  1. Chelsea - Man City

    From the tactical point of view this was an 'Italian job', a Sarri masterclass. Everytime we play a big match like this my heart races like mad, but not this time, no. Maybe the first 15-20 minutes when City were so dominant, but deep inside somehow I felt it was going to go our way in the end. Yes they were dominant, but all their moves stopped 20 yards away from Kepa. Well this win does not change the fact they are hands down the best club in England but my point is - One of Liverpool or City are going to win the title in the end, that is for sure. Do you think that is by accident that the two teams with their managers in their 3rd season there are exactly the teams fighting for the title? I don't think so. Mourinho is in his 3rd season at United also, but really is there anything you can expect from him anymore? Football has taken over him big big time. Sarri must be given time. And I hope this is the end of Morata here and the start of that dynamic front three. I think there is a better balance with Willian, Hazard and Pedro, especially on the wings where Willian and Pedro track back better when needed. Top result, huge for our morale and now I hope we go on a run before Arsenal away.
  2. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    I give you another perspective - First I think he needs to adjust to his own squad. I agree with you I think we look too predictable but IMO it is because there are not enough goalscorers in our team. Sarri had four starters at Napoli that would share goals between them week in, week out - Hamsik, Insigne, Mertens, Callejon. Here there is only one top, top goalscorer and this is Hazard. Apart from that we play without a striker and the midfield is not productive enough. IMO we are basically one quality centre forward, winger and midfielder away from challenging for the title. Morata is not good enough, nor is Willian/Pedro and none of the midfielders are scoring enough. We can't wait for Hazard to win every match on his own. This season is going to be all about clinching top 4 and I think we'll do.
  3. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    Well simply put we were utter crap. Spurs ten times better the other day. Time to move on. But - there are a couple of things I am fed up with. First is Morata. Wow... For me he is the lucky guy that found himself in the academy of one of world's best clubs and somehow managed to prevail. Still lives of his 'Madrid academy product' tag, but frankly he's been found out big time, such a useless player. Does not even do the basics tactically for Christ's sake!! Nevermind scoring! The guy can't stay on side to save his life... Against Everton tons of times off side, against Spurs again. Fed up with him to be fair. And 2nd - the love Kane gets from the refs is outrageous. And English internationals overall. Not saying we'd beat Spurs if it wasn't for their first goal, but honestly... Was that a free kick? Game after game after game, slightest of contacts or no contact at all, Kane goes down and refs blow the whistle no matter what. Then a few minutes later there is Foyth's challenge on Hazard inside the box and Atkinson looks elsewhere... Spurs were better in all aspects and our defence was a shambles, but there are certain moments in a football match that could prove decisive and unfortunately refs like to get themselves involved every time. No wonder there was no English ref at the World Cup.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Calm down, I did a mistake, read your post on the wife things and I thought you are a man, when you specifically asked me not to call you a guy... That's why, simple as that, I don't care at all about your sexual orientation nor I'm obsessed with you lol. Sorry again to you and the mods.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Well mate, kudos to you. My bad, very sorry... I read the wife things, but I thought it was a man posting here. And I did not understand to be honest - She quoted me asking why do I call her a guy, but then says about the wife things... Did not read all the post to be honest, that's why I did this mistake. My bad, sorry again.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Frankly I'm not looking for a fight with anybody so I'm not going to start one. Read my initial post again and maybe you will understand better. By my first sentence I meant this user wanted to imply he is 100% a woman, then changes his mind. He quoted me saying 'why do you call me a guy? I'm not a fucking guy'. Then I read he's a man, but wifey never posts lol. He can be gay, trans, I do not care mate, I never mentioned this and I never will because I simply do not care about this. Jesus...
  7. Chelsea 0-0 Everton

