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  1. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    Because that's the current narrative. I don't believe we actually lost neither. We were interested in both, maybe had bids, but I am so happy to have dodged both. They were the only two players we were linked to that I really didn't want coming here. So whatever really happened behind the scenes, it worked out for us
  2. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Half of the starting team isn't what it'll be: Christensen, Fabregas, Willian, Boga, Michy, that's literally half of the field players... So if you lose half your team for injuries and suspensions, you're screwed like most teams would. Everybody knows and spoke about us needing upgrades to Alonso and Moses... But I hope we don't ever have to play competition matches without the whole attack, and missing two other titulars...
  3. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Completely premature assessment. We can't play 3-4-3 against top teams with Fabregas in the team... We talked about this a thousand times. Alonso was doing his best eye marking... Anyway, this is preseason, it's embarrassing, of course, but not the end of the world much less the moment to write off the system [emoji19]
  4. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    At least one back. Terrible defending, Conte must be going crazy... Cesc strolling in two goals, soft...
  5. Benjamin Mendy

    Low price may have changed, but I hope we get more deals like his. Anything around 20m for a player to develop similarly to Azpi would be amazing
  6. The Board

    Speak for yourself, I'm not in panic at all and honestly don't remember last time I was... Probably in Munich? Different kind of panic though
  7. The Board

    A video from breathe Chelsea. He's the communication head of the club for like a thousand years...
  8. Benjamin Mendy

    But how is pep going to use the three extremely expensive FB he bought if there are only two wings? Sorry, but people willing us to be like them, no thank you. They continue to spend like crazy for years, and they won one Pl and scrapped another. With this crazy investment they should be dominating English football and have at least a couple of UCL finals under their belt. I do believe Guardiola will do better this season, but I don't think their strategy in the market is that good. There will be (again, but now even more than last season) a lot of pressure for results and until all those new players settle down and Pep puts his philosophy in place, they could lose a considerable amount of points... Although last season they did have a stellar beginning of season
  9. The Board

    So now who gets the targets again?
  10. Ryan Bertrand

    No thanks, we should add quality, not only numbers. Typical average, one dimensional player.
  11. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Wot? You guys really believe Morata and Michy are in the same bracket? I've read shit, controversial, stupid and crazy things at this forum before, but damn it if this one isn't the wildest. As for his match today he continued from where he stopped last season. But clearly he's a player that relies more on confidence than average. Started very selfish, but from the badly ruled out goal on, he was very good. I think he's a great sub for Morata as I believe there's an ocean apart between both. Morata scored important goals in UCL final and semifinals, was important to Real Madrid last season and proved his worth. It's just that with the league at stake after so many years without winning, Zidane didn't have the balls to replace Benz in the team. His call, it worked out for him, but Morata was much better... I'm not downgrading Michy at all, but those assessments are craziness for me...
  12. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    Ospina was a clown there. This is freaking preseason. Hope Pedro is okay, but don't think it was a harmless tackle
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Ake, Chalobah aren't in the list...
  14. Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea

    This Tomori kid looks neat, skilled. Consider me impressed
  15. Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea

    Kenedy, just no...