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  1. Oscar

    It's hardly an excuse, it's pretty obvious that the English game is a quicker tempo and more physical than say the Spanish or Italian leagues. While creative players can flourish in England, I tend to think the more technical and tactical La Liga or Serie A tend to be better fits for smaller creative players. Personally I think Oscar will succeed, cream always rises to the top and Oscar has everything you need to be a world class footballer.
  2. Oscar

    Just going to add my 2 cents. The lad is a sublime talent, his overall game is hugely impressive for someone so young. However he's come to England and it's pretty difficult with the physical nature of the game and trying to adapt to that and a different culture, it's not been helped by him being played out of position and Rafa rarely starting him either. Put this lad in Spain or Italy and you have a superstar. He may become a superstar in England if given the time and the opportunity.
  3. Isco

    He source is pretty bad but if this were true it would be brilliant, a top class talent, I remember being impressed by him when he played for Valencia, he's developed so much since then. He would be a great signing for any club.
  4. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Quality performance today. He's really impressed so far at Chelsea, solid defensively, really determined and hungry, good quality going forward too. Surely the long term option at right back for club and country (though Montanya is also terrific)
  5. Daniel Sturridge

    I'm not that disappointed about this. Didn't fancy his chances of ever becoming our first choice striker, particularly with Lukaku and potential new signings around, never developed the right mentality either, far too selfish, infuriating to watch as a fan and probably infuriating to play with as a teammate. All left foot too. He might have a decent career at Liverpool but I don't think he will ever be a player capable of being the star striker of a team with realistic ambitions of challenging for the Champions League and Premier League.
  6. Fernando Torres

    Seriously? That's the justification? Last time I checked Jose Mourinho was unlikely to be made a saint, Ferguson probably wont win a Nobel peace prize, infact you will be hard pressed to find any manager with a whiter than white track record. I disagree that he has nothing for the club, he has knowledge, he is a proven, top class coach, a two time Uefa coach of the year, a 2 time La Liga winner with Valencia, a Uefa Cup winner with Valencia and an FA Cup and Champions League winner with Liverpool. He has the character of a winner, he has the magnetic personality of a true champion and tactically he is top notch. He is a great manager and a great football person, we are lucky that he stepped in on a short term basis.
  7. Fernando Torres

    Why? If he's scoring 2 every game and Benitez is doing what he does best, bringing a solid structure to the team, then why wouldn't it justify keeping him?
  8. La Liga Thread

    The Barcelona performance from last night in which they demolished Bilbao hasn't gotten enough praise on this thread, it was a display that very few teams in any era would be capable of replicating, a near faultless and often breathtaking production, football in its purest form.
  9. Oscar

    When did TC become overrun by trolls?
  10. Robert Lewandowski

    The Road to El Dorado.
  11. Fernando Torres

    Tbf there was a time when he merited the hype. Along with the likes of Drogba, Eto'o and Adebayor he represented the perfect modern day centre forward, he had it all. He had the electric pace, he had the physical strength, he had the technique and he had the killer touch. He was a genuinely great player for club and country. Injuries simply took their toll, he warned that he would be burned out if he played in the Premiet League for long and it happened quicker than he expected. Like Michael Owen, knee injuries robbed him of his all important pace and he hasn't been able to adjust his game and as a result he is never as confident as he was. He was a great player, we just got him too late.
  12. Fernando Torres

    It's bad, it's really bad. It's like playing without a striker. For defenders in the Premier League or Champions League they must know it will be an easy night when they come up against Torres compared to what they usually face. All of the threat is behind him. With a first or even second rate striker this team would be a real force.
  13. Oscar

    You have to give credit to Ramires who was an excellent foil beside him last night but it was breathtaking to watch Oscar play last night. Everything he did just oozed class and quality. He defended capably, he floated breezed forwards, he floated about the pitch, it was a show of ability rarely seen in English football, this was the type of stuff normally reserved for Barcelona or the great Brazilian teams of the past, no the opposition wasn't was strong as it could have been but this was a young lad coming off the bench after an exhausting game only 3 days ago and playing out of position and it was nothing short of a masterclass. However I don't believe he should be played in the double pivot. Mikel and Ramires both serve important purposes and I quite like the partnership they have formed, in any case Brazil's starting number 10 has been in stunning form since breaking into the team, no point in changing something that works.
  14. Daniel Sturridge

