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  1. Edinson Cavani

    33 in a month, but to me he has always looked like one of the fittest and most hard working centre forwards around, think he has still got at least this season and the next one at the very highest level. Would not mind this transfer to be fair.
  2. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    In the end it looks Chelsea have actually gained a point over the chasing pack as Spurs lost and United are on course to do so, but surely this match should have been three easy points as we've looked decent, not that good, but decent and especially Brighton was nothing special at all. But it is a work in progress and a transitional season and surely everything matters from next season on, hopefully this is the kind of match Frank learns from and same goes for Callum he should have burried that chance, but for sure it's a special season for him, too and can learn from it when frankly mistakes are allowed because of the nature of our season and get better for the next ones when really everybody is going to be more demanding and transition/lack of experience cannot be used as an excuse anymore.
  3. Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

    Thoroughly enjoyed this albeit I did not watch the first 20 mins. But from there on I saw Chelsea hiding the ball from Arsenal at the Emirates and Frank's in game adjustments were spot on. Glad to hear they have had some heated words at HT, means they care and they know they are better than that 1st half or the WH/Southampton matches.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    It was always going to be a rollercoaster of a season with some truly crap matches v poor opposition and some truly remarkable ones v top clubs. Chelsea have really looked very good v Liverpool and City and today's display v Spurs was really great, one of those matches where I did not break a single sweat in front of the TV, nor my heart rate went ballistic. Give the man time and at least 3-4 transfer windows and he'll take us back to the top. We just need a settled and solid defence and some extra top ballers and we are good to go.
  5. Super Frank Thread

    I don't. If you ask me I think we must buy two towering centre backs before doing any sort of deal. I was watching some experts talk about rotation and they all said 'If you want to rest players you always rest the midfielders or the attackers, back line always stays put no matter what'. Look at Klopp's last matches, he's rested every single midfielder and attacker, but never his defenders. Frank must build a very solid defence and then we're good to go. If you ask me Reece James should be the only actual defender starting next season, too. The left back should be a Chilwell type of full back and the CB pairing should be an imposing and calm one, the type of Gimenez-Godin partnership. Zouma I think has reached his max level and he's not good enough, Christensen is too soft and surely this must be Azpilicueta's last season as a starter. The fact Lampard keeps chopping and changing at the back makes me think he does not trust them that much, hence must invest massively in that area. No reason to have ballers up front if defenders can't even do the basics.
  6. Everton 3-1 Chelsea

    Being a transitional season, I guess mistakes are allowed, at least it is how I see it. If this is the best season to introduce the young players then it's also, let's say, the season where, in theory, Frank and the guys get a free pass for their mistakes. And the truth is Frank must learn from matches like this and the one v West Ham. Two awful sides, I mean we've lost six points to two absolutely dreadful sides. I mean they showed a stat live on TV in the 42nd or 43rd minute today, Everton had like 90 passes to Chelsea's 350 or even more. 90 fucking touches at home and we lose to fucking Iwobi, Walcott, Schneiderlin and a Keane - Holgate pairing at the back. This and the West Ham matches should be of reference for Lamps, we simply must beat these shite sides, or at least sides that are in this kind of dreadful form. West Ham's last win was in August, Everton were on a three game losing streak, both were playing dross football and won against Chelsea. It's just not good enough.
  7. Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa

    It's either they are good or the Mancs are dog turd, no in between - Villa looked decent at OT, but we need a reaction here. The West Ham game was bad and it can't be worse than that.
  8. Chelsea 0-1 West Ham

    Coming off a transfer ban and looking at how things develop at Chelsea (the new project seems to work really well), I'd say Frank Lampard is surely going to be backed in the transfer market. If Frank Lampard will ask for Mbappe and some other 150M player then I agree, maybe Marina G. will tell him to calm down, but if Lampard identifies like 4 players worth of 150-170M that he thinks he can turn into world class ones, I don't think Chelsea is going to have any problems providing the funds for him.
  9. Chelsea 0-1 West Ham

