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  1. Thibaut Courtois

    We dont want Courtios Vs cech...we want him as our succesor on the long term basis...as forever blues
  2. Thibaut Courtois

    Our future goalie...Courosis......Superb display in copa del rey...
  3. Frank Lampard

    Totally deserved one for our club legend......Super Frankie Lampard rocks..............
  4. Lampards 203....Cheers once again

  5. Lampards 203....Cheers once again

  6. Frankies 202 guys...Cheers to all blue fans

  7. Frankies 202 guys...Cheers to all blue fans

  8. Rumour of Angel Di maria on chelsea......I hate that bitch guys...

    1. bpool


      yeah brother....thats why i hate that bitch..

  9. feelling proud joining the worldwide blues family....

  10. Welcome to the forums bpool :)

    1. bpool


      thanx mate.....blue is the colour..always and forever.