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  1. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Yeah I thought because Bernardo Silva only slightly touched the ball it would not matter, but it seems it does
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Watching some refs on TV, it seems it was 100% the right call at the offside.
  3. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Great result as it now keeps them fully focused on the league title. But that was not an offside IMHO. Bet they'll destroy Spurs on Saturday.
  4. Slavia Prague 0-1 Chelsea

    Fucking hell what is the point of Pedro, Alonso, Kovacic?
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    IMHO we won't get into top 4, nor win the Europa League. Sure we'll get past Prague and maybe the semi final, but the final, I don't know, I simply don't feel these lot have it in them to win it, it's the softest Chelsea ever with two maybe three players tops ready to fight for the badge and a predictable manager. What I hope for is at least we play a big part in the title race and fuck the scousers yet again at Anfield and end their title hopes. I'd call it a decent season afterall.
  6. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I like what he did in terms of possession stuff, the build from the back approach etc. but it is all too boring if nothing is done in the final third as well and I was hoping and hoping and hoping something would change. Yesterday we were in COMPLETE control YET AGAIN, we go one goal down and look clueless after. If it was not for that linesman fuck up we'd AGAIN fail to even score after going one behind against crap opposition. You think someone would just mix things up when they are one nil down, maybe a 442 with both Giroud & Higuain, or a 4231 with Eden as a 10 and Hudson Odoi on the wings etc. but there is no flexibility. You watch our matches and you see this team SCREAMS for a direct winger. Willian and Pedro would pass the ball and do their shit stuff for an eternity, no way you unlock defences with those wingers and midfielders like Kovacic and Barkley. Well nevermind this, but who is the most direct winger at the club now? Hudson Odoi!!! Oozes class and always ready to take on defenders, but rots on the fucking bench...
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I wanted this to work because of his methods at Napoli and the atmosphere he created around that club, but I must give up on him now unfortunately. Week after week after week after week I hoped he'd at least change some things, show a bit of flexibility, bench the underperforming players... What is the point of Marcos Alonso not only for Chelsea, but for this sport really? Same goes for Willian, Kovacic, the two stupid centre backs (by the way Rudiger is one of the dumbest footballers in Europe imo). Why the man for man subs when we're trailing the game? Where the fuck is Hudson Odoi??? One of world's top prospects behind Willian and Pedro in the pecking order for Christ's sake!!!!! Any other club with the same set of wingers as ours (similar to Willian and Pedro) and Callum would already be a definite starter. The way I see it and it is my view only, I don't think we'll get Champions League next season, nor decent transfers. I'd rather we give the job to Super Frank if you ask me at least he'd bring some of the Chelsea spirit back and work with the youth. This lot does not have any fight in them, today's game at Cardiff was a disgrace and really I feel sorry for them they gor robbed big time.
  8. Chelsea 1-1 Wolves

    David Luiz - such an idiot. He's so good on the ball, but a ticking bomb as a defender. Wolves 2 v 4 on the counter and Luiz takes himself out with the most useless tackle you will ever see... We're toothless up front have to admit it, but this season has been all about poor positioning at the back and brain dead defenders, it's where we've lost the majority of the points. Wolves home & away, Leicester at home, Bournemouth away - Matches we were simply controlling, going for the win, but for some reason defence got bored and fucked everything up. That's just 11 points lost out of pure stupidity and rash decisions from some low IQ footballers. This season has been all about certain players switching off at the wrong fucking time...
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Yeah, I don't understand either... This is not a normal season anymore and it's been a total circus for the past months. Still we've been the better side v City in the Cup Final and now beat Spurs after 120+ minutes of football just three days ago and a heartbreaking penalty shootout. Plus all the negativity surrounding the club after the Kepa incident. Not a lot of shots of target, but did not concede either against one of Europe's best teams atm and a very good Spurs side. You can't expect everything to be ok at the club when it is not. Normal people lose their interest in their job as soon as their bosses raise their voice a bit, now imagine football players in this toxic environment at Chelsea for the past months... Hope we're on the right path again and build on these last two performances.
  10. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    What difference does it make??? We've not had a proper transfer window since 14/15, what makes you think we'd have been in for top players suddenly? There is rumours of Sarri going to Roma - clearly with this ban he cannot build his own squad here. Think he'll leave by himself, rather than get the sack. Bring Frank it then, give him a three year project and let him rebuild around CHO, Mount, Sterling and all the other talented CFC youth.
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Ok so he is going to get the sack. And then miraculously the players 'find' their form back. And Sarri would then be the 3rd manager in such a short space of time that had to go at the hand of players power. At this point to me it looks that Sarri could come up with the most revolutionary tactics and training methods, the players simply have gone into holiday mood already. Three seasons in five years they tanked even before January...
  12. Malmo 1-2 Chelsea

    Malmo I think they are poor and did not play competitive matches in a long time, but it is not about this though it is about us reacting to a humiliating defeat and if they can't find the motivation to do this no matter it is Malmo, a League Two side or Madrid then I don't know what to think anymore. A beef with Sarri or not it does not matter, players must do it mainly for the club and fans.
  13. Mauro Icardi

    If you think this through his wife's been doing this for months to get him a bumper contract which Inter is yet to offer and deems it absurd. Icardi is currently on Everton kind of money there at 4.3M p/y and wants double, which if you ask me is pretty decent given the money thrown around these days in football. Ramsey is going to be on 400k p/y at Juventus while Icardi is asking for roughly 180k p/y, which again I am saying is decent for a player of his calibre. He really is a top striker with a natural instinct for goal.
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Tuchel is a brilliant manager as long as results go his way and the board does not fuck with his brains in the transfer market. This winter I think he was just a couple of days off before losing his shit because of the Paredes mini saga. But Paris do look good tactically and schooled United last night even w/o Neymar, Cavani, a half fit Verratti and Marquinhos & Alves played out of position. It is why I wanted United at home in the Cup - they nowhere near as good as painted by the lousy media. The honeymoon is over, we're a fucking mess but we'll dump them out. They only beat dross since OGS came in. And Arsenal. Spurs win was a miracle and had nothing to do with football, tactics etc. De Gea simply put another monster performance.
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    There is two ways about modern football - you either buy the top dogs in the game and challenge instantly, or you promote/buy top talent and have lots of patience. What is in between it does not work and it is called mediocrity aka Chelsea FC of 2019. Been busy a lot for the last days, but I read somewhere that Roman has instructed his people to find potential buyers. Think it was an article in The Guardian the next day after the 6 nil loss? Well nevermind, but something has to change, there must pe some plan at least, a Director of Football, some people to come with fresh ideas. If we keep buying/keeping the Alonsos, Willians, Pedros et all then everything is wrong.