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  1. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    We played much better against Barcelona than United against Sevilla. I know they are away and we are home, but can you imagine them playing Barca? Lol
  2. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    One match against Deadwood Hull and people are convinced. Chelsea fans have the board and signings they deserve because they are fast to worship mediocre players and even faster to blame the coach, board, and players themselves after a couple of bad displays... Let's play the guy against Barcelona!!! Seriously?
  3. Domestic Cup Competitions thread

    Don't see much difference at this point. All bottom half teams against top 5...
  4. Eden Hazard

    Thanks for the amazing insight. I saw The ex-players parading during HT and heard the song, although I couldn't make it out Idk, I just feel that another team would probably have a whole different level of adoration for Eden. Also, the real Madrid 'threat' hasn't been there from day one. At least for his first two years it wasn't there. He had a stellar start for us, but somehow it *feels* like the crowd never engaged itself that hard for him. I notice the ovation he gets when he's subbed, but seeing his talent, quality and years he's been here I expected more...
  5. Eden Hazard

    Sorry, but you get a glimpse through TV too. It's not only chants. It's everything. Especially because it's England where fans respect a lot more personal space and don't have as much contact with the fans as here. I just feel there should be more appreciation displays. Rarely he has his named shouted by fans, as mentioned before, he's been booed before, something Chelsea fans don't do that often. Maybe it's not as bad there as it looks all way from here, but seeing how he's one of the few world class players we have, there should be worship to him *during* matches, but there isn't
  6. Eden Hazard

    Honestly, the match fans never showed him the live he deserves. He doesn't have a standout chant, he's rarely praised during the matches by the crowd. It's a rare case of Internet fans being more supportive than match going fans. I know he's laid back, but I really think he was never given the love he deserves. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. The Conte Thread

    The truth hurts people Dozens of you said many times that Conte brought the best out of many average players we have, that we overachieved and outperformed and when he says that he's able to do that he's lacking *false* modesty and humbleness *rolls eyes* Why can't someone admit what they are good at? I'm tired of those politically correct people. They suck monkey balls, unbearable people who are annoying as hell and looks like a mark of this age, all generations included. I despise politically correct attitude
  8. The Conte Thread

    Did you forget they had Rafa fucking Benitez before Zizou?
  9. The Conte Thread

    I have no idea how you got that from the quote... I think he's being supportive of the board after so much criticism... As for Bats, he didn't capitalize chances against decent sides, only two or three leagues below premier League... Costa worked wonders as target man, Morata did well before got hurt, physically and mentally. Bats didn't suit much and didn't take the chances... Conte has done amazingly well with a small and mostly uninspired last season and okay those one. We have been complaining about the board for years, way before Conte came. We've been signing average players as a rule for years, and Conte just said what most agreed with instead of being politically correct... His voice about signings is my voice. No one could make us competitive with this team... Conte has made many mistakes, but overall he did much beyyet than I expected. He IS disheartened, but this is who he is, as a Italian, they are all emotions and that's why he doesn't look like he's normal self... Can't hold that against him, it's who he is.
  10. 18. Olivier Giroud

    I was kidding, the joke ain't on you or Pizy I'm just a happy cookie
  11. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Willian, David Luiz, Emerson. I know it's not very well known, but here in Brazil we don't speak Spanish lol
  12. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Come on, clear update to Bats I know he misses a lot, but there are some amazing goals and assists here
  13. 18. Olivier Giroud

    OK, here is the gorgeous one Posting two tweets seems impossible
  14. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Welcome, gorgeous Hahahahaha
  15. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    You missed the point completely 25 professional matches at age 23 is too little to have an opinion about him - I said that clearly. Did I ever say he's good, bad, awesome, terrible? No, I said it's a gamble, a risk because this guy has started less than 40 professional matches in his career, having partipated in 65 including subs. The fact you can state anything about him is remarkable because I have no idea what we can learn from that little. There are U-21 players that have played more. But hey, you know about the guy more than Conte does, so you have the upper hand here [emoji6]
  16. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Answered this in the transfer thread, to throw some light on who we signed
  17. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Welcome Airplane Horn Wish you the best with the Blue shirt
  18. The English Football Thread

