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  1. Andy Carroll

    too ambitious. More likely to be Kyle Lafferty or Grant Holt
  2. Emerson Palmieri

    Better to buy sandro for €60m than repeatedly buying 20m crap
  3. Andy Carroll

    or as busy as our physios tending donkey's broken legs every other week
  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    i'm pretty sure costa and torres dived , i don't even think it was worthy of a booking, obviously not a pen, just went down weakly, not an actual dive like pedro. And from there, the referee was looking for any chance to send a chelsea player off, so he could be centre of attention
  5. Andy Carroll

    he would do better than morata??? lmao, hazard would spend half the game hunting down carroll's loose touches
  6. Andy Carroll

    he left jorginho at home for some crap workhorse midfielders though
  7. Emerson Palmieri

    is he fast?
  8. Andy Carroll

    I doubt he would choose them over Sanchez or aubemayang given the chance. Board probably didn't entertain going for them
  9. Emerson Palmieri

    azpilicueta had one too iirc
  10. Andy Carroll

    wouldnt they just bring in young players then? no point buying 29 year olds (not even for cheap), when you will have to replace them soon. At least they would have the excuse of a "young developing team" while the stadium was underway
  11. Andy Carroll

    seriously guys , overacting here . need to look at the bigger picture. He's only going to be a backup. He's about 1 month younger than Sanchez, so he's one for the future. And I doubt Alexis would be up for watching darts with Cahill, or betting on the horses with Danny or Ross. You have to think of that aspect too.
  12. Andy Carroll

    we can't have you dying on account of Andy Carroll mate. Don't worry about it
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    cmon lads, its just a smokescreen for big ANDY.C!
  14. Richarlison

    Richarlison what a signing, will take us to next level
  15. The Conte Thread

    he needs to be more proactive with bringing in new players too, (I know barkley has been injured, but still) , Valencia have put coquelin straight into their starting XI tonight, and they signed him 2 days ago. He spent an age introducing Morata, drinkwater, - takes too long bringing people back from injury too imo - could have played luiz today if fatigue was such a big issue - at cb or cdm