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  1. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Super Frank Thread   
    I wouldn't have had a problem with Sarri staying this season if he wanted to stay, but he knew how much more difficult it was going to be this season with the transfer ban.
    Take Hazard out of this side and the attacking threat and creative output drops like a dead weight. Add to that we had four long term injuries which were, or were becoming, important members of his team in Rudiger, Kante, RLC and CHO.
    The possession based, more cautious approach he implemented in the second half of last season I think would have been an even bigger struggle without a player like Hazard being able to create moments out of seemingly nothing. 
    He was probably fully aware that in order for us to try to cover the loss of Hazard, we'd have to have more purpose in attack and likely open ourselves up more from a defensive perspective to do so, like Lampard has. It's the same issues Lampard is having now, just he's either too stubborn or inexperienced to change things and become more cautious. Having said that and knowing how poor we've been this season defensively, now Tammy's goals have dried up and we've suffered a couple of injuries our attack looks pretty toothless too at present despite a mentality to attack. 
  2. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Tomo in Super Frank Thread   
    Thats exactly why Sarri slowed the play down after the Arsenal game, he knew full well he needed better tools for his football to work.
    People screaming about how "boring" it was weren't seeing the bigger picture.
  3. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Supermonkey92 in Super Frank Thread   

    Spot on. It was like that in our last preseason match (the 2-2). Sort this out and We'll be fine. But it's pretty fundamental and without it we are fucked

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  4. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Super Frank Thread   
    It's very easy to forget how poor Klopp's Liverpool were defensively for (3 years?) before they brought Van Dijk (and Alisson to a lesser extent).
    Lampard doesn't have the luxury of entering the market and needs to find our equivalent of Van Dijk to lead, marshall and bring composure to that defence (which I'm sure this season will be Rudiger). Otherwise he may have to wait to get the right player in there until next summer and as a result adapt to the cards he's been dealt a little. 
    Luckily we're not looking at yesterday's game with our strongest possible team out thinking how can this situation be improved. There are players to come back who can make a big difference potentially to the defensive aspect of our game (Kante, Rudiger, Reece James, possibly even Willian), and hopefully that change in personnel will make a difference when they're back.
  5. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by nachikethas in Stamford Bridge thread   
    So it finally happened! After years of dreaming, I finally went to see my spiritual home, Stamford bridge.


    Two months before I moved to Leeds for work and will be there till October end. I really want to see a match at the bridge. If anyone has a spare ticket for any of the upcoming matches please let me know. Would really appreciate it.
  6. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Super Frank Thread   
    You'd expect one or two from Zappa, Baka and Kenedy to leave to trim the squad down to about 24-25.
    8 academy lads by the looks of things in our first team squad this season so around a third. That's pretty good going.
    I was never one of these to just want us to start throwing the kids in and playing them, but I wanted the club to start developing a pathway for the academy players to break into the first team squad and I've always felt the way to do that is to concentrate on improving our first XI in the transfer market and looking to the academy to fill out our squad. That way our transfer budgets will always be focused on a couple of top players rather than spread across 5 or 6 each summer, whilst the academy players will get games through the season with the amount of competitions we're in. With the exception of Cumming, all of those squad players will be hoping to at least be playing 15-20 games during the season and it's then up to them to take their chances when they get them and start to establish themselves further.
    The transfer ban has helped with this, but last season there was almost a soft start to this with spending big money on key targets (Kepa, Jorginho, Pulisic) and blooding through RLC and CHO. This needs to be the blueprint for us moving forward as a club in my opinion.
  7. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Vesper in General Transfer Talk   
    and just have one word to say about
    Nicolò Barella to Inter

  8. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Fernando in General Transfer Talk   
    sigh Conte is the only manager that I feel like we screwed up. 
    Everything in the past don't care for much. Well Mourinho first time. Mourniho second time, out of his depth. 
    But Conte was top class and we would have build something nice with him. 
  9. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Magic Lamps in 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    He is playing games. I dont think its about money nor playing time. Both of which we can give him more than Bayern can. He either plays us or there is something that has torn CHO and the clbu apart which we do not know of. If he really leaves it will look just like he would do it to make a point. but usually behind every pointless transfer there is a greedy agent
  10. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in The Board   
    The biggest and most hard blowing mistake, was not upgrading our wing backs after the 2017 title win. 