    I know he scored last night, and he did take his goal well but my God that was ridiculously frustrating. The really dreadful thing is that Im not sure that Torres would have done any better. The case for signing a truly top class centre forward was only reinforced last night. With a great goal scorer this team would be genuinely lethal.
  15. La Liga Thread

    Or you can appreciate that you are lucky enough in your lifetime to be watching the greatest group of footballers ever assembled, along with the greatest footballer ever.
  16. La Liga Thread

    5-4. Just a great advert for Spanish football, as was the earlier Valencia vs Bilbao game. This was football at its best, it had it all, great players, great football, unbelievable drama and an astounding solo goal from the greatest player ever proving to be the winner. Terrific win, valuable 3 points and a great night of Spanish football overall.
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    I'm not sure why we are so down on him. I thought he did very well yesterday, some slick passes, a real quickness of thought and a couple of charging runs, all wonderfully topped off by that sublime pass to Mata for the third goal, that pass was something very special indeed.
  18. Juan Mata

    A masterclass yesterday from the Spanish genius. I always believed him a better player than Silva and Cazorla, it's a bit of an irrelevant point anyway, all 3 are terrific footballers and it's great to see them play each week. Full credit though to Mata, if he was overshadowed earlier in the season by the new arrivals he certainly isn't overshadowed anymore, Mata, Oscar and Hazard are 3 great players, seeing the 3 of them play together really is a joy.
  19. Juan Mata

    The hate for Cazorla on this thread isn't logical. He is a top player, for quite a while he was considered the best player in La Liga not playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona. At the same time Juan Mata is a top player, generally in Spain they seem to think higher of Mata than Silva, personally I'd have both Mata and Cazorla over Silva. Juan had a slow enough start to the season but after his mini break he has gotten back into the groove he was in last season, his current form is blistering. All 3 players are a joy to watch, there's not very much separating all 3 of them.
  20. La Liga Thread

    That's an entirely unfair and untrue representation of what Barcelona fans think of Valdes. He is a top goalkeeper, as good a shot stopper as you will see and a superb 1vs 1 keeper, on top of that he is wonderful in his role of sweeper keeper and on the ball there is no finer goalkeeper. In short he is the perfect Barcelona goalkeeper.
  21. La Liga Thread

    It's the equivalent of me going to the Chelsea vs Juventus match and saying I hate both teams. It adds nothing to the thread, I've given no reasons why I hate them both (I obviously don't by the way) its just dumb.
  22. La Liga Thread

    Then whats the point of viewing and then posting on the La Liga thread?
  23. La Liga Thread

    Why? Maybe if you were from Seville or a region in Spain other than Barcelona and Madrid and you supported a club other than Barcelona and Real Madrid then I could probably understand your argument. However you appear to be English, meaning you are viewing it from a completely different angle than you would be if you were a Spanish supporter of a club other than the big two. Put simply you, like myself, are an observer. As an observer with no particularly strong allegiance to a Spanish club there is no emotional attachment there for you. For the sake of the argument I will assume that you watch La Liga, in which case you watch it for the quality. In terms of quality it's faultless. Would it be nice to have a third team challenge for the title? Sure. However put Real Madrid and Barcelona in any other league and they would remain the two outstanding teams in any given league, such is their quality. So what if it is those two every reason? They are the two best teams in the world, they are constantly evolving, constantly revolutionising, constantly improving, always pushing each other. It's a great title race.
  24. La Liga Thread

    Yes it is but it is the two greatest teams in the world challenging for the title, you know it's the two greatest sides in the world challenging for the title, the winner being the greatest side in the world on that given season. Of course there are other things to take into account like the Champions League but in no other league are there two teams of the quality of Barcelona and Real Madrid or with the individual quality of Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Ronaldo. How many title races aren't 2 horse races? Man City and Man Utd was a two horse race last season, it might be again this season. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are the two outstanding teams in Germany. Italy is a bit more open but the quality in that league has really declined compared to what it was. If you want to look beyond the title race then there is so much else happening in La Liga and so much quality. We saw it first hand against Atletico Madrid. We saw it last season with Athletic Bilbao (though they are having problems this season), we saw it with Sevilla last night, we often see it with Valencia, we've seen it so far with Malaga who have gotten off to an excellent start this season. There is genuine quality on show.
  25. La Liga Thread

    But what you fail to mention is that the two teams challenging are the two greatest teams in the world, one of which is arguably the greatest team ever. Yes Barcelona have won but it hasn't been straightforward and I don't think they will end with a 100% record. Great then you think Madrid are still in it, meaning we still have a title race.