    I would say he did clever transfers rather than picking the most sought after ones. At the time there was not a lot of clubs after Southampton's Mane, nor Newcastle's Wijnaldum, Roma's Salah, Hull's Robertson etc. Matip was also a clever freebie when maybe only some Bremen or Frankfurt type of clubs where interested in him. He was clearly on a limited budget and most of his buys where financed from the Ibe, Benteke, Joe Allen, Coutinho, Sakho departures. I would say only Van Dijk and Alisson and maybe to some extent Fabinho were transfers he had to fight other clubs off to get them, all the others were maybe 4th - 5th place material at that moment that he identified as being top class in a few seasons and he was completely right. But I don't think he gets to pick whoever he wants, even in this moment I am sure he has to run a specific budget and think his deal through from an economic point of view otherwise he'd have surely improved his squad in the summer with at least two top additions, but he did not. Hope Lampard does the same next summer and asks for clever deals rather than the flavour of the week
  10. Valencia 2-2 Chelsea

    It's in Chelsea's hands now and if you think about it Chelsea can still finish first with a win v Lille and if Valencia get the three points v Ajax which I don't think they will because Ajax are a level above, but everything is possible. Bottom line is with a win Chelsea is through no matter what, even with a draw should Ajax win v Valencia. Last 16 it's only by February and a lot can happen until then, strange things have happened in a very strange competition such as CL - look no further than some months ago when a poor Man United side have knocked out Paris. But we're not in this competition to win it, for me I guess it is important for this squad and for Lampard to face this kind of matches like the one in Valencia or the one v Ajax in London - it can only help a young manager and a young squad to grow.
  11. Man City 2-1 Chelsea

    In a transitional season this surely is a game you have no high expectations going into, at least in terms of the result,so everything other than a loss is a bonus. I give it two more seasons before we're able to say before an Etihad match "This is a game against a league tital rival that we must win". But not now, it's too early. Still it was a decent game from our Chelsea and frankly it did not look that big of a difference between City's stellar squad and our group of young players.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Strange appointment. Spurs run on a limited budget and have a stadium to pay for. What's Mourinho going to do w/o a monster transfer kitty and some important players running their contracts down soon?! And the (massive) change in style... Hmmm, from proactive Poch football to the Mourinho bore fest. But I guess Levy is a bit desperate and hired Mourinho for the 'Mourinho factor' (if there is still anything left in it). Levy knows they desperately need CL football to remain relevant. With such a big debt and frankly not the best of spenders, they simply need to be in the CL every season and I guess they needed a manager to do it the dirty way. But if you ask me who would I have thought would be a better fit to replace Poch and keep them on the same positive line in terms of style of play then I guess Brendan Rodgers would be the answer. It surely was the first name on my mind the other day when I saw they sacked Poch.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    You are totally right, but the likes of Mount, CHO, Tomori, Reece James, Pulisic, Tammy will still be considered as young players next season, too, so I guess two or three quality senior arrivals are needed IMHO. They (Mount, CHO etc.) are of top quality, but still young come next season to play week in, week out and the way I see Frank Lampard the manager, I don't think he is the type to play the same '11' from August to May. A midfield six of Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic, RLC, Mount and Eriksen would be a balanced one IMHO, but for sure it's a long shot with Eriksen and just a thought of mine because I like him as a player.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    When I think of freebies some great names come to my mind like Lewandowski, Pirlo, Ballack, even Milner turned out to be a great free transfer for Liverpool, I could also add Sol Campbell, Miro Klose and others I can't remember atm or I don't know of. But I think Christian Eriksen will be there in that list, too, in a few years. For me he is a must come next summer, sell Barkley he's useless anyway and bring Eriksen in. Or at least try. If he says no then fair enough, but Frank must try at least, he's simply too good to pass up.
  15. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Not only I was wrong about him (purely because I did not watch his Dortmund performances), but I actually thought he was supposed to be a right winger and nothing more, I was absolutely sure he was bought for that position only. He looks so damn good on the left and frankly for me the way he drives forward and glides past players he seems to be the closest player to Eden Hazard in European football atm. Sure Eden is a different type of animal, but there is shades of him in this guy and I feel he's more driven to score goals than Eden is.