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  1. I'd say a little under priced, but it wouldn't bother me too much too see Kalou go. Granted he has scored one or two important goals, but I don't see him as a future star at the club, more of a workhorse type squad player, and we already have enough of those.

  2. Its got to be around £12m otherwise why sell him? He is a funny player really, one minute he is doing absolutely fuck all, the next minute he pops up with a very well timed goal, to get us out of the shit. Wenger is a chancer though, always has been. He knows Kalou would love to play for Arsenal, so has whipped in a cheeky bid.

  3. ...and now his agent has alluded to the idea he may be going. Some media are saying the agents had a falling out with Kenyon. Kenyon offering 4 years and they want 5. Inter are prepared to give him five years.

    Give him a five year contract you tight fisted cunts, hes deserves it.

    Nice to see you back Greg, and I couldn't agree more. Sheva got a long deal and was not proven in the Prem, Frank is the best midfielder in the Prem and we are agueing over a poxy year ???? UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!

  4. I would be extremely greatful if one of you taleted sig makers would make me an Anelka/Drogba sig with the TalkChelsea.net and badge below could be intergreated with the sig i would be forever in your debt. Thank you.