    At times it's hard to understand what goes through Morata's head, but I feel our biggest chance was Willian's. He had to score there or better pass to Morata who could have just passed the ball into the empty net. Only four points behind, nothing changes. Still unbeaten and congrats to Sarri on holding the record now.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    Listen mate where did I even mention anything on gay people? I don't care what people do with their life, if they do drugs, hate black people or their sexual orrientation. My point is this user is full of shite, today a woman, next day a man, but apparently wifey posts, too, always complains on lack of transfers and brings the most boring Football Manager transfer lists on the table, there is nothing about this club that gets a smile on his face, Kante's not good enough, nor is Alonso, Sarri drags our future down by not playing 17 year olds etc. It's my last post on this fake user, you will see he is gone by next summer when there is no new Football Manager wonderkids to post. This forum has had its fair share of wums and they did not last long.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    A girl advocating for women's rights at first, now all of a sudden a man lol! But a couple in disguise ayayay so cute. Next thing you know their dog is the one posting in here. Well long story short a massive WUM hahah
  10. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Yeah pretty sure there is something in all of us the fans that would like our clubs to field superstars all over the field, but it is what it is you know, cant have it all so my point is maybe some fans should get behind the current set of players and stop moaning over and over again. We've both been on football forums for some time and frankly you get to recognise the wums immediately, they always brag about football knowledge and transfer suggestions during whole season and when this is over and the club does not pick the most glamorous trophies you don't get to see them back here by when the next season starts. It's not only in here, happens at RedCafe also, RAWK, bluemoon etc. Transfer suggestions are always a breath of fresh air, but only in January and during the summer, am I right? Actually one of my favourite threads on the web is the one at RedCafe, the transfer tweets during both windows, they do a pretty good job over there. Now we're in full season, having a good one actually and every thread you try to read there is all this constant moaning and fucking Football Manager stories like football works like that. Who cares if some fans do not see Kante fit for this tactics? Sarri knows better who is fit or not and Kante specifically said a few weeks back he loves his new role. So what is there to argue then? I am all for debating on football forums, but sometimes it is borderline ridiculous when wums try to derail everything. And it happens when we're undefeated by November, 2nd only behind what is a glorious Guardiola team, lots of goals scored, lots of possession etc.
  11. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Please any of the mods can make a separate thread for this guy in the banter section or whatever? Every thread I visit on this forum is full of nonsense comming from this chap, always complaining, always bringing up all sorts of names like football transfers work like that, blink and you transfer a complete new team. Kante is not fit for this role, Luiz not good enough, Alonso not good enough, Sarri dragging the club down for not playing Hudson Odoi yada yada yada. Well maybe you should fucking start supporting the team and the new manager who trusts this players and by the way is undefeated since coming here and leave the tactics and transfer targets into his hands. Jesus Christ....
  12. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    That was fun 😁 Let's get Burton at home next
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    It's certain wums that derail threads all the time and bring fantasy stories on how half the squad should be sold in January because they are either not good enough, don't want to sign a new deal (???) or they simply do not fit their (wums) vision of how the club should be run. Modern football fan nowadays is a mixture of Sacchi, Guardiola and Ferguson when it comes to tactics and also a transfer guru and would make an excelent Director of football. Lots of people simply don't understand, or they don't want to, that Sarri is not here to become a hero among the fans by promoting the entire Academy over night. He is a 59 yo manager that has won nothing so far and he is basically on the big stage for only 4 years. This job now to manage one of world's biggest clubs is his dream, surely he is going to do everything to hold on to it and prove to himself that managing for decades in Italian lower tiers was worth it in the end. Sarri is here to prove something to himself and the world and fight for trophies by using the best players he believes that fit his style, not to give 17 year olds debuts. At least not for now.
  14. Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd

    Listen, look at Liverpool's matches against Palace, Brighton, Leicester, Huddersfield yesterday. Poor, very poor display against average teams, but got the win and that's it. Also they were minutes away from losing against Chelsea and City as well if it was not for a wonder strike and a squandered penalty kick. I hate the scousers with a passion, but look at their reactions after these matches in which they looked more like a top four contender, rather than one of the favourites for the league title. They are all happy for the win and ready to move on to the next match, happy that they are able to grind out results in matches that last season probably they would not have done this. Frankly of all the league title contestants, they look the worst, still the atmosphere is there. While here at Chelsea is all doom and gloom after a draw from some fans ready to sell the entire squad and call players different names. In a time where we are actually undefeated going into November and two points of the first place.
  15. Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd

    I think Sarri said something like 'Ampadu has a problem after the international break, also Odoi and Barkley. But Barkley and Odoi have something small, maybe one or two days, while Odoi (here he wanted to say Ampadu) needs a couple of weeks' He said Odoi two times, I think he meant Ampadu in the last sentence, he could be the one with the injury that needs a couple of weeks. I did not replicate the exact words, but live you could hear him say Odoi two times in the same sentence.