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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    Well his coach at Wolfsburg said the same and even Kevin himself said that he couldn't motivate himself if he didn't get regular playing time. I agree that he is a great player but at the time I believe everybody involved made the right choices. KDB was at the time not training well (even he admitted that) and not playing well. Why should he have started over Hazard, Oscar (Brazillian number 10), Mata (2 times Chelsea player of the year) or Schürrle? (who had better stats than KDB in the BL and offered something different to our team) The training thing wouldn't have been a problem if he had played better (Hazard is no stud in training either) but since he was not training well and getting angry if things didn't work out on training. (quote by Wilmots) than I can understand Mourinho not selecting him given the other options that he had. It's a shame that Kevin had to go because I love him as a player but I can't see what mistakes Mourinho has made in this situation. If he had given trust to Kevin it would have meant benching Juan all the time and that doesn't seem fair either. Link (in Dutch) about Hecking saying KDB doesn't like training (and that was during a good period for KDB not a bad one like he had at Chelsea) http://www.nieuwsblad.be/sportwereld/cnt/dmf20141126_01397940
  2. Welcome to the forums KDB :)