    City won fuck all, yet managed to get Walker, Danilo, and Mendy in July. 
    We were the PL champions, and we got  fucking Zappacosta on deadline day. 
  11. Antonio8 liked a post in a topic by kc_blue in 10. Willian   
    That's pretty mild for this board actually.  Have you never looked in at the Alonso thread?  
  12. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by OneMoSalah in Next Manager?   
    Will believe it when a manager sees out the duration of his initial contract.
    I know thats maybe a tall order but Klopp has been at Liverpool since 2015, Pep at City since 2016. Both signed initial 3 year contracts and have seen them out as well as renewing. That is managerial consistency. Believing in a project and a coach in the long term as well as the short term. 
    Regardless of the name, we will only break that cycle when we give a manager the full duration of his initial contract or longer.
    For me, I think Lampard will only get 2 years maximum. Lot of it depends on results (which based on the last few seasons could be good or bad with this squad) and then when the transfer ban is lifted, if the results arent great or we arent being competitive enough the club will see this and make contingencies definitely, especially regarding regarding a more proven manager if its not going well (which for a relatively young manager, regardless of his playing career, leaving a relatively secure job to come here, I do hope it goes well). I think his first year with this ban will maybe give him a bit more leeway but the objective is still gonna be top 4 minimum. Honestly if we can win a league with Moses, Luiz, and Alonso as key players (which they were even if we had Eden and Costa) then they and some percentage of the fan base will surely expect us to get top 4 with a squad with proven and experienced players like Azpilicueta, Kante, Jorginho, Willian, Pedro, Luiz, Rudiger, Kepa, Giroud. Even if some of them arent going to put up amazing seasons. 
    Whoever comes in, I want them to do well. If its Lamps, who I do have reservations about in all honesty as a lot of people and the media seem to be basing what he can do as a manager for Chelsea on what hes experienced as a player like handling bigger named players (he hasnt actually managed a player in that bracket) and competing in the top division of English football.
    Yes he knows the club, the fans will be much more responsive to his appointment and yes he will get respect in the dressing room but he still has to prove himself in a managerial capacity and thats unfortunately my biggest concern. Yes he played Mount and Tomori at Derby among a few other youngsters and we have a very good academy but the pressure will still be on from day one as soon as he walks in the door. Bigger and better managers have come in here and struggled with the pressure, the handling of big names and even getting the team playing well. World Cup winners, CL winners, PL winners, La Liga winners, Serie A winners...
    If hes confirmed I hope he does well but if people werent happy with how it went last year, it could be a long season, theres a lot to be done in certain areas and I doubt it will be plain sailing. Certain players need booted up the arse. Certain players need phased out. Can he keep 18-20 bigger players happy as we will be in 4 competitions? Can he break the cycle and continue Sarris integration of young players like CHO and RLC, using the likes of Reece James and Mason Mount while still getting results? Also with Gaz leaving, we are losing another hugely experienced leadership figure, which regardless of the level he is as a player is a blow too. If Lamps can come in and manage to do it, fair play, its not an easy job for anybody yet alone a guy 1 year into his managerial career. 
  13. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Tomo in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    It really, really wasn't.
    Football under Sarri may not have lived upto the hype, but it was miles better than what Conte and Carlo produced in their respective second season's and Jose's meltdown season will never be topped in pretty much every negative you can think off (style of play, defending, results etc).
  14. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    As if he knew he'd be fucked with a transfer ban. He was brutally criticised last season, both by fans and the media, in spite finishing 3rd and winning a trophy.
    Any sensible person would take the better offer, especially with Hazard gone. The board probably gave him no reassurances either. 
  15. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by the wes in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
  16. manpe liked a post in a topic by kc_blue in Aaron Wan-Bissaka   
    I certainly wouldn't be against buying him but I think it really depends on price.  It's not the most pressing position in my mind.  If we are going to spend on a fullback I want a left sided one first.  I just feel that side is weaker and we actually do have a prospect up and coming on the right side, so, I'd just focus more on the other side of the pitch and use that money on other positions.
  17. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in Eden Hazard   
    No surprises he's been there 5 minutes and already kissed the badge. The way that club operate is cringe.
