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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho was sacked twice by our club ! How anyone can expect him to even consider us when negotiating with United is beyond me !
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    I honestly think the players fucked him over and it just shows how powerful player power is !
  3. West Ham 2-1 Chelsea

    I really don't want them to sack Jose I just think that's the easy way out and it won't help anybody. We need to look deeper into our problems and realize that too many of our players are passengers and a few of them were passengers even last season. The midfield of Fab and Matic just can't contain or create anything of note, we consistently get over run and Matic is struggling to keep up. Hazard comes too narrow and he is sucking the life out of our attacks by constantly coming inside. Diego can't do much at the minute because we can't seem to find angles for a pass to him so he's a sitting duck. Zouma is not a right back, Terry is really struggling as the years get by and Begovic is poor !
  4. 8. Oscar

    I have never liked Oscar... He has no personality on the pitch hes good for nothing !
  5. Chelsea v Crystal Palace

    No not because hes so creative its because he actually can bring pace, hard work and defensive know how to the team. There is nothing Oscar does hes average at everything hes an average dribbler average passer hes not particularly quick hes not strong.
  6. Chelsea v Crystal Palace

    Oscar is a poor player period. He's one of the few players who play for a top team that doesn't do anything particularly special. He's average at everything... I would much rather keep Willian in the team.
  7. 17. Pedro Rodríguez

    He's exactly what we needed and what I like most about him is he does most of his work off the ball. His movement is just top notch and I can see him getting a good 10-15 goals this season.
  8. Seems really comfortable on the ball ! The problem is I don't have confidence in Chelsea to bring young prospects through. I hope i am wrong with this one but i can't see it !
  9. Paul Pogba

    I love the way he breaks into the box he should have had 2 pens last night !
  10. Paul Pogba

    No mate thats how you end up like Liverpool. We need to stick to our ideals of buying one high quality player instead of buying 3-4 from a Southampton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Politics & Stuff

    I am not posh but i'm probably in the top 10% of income earners in the UK. I wasn't born into wealth my story is more ''started from the bottom now i'm here'' ...........
  12. Chelsea 2004-05 vs Chelsea 2014-15

    No I was talking only about the premierLeague that side only lost to Man city that season. That team also only conceded 12 premier league goals and I think they achieved the highest points total.
  13. Chelsea 2004-05 vs Chelsea 2014-15

    The 04-05 team only lost one game all season and that was to an Anelka penalty mate can't you remember lol ?
  14. Politics & Stuff

    The working class are fucking useless absolute waste of time. I know lots of people who tried to get the vote out and all they heard was '' voting wont make a change in my life'' and that was the theme of the night. Labour struggled because the upper classes understand fiscal policy and why it effects your life and the working class just don't understand and now Cameron has 5 years in his last term meaning he doesn't have to worry what anyone thinks because hes not going to fight another election. The working class should shut the fuck up now and accept everything thrown at them because they never turned out and voted !
  15. Chelsea 2004-05 vs Chelsea 2014-15

    The 04-05 team were a lot more solid then this side and they had a siege mentality that was far greater then this side. That 04-05 team would never have beaten us 5-3 at white hart lane like this side was beaten Makalele would have shut them out !