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  1. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    We won the most competitive league and cancelled our celebrations. Don't forget that while you are watching them celebrate and laugh.
  2. Politics & Stuff

    It's not only about money. The only business that is literally cut throat and more powerful than finance industry is military. That's why not even the so called most courageous, controversial tv commentators do not ever mention them. Wall street gives politicians carrot, military contractors are the stick.
  3. Politics & Stuff

    This is true but simply leaving those places now creates an opportunity for groups like Isis and those videos you mentioned will be on internet forever. Also another root cause that is ignored and tolerated by Western leaders is the Saudi royal family which keep an entire nation in stone age and spreads radical Islam all over the world. For example http://www.balkanspost.com/article/116/saudi-arabia-funds-spread-of-wahhabism-in-kosovo I am not saying Saudi Arabia should be bombed. The opposite. Progressive policies and leaders in ME should be supported. What is happening is just opposite of that. Erdogan's only ally in Europe is your prime minister right now and money has been pouring from London to their stock market since her visit in January. It is sad how the military industry is playing both sides, using politicians like puppets and taking advantage of terror attacks like this. The money that could be spent on education, healthcare and infrastructure will be spent for defense now. This has been the effect of such terror attacks and nothing is solved.
  4. Politics & Stuff

    After 8 years of Obama administration it is no surprise that there so many terror attacks in the world. "Busting terrorist charities here in the United States was a low priority for the last eight years under Barack Obama." "The eight-year lapse was confirmed in an official report issued in December 2016 by the Financial Action Task Force, an international body dedicated to promoting policies to combat money laundering and terrorism finance." "The U.S. has not designated a domestic U.S.-based charity since … 2009," the report said. Issued in coordination with the U.S. government, the report noted that the "decrease is consistent with the growing trend of fundraising under false pretenses and outside of any charitable organization." "But it's hard to understand how our international partners will take us seriously if this glaring gap remains. Indeed, why should they feel compelled to crack down on their terrorist finance problems if we don't address our own? " From http://www.weeklystandard.com/restarting-the-fight-against-terror-funding-charities/article/2007327 He failed in Syria which led to ISIS, closed CIA's black sites in the world and he did not go after terror finance. This is how we got where we are.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    If Iran was buying weapons from Nato allies no one would say anything about human right abuses or terror support. Presidents would call them to congratulate and invite them to their capitals to have dinner or even dance with their leaders.
  6. Politics & Stuff

    Wahhabism striked again.
  7. The Conte Thread

  8. Five Years Ago

  9. The Conte Thread

    A shorter version Match preparation: I’ve never seen someone prepare a training session like Conte does. He’s absolutely obsessive: he wants every player to know everything about the opponents. When you get on the pitch to play the match, you are ready for anything. He works on every detail for hours and hours: even how players line up in the penalty area before corners. Half Time: We were winning at the end of the first half but we weren’t playing well. Antonio came into the dressing room and was absolutely livid. He demanded that of everyone of us, every player, shouted in front of everyone: “More.” What to expect from next season? Even after a victory, he thinks there is always something to improve, even after a win he will have a meeting with the squad and will immediately show the players how and why certain things will have to improve. He will not stop for a second, not even after a 3-0 win. He always wants a reason to surprise everyone, it is what drives him on.
  10. Riyad Mahrez

    I think Conte can help him perform like he did in the previous season. I also hope that we sign a better player but I won't be sorry if we get him for a reasonable price.
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    But heis1ofus.:D
  12. The Conte Thread

    One of his biggest challenges will be snakes like Gary Neville in the media, who want to see Manure great again. He combines some valid points with sneaky comments to undermine Conte's achievement like bsing about how Conte and Carlo used the teams built by Mourinho. Gary Neville picked Pochetino as the manager of the year. That shows how bitter he is. Someone who picks Pochetino this season's manager of the year deserves zero respect. I would rather read Wiz's comments about Matic.
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    He did not sign any Gestifute players and failed. I have a hunch this is the season he will go full Gestifute and he will be more aggressive to be successful. Toxic agency and toxic manager who is only good for short term success.
  14. 19. Diego Costa

    An accountant might work for 40 years and could still end up in debt. Chelsea players grandchildren's children will not worry about money. So you are saying Drogba and Lampard should have left when they were 28 if they received a bigger salary offer from Qatar or China. I am pretty sure they would not exchange any salary increase to a CL win. Players who win the biggest trophies, they get both money and personal satisfaction. After they win the trophies, they can always go to China or US like Drogba and Lampard did and still make a lot of money.