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  1. The English Football Thread

    Their total of players price at the beginning of the season was below KdB's alone(72 to 74 mil euros). Let that fact sink in for a moment
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Lucas digne to put ivanovic out of his misery (or us) and get azpi to his original position
  3. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Well then who is? Messi who has suarez who singe-handedly brought liverpool became PL champion contender, and also has neymar who also do the same with brazil NT? Or when he became repetitive Balon D'or winner and won everything back in old days when he played with almost Spain NT squad who unquestionably were the best Spain NT in history? Damn lucky bastard Fyi, i dont want to bring another endless and most common debate topic in football history, so I'll leave it at that.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Woow It baffles me when Chelsea fans dislike to be called plastics yet some of us acted like ones Moods and even loyalty are so depend on results. And dont say excuse like not improving performance is the reason you being angry cause Im pretty sure we mock Arsenal for being winner of football performance. And said things about draw felt like a lost? Do I really read that right? Deep in you didnt feel slightly happiness when we lost 2-0 in 1st half and come back to get a draw? Woow indeed. I bet bunch of you like it better if Chelsea lost for the sake of sacking Mourinho right now. And still call yourself a loyal football club fans instead of mou fc fans. Anyway, I think Mou has kept handling the pressure well like he always do, no matter how his lies and excuse on PC became opponents fans and media joke right now. So the players can less stressful. But he really need to sort players mentality. Almost all of our players won last Premier League trophy first time ever in their life, like hazard, oscar, costa, azpi, fabs( ), and so on. Because of their champion status they think a lot how champion will play before making the move, afraid to take the risk(BALLS) etc. And some of the legend who won it before, to motivate them are either in the bench and became laughing stock of his LB playing. Mou has what it takes to wake them up, and I hope its only a matter of time.
  5. 10. Willian

    Willian has become so predictable this day. Even the referee can take the ball from him"
  6. The Serie A Thread

    Amazing goal from totti. #Respect
  7. Eden Hazard

    The lad getting stronger and stronger every single day. The way he did a willian-dribble and outmuscle colback at late minutes simply proved it.
  8. Frank Lampard

    Seeing these guys on chelsea shirt is like a girl who sucked stinky smell **ck on her mouth and got oversize **ck load onto her butt hole at the same time
  9. Cesc Fàbregas

    TBH, at the first place, he was definitely not Mourinho-type player. Using Cesc amazingly on his system, that what makes mourinho true genius.
  10. The English Football Thread

    What he's saying to Tottenham last season beat it m8 "When you spend £100million, you should be winning the league." Oh the misery...
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Thank god some of the posters here did not manage my beloved Chelsea. Its obvious in OT Manu was the team that HAS to win, not us. Mou used that as an advantage seeing Manu so desperate to gain point on their home ground. They will shot a thousand crosses if they have to and actually they really did. I bet my whole life that Mou has already train the players so much to deal with crosses and they did brilliantly through the match. But free kick is a different case. There wasnt our player disturb the passer. Opponent's forward had time and space preparing themselves. Had it been an open play, Im pretty sure we would not concede that late goal. If that was a different or better team I think Mou will use different approach. Because he knew it was slow brain United will do useless crosses and he was confident our players could deal with it. He wont think like that stupid wenger or pep gorilla whom will do a frontal attack even when they lead the score and ended up draw or lose,
  12. Thibaut Courtois

    Time to shut Manure fans about the best young goalkeeper once and for all
  13. Diego Costa

    Either hospital helps Jose playing mind games or Eva spend too much time rubbing Costa groin so it gets worse! But seriously, As long our midfield and back four play their usual form, plus Eden continue his magic, we'll be fine even without Costa.
  14. Filipe Luís

    Yes but there were times when he did a tackle when simple marking is suffice. And on the 2nd half he did that while there wasnt any player covering his area, but thankfully the tackle was success. I think he should be aware of his surrounding before making the move. We clearly dont want another Zaha against Manchester United. Especially with Manu forwards and Rafael added to that. But the rest was magnificent. The way he enhanced our attack was barca/muenchen level with their alba and alaba And he was right "You're never gonna see me walking on the pitch, always running!"
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Its been a long time I didn't feel so enthusiastic for upcoming transfer window. Before I always want new player coming in filling the gap. But now I think this is the most complete squad I've ever seen since 2005 team. Maybe lot of our team players dont have fancy technique. We are not the most entertaining football team IMO, but we are labeled as a strong team, maybe the strongest this year if we can beat the likes of Atletico and Dortmund, and all of our players suit to this Jose style. So if new player coming in, I guest he should've has attributes fit to Jose, or at least have mentality to learn like Fabregas did. But considering we had a good run so far, and if we can keep this performance until January, then I see no reason to splash big money on upcoming winter window. Plus Jose already stated that he will keep his eyes on young players. If this squad currently have what it takes winning the league and maybe UCL, then I doubt Jose will buy new toys.