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  1. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    He is smart and he is cool and charismatic, I feel they all respect him (media, pundits, ex players former rivals etc.) I wrote a post here two years ago, even more maybe, on Harry Kane's diving - refs give him a foul every time a fly touches him. My point, though, is that English refs and media are biased and will always protect English players and clubs with a strong English core, hence Kane and Spurs being the media darlings. I was saying back then Chelsea must build a strong English core in the near future to take advantage of all the refs & media bias because it is what it is, it's football played on English soil, it is normal for English people to sometimes "protect" their own and there are moments when you need the refs to give you that 5% and the media to back off for some time.
  2. 22. Christian Pulisic

    The way I see it I think the club wanted to make a big move on the American market, but now the young English core is the new flavour of the week, something that the club did not foresee I guess, hence Pulisic going way down the pecking order. I see a lot of bs on social media calling Lamps biased for playing all the English lads, well, I mean, what do you expect really? English club playing its own graduates, Chelsea through and through kids, ofc they are on every people's lips, even I am thrilled to see them in the first team and I am not even British, imagine just the enthusiasm of UK based fans. As a matter of fact I was so happy to see the line up v Lille I did not even notice Pulisic did not make the bench.
  3. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Think he is having a good time now, even in Bucharest for Romania v Spain some weeks ago he had a worldie save in the last minute of the game, he basically handed Spain the win that night with that amazing reflex.
  4. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The way he bullied the Lille player In Hudson Odoi I think Chelsea have a raw diamond that I truly believe will turn into a world class player. Not only he is a total baller, but there is something about him that makes me think he is destined for great things, it's his charisma that stands before all other things. Years back you looked at Januzaj and although some skill was there, you simply could not see it in him, or at least I could not. He looked like an introvert type of guy, nervy, there was nothing about his attitude to make you think he will make it, he was plain boring. Hudson Odoi is none of this, he got swag, he is good looking, it looks to me he's got things very settled in his head and knows very well what he's capable of and the heights he could hit. If he indeed is going to reach the heights I believe he will, then I think he will also reach the C. Ronaldo level of hate, he is simply too charismatic to be the type of guy that everybody enjoys watching, he will sure be loved by Chelsea fans and completely hated by others, no matter he'll be winning games for England or not, simply because of his insane skill, looks, charisma, Chelsea DNA etc.
  5. Lille 1-2 Chelsea

    Almost shoot ourselves in the foot with those individual errors (Kepa, Tomori), but in the end this is the beauty of this season really, if there is a time where mistakes are, let's say, accepted, it's this now, this very season of transition where 19 at 20 year olds get to play regular football for one of world's biggest clubs in both PL and CL. Talk about slowly introducing youngsters in the team, Lamps having none of that, it's so easy to enjoy this current Chelsea, I'm hoping some day during next spring all of CHO, RLC, James, Tammy, Mount, Tomori are on the teamsheet at the same time.
  6. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Pfouuuuuu 7 hahahah!!!
  7. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Can't disagree, you have probably watched him more than I did and frankly for the kid's sake I actually wish I am wrong and he turns into a world class player. It's just that I personally don't see it in him. From the little he has spent here, it's either Lampard's tactics he does not feel comfortable with, or the English football pace, or some other mental things like that price tag hanging on his shoulders everytime he touches the ball, I don't know, but he looks a bit lost so far. As soon as Hudson Odoi is completely fit and that's one month tops, we can all agree the left wing is locked and there is going to be three guys (Pulisic, Willian and Pedro) plus Mount fighting for a place on the right. Thing is if by the end of the season Pulisic still shifts between League Cup matches and 10 minute cameos in the PL (or no minutes at all, like now), then I don't know... I'd loan him to keep his value up and move to bigger and better targets, Sancho preferably or a top class left footed winger if Sancho is out of our reach.
  8. 22. Christian Pulisic

    I might be wrong and this is just my personal view on Pulisic's trajectory, but from what I saw at Dortmund and the little he has played here, he does not look to me as a future world beater, I simply cannot see the fuss about him to be honest. I know he is young and all this, but what I know also is that there is another young player that is English and really looks like the real deal by the name of Jadon Sancho who happens to be a Chelsea fan, too and best friends with another superstar in the making, CHO. An English core of Hudson-Odoi, Sancho, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, Abraham, Reece James, Tomori would simply be unreal. Surely the Sancho stuff is just a wish for the moment, but if indeed Chelsea can pull that off then surely the wings are covered for years to come, hence no place for Pulisic. Probably a loan next summer would help at least maintain his value on the market.
  9. 4. Andreas Christensen

    Been unlucky, too, though... Right now I can remember at least seven or eight big chances in the past couple of seasons, all headers.
  10. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    United at home! Yesssss
  11. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    Academy Day whoo hoo!!! Callum back
  12. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    It might be repetitive and boring at this point what I am saying and I don't want to sound like I am kissing Klopp's ass and as much as I hate Liverpool and I am frightened of the thought of seeing them winning the league for the first time in my life, but they have now come to the point of which you can look up to them and it just shows what a quality, charismatic and passionate manager could do given time and having the backing of the board and the entire fan base. This is 100% Klopp's creation and if you go a few years back you would see the difference between Klopp's 1st and 2nd season there and this Chelsea right now is minimal. They would, like Lampard's Chelsea, be good going forward and their players would find themselves in good finishing positions, they were just too soft at the back and in midfield. Really looking foward to the moment when Loftus-Cheek comes back, too, by that moment Hudson-Odoi would probably have been back in the first team and Mount... I don't know, he does not look like being dropped anytime soon. To be fair, if we are transitionin, why not have a midfield three of Kante, Mount and Loftus-Cheek? Don't think it looks bad and frankly does not look soft either.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Ha ha, good one, but it's on Frank to solve this 'good problem' in the middle of the park. All I know is we need a successor to Hazard and Hudson Odoi has all the tools to be that man. I can't even remember when was the last time England has had so much ballers on the wings?! Now it's Sterling, Sancho, Hudson Odoi. If Southgate is still an England manager for the 2022 WC and could integrate all three of them in the same line up... Wow. They would mean business.
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Although I totally agree I also think it was a 50/50 situation because he is a left winger and that place was Hazard's. CHO on the right, I don't know, looks like he is a left winger only. Some would argue that if you are good enough you can play anywhere, but then you have some solid examples like Hazard, Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robben, Ribery and others that have always played where they felt comfortable. Could you imagine Robben on the left? Or Neymar on the right? I can't and surely they would (or would have, in Robben's case) be inefective there. Same goes for CHO. But now he can make that left wing his Great news that he finally signed that contract, hopefully we get to see a solid full 90 min v Grimsby from him maybe.
  15. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Being a transitional season makes me more relaxed watching (and enjoying) matches so I don't really care about the results, still it's a bit hard for me to understand why would Barkley be put on penalty duties, if indeed it was the coaching staff's decision when he's been average for some time and not even playing as a regular. On top of that there was Jorginho who has not missed a pen, Abraham was also on a hot streak and even Willian who has played well v Wolves and last night. If it was me I'd have given it to Tammy to continue his streak, I know maybe Barkley needs some confidence, but Tammy to keep the streak going was more important at least in my view.