    3x1 Swansea loooooool forever Liverpool and Arsenal helping the Swans stay in Premier League. I actually like them, so I am all for it They are harmless
  19. Michy Batshuayi

    Would he even get the playing time he needs at Dortmund? The purpose of letting a player like him go midseason is to allow him more minutes. In a WC year, that's even more crucial to the player. I dunno but it looks to me that Bats keeps aiming higher than his standards... Something not unheard of in this Belgian generation with a few players. Conte said clearly that Mishy was going to decide about his future. If I were him I would rather play for a team I feature often in the starting XI even if it's not a big club Whatever, with Auba leaving maybe he will play enough So Dortmund feed Arsenal who feed us who feed Dortmund. Can we make it happen today rather than tomorrow at midnight?
  20. The Conte Thread

    I could bet body parts if Carlo ever wins a premier League title with this lot of players... Sorry, he wouldn't get us in UCL
  21. The Conte Thread

    We used to have high level young players, Mourinho sold most of them. The players you mention are as mediocre as the ones we signed. So if your point is saving money, then yeah, you're right and you might have a chance to land a job under Marina. But if you mean by doing that we'd be improving, no we won't. We have average players everywhere with few exceptions, none of them mentioned by you.
  22. The Conte Thread

    Ross did as okay as Bats did, we don't have personnel for leaving the 3-man defense behind us, Pedro was absolutely useless after the first 10 minutes, we never switched to 3-5-2. don't know if you noticed, but our main problem yesterday was actually having attacking players...
  23. The Conte Thread

    Seriously though... People complaining about him insisting on the 3-man defense. Who are our available FBs to play a 4-man defense? I know Azpili is super, but not even him can play both left and right at the same time You want your criticism to be taken seriously, then at least think before sprouting BS that makes no sense. Also, people are advocating we should start Bats because he didn't embarrass himself (much) against the Almighty Brighton? I'd give you something if he had actually done anything at all after he came in. I wouldn't complain if he had started and I didn't complain he hadn't. That's the bloody problem here. Give this squad to whoever you want. Enrique, Pep, Klopp, Heynckes, Simeone and all nice and stupid names I read here. Maybe one of those would do as well as Conte, maybe one of them slightly better, most likely they'd do worse because that's the fucking problem we don't have high level players. People are discussing some choices such as bringing Ross or not, starting Bats as if that would suddenly bring us to another level. It won't!!!!!! Look, I hate we won't sign the top players like the Mancs do. I don't like to be confronted by my own manager about what level we really are. I don't like the truths about our club now, but they will never be enough to send me away from Chelsea. People are pissed or frustrated because they are having trouble accepting our reality. Then they blame the coach, or this or that player, or this or that director. That IS our level now, Conte was just being honest, people - fans and club staff and executives - can be upset as much as they want about it, but it doesn't change the fact that what Conte said is true and it wasn't legitimated by him saying. It's been there for everyone to see for a while, some (most?) are just in denial. This is our level, it's okay to moan and vent against whoever you feel like, just don't pretend one sub, or starting XI choice or a new manager will change that level. Well, it won't.
  24. The Conte Thread

    We wouldn't have half the silverware we've collected since he left, UCL included. Love him as a person, but don't like Carlo at all like a manager. Outdated, tactically limited, slow to react
  25. The Conte Thread

    Quiet thread I support Conte, I want him to stay, but sadly enough it seems like we destroyed him... The spark in his eyes is gone. Too bad and anyone who replaces him wonr get us in UCL with this squad. WHOEVER. He's made mistakes, ofc he did, but he worked miracles more often than not People complaining about taking Eden off before the end of the match last week. Honestly, do we want him to get injured, performing below level as he did for lack of resting? Today he kept him and I believe only because he had to sub Christensen. The players are tired, I am frustrated just like most of you, but our squad is laughable. We don't have good starters in some positions let alone competent squad members. We need to show ambition and intelligence in the market. We've been spending in average players maybe because the negotiator is known to never changing her 'no' or because our scouting sucks or because we must pay for that new stadium. Either way, our squad is laughable and Conte is a miracle maker. I don't need us to buy neymar or Ronaldo, it's not about breaking spending records, but we must scout better and be wiser about covering our deficiencies and improving the squad. Conte is king.