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  1. Edinson Cavani

    Chelsea badges in the crowd.
  2. Edinson Cavani

    That freekick will pretty much finalise the deal. Welcome.
  3. Edinson Cavani

    I'll sign for Chelsea in the future lads, I'll be the equivalent of a Lampard-esque signing. I shall be a greater player than Cavani, and at a cheaper price. I promise you.
  4. André Schürrle

    My missus.
  5. André Schürrle

    Welcome, Schürrle! Fair play to Michael. <3
  6. Edinson Cavani

    @CFCcenter: #Chelsea & #Napoli have reached an agreement for striker Edinson Cavani! - #CFC (Official radio station of SSC Napoli) #BreakingNews Hopefully he doesn't flop, like he can do internationally, if he does make the move.
  7. The International Football Thread

    Why didn't we sign Neymar?...
  8. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    If only she wasn't a Liverpool fan, although she does tweet about Piazon a bit. Laura Robson tweeted said she loved Didier Drogba once.
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Sad to see Caroline Wozniacki knocked out.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    MOURINHO HOME IMPROVEMENTS Jose Mourinho has spoken about the work of the club's scouting department as preparations for the 2013/14 season get underway. With his official unveiling now complete, and members of the first team squad either away on international duty or on holiday, the focus shifts a little onto the backroom staff with the biannual 'transfer season' underway. Competition to find and secure top players is fierce and Mourinho values the role played in this area by technical director Michael Emenalo and those assisting him. 'There are many things in a manager's job that you cannot do, and if you do them, you can't do them properly,' explained the Portuguese. 'Or, if you do, it means that you are losing your influence in other areas that become important, and areas where nobody else can do it for you. 'So it's important you have around you structures that can deliver to you the best information, and especially the scouting area, which is a very difficult area for a person like me. 'I cannot travel because I have important things to do in the club. I cannot travel because if I travel everybody knows I'm travelling, everybody knows where I am, everybody knows the player I'm looking for, everybody starts the speculation. 'The area of the club responsible for analysing the opponents and preparing the matches is basically the same structure I implemented when I was here, and now they are just waiting for my next input for evolution of that. 'But in the area of scouting young players, the club has had an evolution. The club is better now than when I came, and I think it's better because it needs to be better, because you cannot just find a player when he's 24, 25, 26 and in the best moment of his career. 'You have to scout and follow before that and you cannot do it without a good structure. That is an area of the club where I found good work is being done. I think Michael and his staff are prepared. They gave me already some, and they are prepared to provide me with the type of information I need.' Reflecting on his last spell in charge at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho explained the circumstances of one of the major signings back then - that of Andriy Shevchenko in 2006. During the years since it has been suggested in the media that the manager was against the transfer, but that simply wasn't the case. 'We wanted to buy Samuel Eto'o, he was our target,' revealed Mourinho. 'The owner was more than ready to bring Eto'o here because he was the player I wanted. 'Do you know why? Because he was the only player I could play with [Didier] Drogba, changing the system for two strikers. But he was also ready to play with Drogba in the system we had at the time, with three attacking players, with Eto'o coming from the sides, the same as I did at Inter with him. 'Sometimes there I was playing Eto'o and [Diego] Milito in a 4-4-2 system, and when I wanted to play with three attackers I was playing [Goran] Pandev, Milito and Eto'o. 'We wanted Eto'o; Mr Abramovich did everything to bring him and [then chief executive] Peter Kenyon did everything to bring him. In the end, Barcelona said they didn't want to sell, forget it. One more zero, one less zero [on the price], forget it. 'So our option that the owner was doing everything to bring wasn't possible because Barcelona decided no money would do it. After that we went to other options and it became the Shevchenko option. 'I was happy. But if you buy 20 kids, not 20 kids will go on to the first team as a successful professionals, and even with the top dogs, when you pay 30, 40, 50 or £60million, sometimes it doesn't work, and it doesn't mean you made a mistake or the club made a mistake, it just doesn't work.'
  11. Stamford Bridge thread

    - Buy all the Asian support in the world. - Build stadium with a capacity of 200,000 seats.
  12. Kevin de Bruyne

    Bruyne vs. Serbia http://sporza.be/cm/sporza/videozone/sporten/voetbal/RodeDuivels/MV_130607_De_Bruyne_match
  13. Kevin de Bruyne

    Looks like I'll have to purchase a Belgian shirt for my new found nationality. /International glory hunter
  14. Edinson Cavani

    Perhaps a bit too much, just below the 50 million pound mark. Hopefully he can solve our striking problems, hopefully we can still bring in the likes of De Rossi, Varane, ect.
  15. Kevin de Bruyne

    WhoScored include Kevin in their U21 Young Players of the Year list.
  16. The Mourinho Thread

    To that Spurs fan on SSN who said Mourinho would fail...
  17. The Mourinho Thread

    Manchester please sit down, London will forever dominate. Spurs? Bale? No.
  18. The Mourinho Thread

    Treble 2013/14.
  19. The Mourinho Thread

    I can't find a meme or anything actually to successfully convey my feelings right now. I'm so happy. It's like we've won the Champions League again. Welcome home, Jose!
  20. The Mourinho Thread

    @Muzchap - Britt Robertson. http://www.brittrobertson.com/
  21. The Mourinho Thread

    @Alex shall have to be banned from the forum, temporarily breaking the hearts of Chelsea supporters across the globe!
  22. Oscar

    Oscar was my stand out performer on the night, it seems every Brazilian game I watch he's their most reliable player, even more so than the so-claimed glorious Neymar, who once again, having watched him live against Russia, disappointed me. Scolari's decision to substitute Oscar bemused me, even in a friendly, as I guess every fan in the whole stadium was shown by their reaction. I would love to see him play more centrally for Chelsea, by far his most efficient position, even if it means playing Mata out wide in the occasional game.
  23. The Mourinho Thread

    He is currently occupied, he's already at Jose's press conference!
  24. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose Mourinho arrives in the UK - More on #SSN