    I will always appreciate and remember fondly what Hazard did for my club but time to move on now like he has. My loyalties are with Chelsea and I really couldn't care less how successful or unsuccessful Hazard is for Madrid so long as it has no impact on Chelsea.
  18. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by manpe in Next Manager?   
    I'm fairly certain we'll be begging Sarri back once our results and performances will inevitably go bad, doesn't matter who's at helm. Some of the football he got them playing was very exciting (at least for me), especially nearer the beginning of the season, and I'm often impressed with the way we now play out of the back - no more brainless lumping upfield. We never had a proper striker, you can't make any serious team challenge with consistency without a striker that works for you. I do think this is one of, if not the main reason why we look so toothless sometimes, a striker in an attacking team is the focal point. So whoever is next, I do not envy him coming in with this transfer ban and being stuck with them washed up strikers.
  19. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by Iggy Doonican in Next Manager?   
    This time last year an ex Chelsea player Jokanovic gets Fulham promoted playing good football his name is mentioned about getting the Chelsea job but he was never a serious contender. Jokanovic was one of the worse players I've seen at Chelsea and that's saying something when you consider some of the players we had in the late 70's early 80's especially. He looked like and had the mobility of a lampost and the dribbling skill and passing range of a toddler.
    A year later an ex Chelsea player scrapes Derby into the playoffs again playing good football but doesn't quite make it. Frank Lampard Chelsea legend serial trophy winner has over 100 England caps is now the favourite for the Chelsea job anyone notice the disparity ?.
  20. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by OneMoSalah in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    "Another victory for Granovskaia" is that journalist tit for fucking real? 
    When making money and not having stability or remotely trying to be competitive in footballing terms is the primary focus, then something is terribly wrong.
    Yes making money helps but fuck sake weve just sold our best player for a deal that could be 130m, won the Europa League, have television money due in for next season, CL money... owned by a Russian billionaire.... not to mention we cannot even buy anybody. Even if we could chances are she'd be on holiday again like the other year. How many managers have departed since she was promoted to chief executive in 2014 and taking on even more responsibility when Emenalo left?
  21. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by OneMoSalah in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Least resistance, so you think hes just leaving purely because Juventus is an "easy option?"....
    Theres much more to it. Its clear a large selection of supporters dont want him and havent since the dip in December. Transfer ban (which was the clubs own doing) is basically putting the handbreak on us from potentially improving. Its clear based on comments he made before the EL final that he needed to know that that one game didnt define his season or how the club felt regarding his season. Fuck knows how his end of season meeting went, I honestly think it would have very much been a trainwreck 🤣 regardless Sarri getting up and wanting to leave is probably on the club more than on him, lets be frankly honest. The arrogance of some of our fans is audacious. Better managers than Sarri would probably do the same. Conte was rumoured to have considered resigning after his first year (after winning a PL).... if that was true, which based on how our second season under Conte went, sounds about right. When has a manager ever decided he wants to leave in the Roman era and actually did it?
    Also Pep "easy option"? Did you see what he did at Barcelona? He dumped big big players like Deco, Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Zambrotta, Edmilson, Eider Gudjohnsen, Yaya Toure, who had made key components of that team for years and made Barcelona better. Bayern also havent been anywhere near as good since Pep left which shows how much he improved them and got out of a squad which is still not exactly hugely different. Sure City have cash to spend but it still takes a lot to win a treble in England, in that sort of fashion, scoring that many goals etc. Pep isnt everyones cup of tea I get that but easy route? Please. We spent lots of money in the 2000s when Roman came in, were winning a lot of trophies from 2004/05 onwards, were we an easy route too for other managers? Dont be daft. Its no fluke Pep has won god knows how many trophies just like its no fluke Mourinho has won so many or Sir Alex or whoever. Great managers have trophy cabinets to back it up.
  22. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by DDA in The Board   
    I'm really struggling to come to this forum to debate anything Chelsea related. I just can't stand the position this current board has left us in. It's like waking up on a bed of machetes every single day.
  23. kc_blue liked a post in a topic by zekinjo in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    And he just wanted to be backed on and off the pitch. I’m just happy he’s off to a better place and world class football club.