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  1. Diego Costa

    Always nice to see him score goals and taking names (as in defenders). Definitely the striker we deserved after the fiasco of forwards we had only a few season ago.
  2. The Conte Thread

    It's clear he is showing some kind of tactical ideas, coaching and decision making. The use of Matic and Kante in midfield together is good in theory, but it is obvious no matter what, with this defense, we will always have to use the attack as our defence (well, let's see how Zouma is after his injury). Conte has the kind of mindset that will make us great in time, again something that has probably been said so much, and after last season I am hoping for at least top six (ambitious?). His subs have won us games already, players are playing for him and he is offering to play Loftus-Cheek, Chalobah, and Moses chances so hopefully there will be a rotation that will allow fitness to not be an issue. Let him see what the problems are, and to resolve it with what he feels is best. His track record shows he knows what he is doing, and what happens when he is allowed to do it. No point of shooting off the gun again, or otherwise we will face the same old stuff again - which with the likes of Pep's Man City, wouldn't be the best time to restart everything.
  3. 30. David Luiz

    Think he was a back-up option for Koulibaly, so will be a bit intriguing to see how he plays in Conte's mind.
  4. David Luiz

    Dont see anything? Even when clicked link
  5. David Luiz

    The fact there is nothing on the BBC website (as one would expect if total legit) and that Sky is the ONLY source seemingly running it, I gotta call bs. But would be nice to see him back, would still have a profit, and with his personality he would be a more attainable target for a transfer day dealing.
  6. James Rodríguez

    18:09 JAMES STAYING PUT? Real Madrid will not sell James Rodriguez this summer, reports AS. James’ future has been subject to heavy speculation since the end of last season following a disappointing second campaign at the Bernabeu. Arsenal and Chelsea have been linked with the Colombian in recent weeks but the Premier League duo are set to be disappointed in their pursuit of the former Monaco man. According to AS, Real Madrid have informed James that he will not be sold during this transfer window From SkySports Transfer Centre
  7. Ricardo Carvalho

    Fair enough
  8. Ricardo Carvalho

  9. Ricardo Rodriguez

    People will orgasm so much if this was finally done A 2 year cock tease would tbf
  10. Chelsea 2-1 West Ham

    Promising performance. Dominant tactical display, nullified their support to Carroll while maintaining procession, though some passes and crosses were array, it is a brilliant example of the kind of performance/style we can expect then I am excited for what is ahead. Kante was brilliant, and was unlucky with that yellow. Had some tackles a bit hard, but all brilliant in the role he played. Work rate was outstanding across the board, but again, final pass or the final third lacked. This game was just always about Conte, his set-up showed dominance and his changes made the result. Just looking at the scorers is a major improvement over last season, so looks like there might be more to this team (expecting at least one CB signing) then most can see.
  11. Chelsea v West Ham

    442 = GOALS! Michy header to Costa, to score
  12. Chelsea v West Ham

    TBH Matic hasn't offered much, maybe Cesc could play there for creativity?
  13. Chelsea v West Ham

    High foot foul when Azpil pulled back?
  14. Chelsea v West Ham

    Oh, Costa...