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  1. The Conte Thread

    We both r here a long time and the forum Engine was switched a few Times i cant find Our direct conversations but Look at first page of Oscar topic After he was Signed someone quoted you albeit not a forum quote saying winger is his natural pos Me and others have been on the other sie after a while the time we knew more Abt him Then you said he is better as mata in 2012 when mata was on fire and he was on the wings back then dropping into #10 now and then Then before you said Oscar is going to be Our Main Player very soon You compared him to two wingers After benitez you thought Oscar was overrated Then he is Our Best Player and you predicted it Then you Switched to the idea of him being natural #10 Like i said you r controversial but i value your Input. Problem for me now is your posts dont quote all ppl your answering to, but i Do it the same way. And i always during that convos was on the other sie so I received the bashing too :-) ;-)
  2. The Conte Thread

    No seriously. That kongohasnoflash and rmpr said he must be #10 you said #10 or winger cause thats his natural pos he played before. No we disagree more often for example when i said mikel was a great asset to the Team but too lazy smtms, on mou coming back, etc... But thats normal i smtms think you r controversial but more often then not have valubale Input. Have only my mobile cause switching my internetprovider ATM Else i would search a bit the topics
  3. The Conte Thread

    Really you both said he is no b2b or cm, cause he was #10 for brazil, so the position suits him Best. I always wanted to see him in Lamps pos or alongside cm
  4. The Conte Thread

    Got so much bashing from rmpr and henrique when i wanted Him to play b2b or cm
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    If the Chels-Fans want to keep theyr dignity and respect towards Mou...: - applaude him when he leaves the dog out... sing his name untill the kick off if you want... - from sec. 00.000001 onwards chant Contes name and sing our songs... - after the Game is over, and Mou shows his respect towards fans you can give him a warm applause for a good bye.... anything else will make us look like jokes... like when he played against us with Inter...
  6. The Conte Thread

    must say after last season... just want to see the men perform on the sidelines.... somehow he seems a perfect fit for us... dunno why....
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    Dunno what ppl expect him to do? Take a Job in China albeit he is pretty young for a manager? He can do what ever he wants at Utd now after he left. Thanks for the fisch and goodbye... whish him all the worst because he is an opponent to us.... I don't care what he does with yernited.... main priority is to get chels back to champions league... after this season europe at all... imho... didn't follow him closly but didn't see him do anything disrespectful towards chelsea or theyr fans...
  8. Chelsea Kits thread

    how come i've never heard of him? now the internet still has so much to offer mer... and I thought I've surfed the internet till the end.... thank you man.
  9. John Terry

    outcome I was expecting. well done lads.... keep it up JT, right decision for you, your image, the fans and the club...
  10. Chelsea Kits thread

    I've really been beliving from day one it has to be Nike, theyr revenge for losing yernited.
  11. John Terry

    And not every Player earns >100k a week for ten years, i know some normal wages, even 60k is above avarage. Take Inflation into Account. Thats a fact too mate.
  12. John Terry

    Sorry Chou... I often value your input. The Chelsea-Board acted like idiots but Styles is right. JT is a legend, no doubt, he is our greatest ever captain, greatest ever CB (imho), but 60k a week, this is a massive amount for a player on the decline with a bit part role. He has been backed up extremly by the board, remember the ferdinand incident, where Buck and others did go to court for him? Remember that Story abt him and Bridgys Ex? So, the club stood by him even so England and the FA wanted to put him on is knees at that time. Club acted like idiots (again) could have handled it properly, giving him the same contract two months before... But him crying abotu a paycut whle earning so much money before and still earning money I probably won't earn for 3 years in ONE SINGLE MONTH... C'mon...
  13. The Conte Thread

    hey didn't read ya post, nice to meet you again with your same approach as ever. Every Manager likes to take his players with him at the beginning.Jose had a few Portuguese players himself when he arrived, ferreira, Tiago, Carvallho.Hilarious (I kno arrived in his last season if my mind doesn't fool me).... So I think its a common thing.
  14. Kevin de Bruyne

    I don't iva has to go, search my comments on hin, had to go since cl glory. Critisized mou for that a Lot.
  15. Kevin de Bruyne

    He is very talented and can have a excellent game if on fire. But seriously, it's not about being world class every game but he is a Anelkaesque-type of player, seems bored and lackluster at times. Mou was right at that time, a player that needs the assurance he will play every game at 22 or so only to feel free of pressure is set to leave. I mean he was a kid and not proven at all, to me nobody has the right tu be a guaranteed starter if he doesn't perform... Sad he ended whhere he is, cause can't stand city but still a very good player on his day...