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  1. 29. Kai Havertz

    He had a very average debut, but I blame Frank for it more than Kai. Havertz is very versatile, but that doesnt mean he can play any position in any system. Yesterday, he was a winger without both space and service. Whenever he got the ball, it was a slow pass with him not facing the opposition's goal, and with a player or two on him instantly. While he is very skilled, he is not a Sancho that can make that work somehow. Instead, his best qualities were completely nullified from where he was playing. It was so rare to see him have the ball, face the right direction and with space to run in. I think the first time he had it was in the second half when he managed to play it out for a throw (quite funny, I was just thinking "ah, now we will see what he can do" like a second before that). Just before his sub he started being able to play the ball from a more central position and he linked with James very well. I look forward to seeing him in a central position moving forwards. Other than that, I really don't get what this formation is supposed to do. usually what happens is Kante/other player wins back the ball, plays it back to Zouma/Andreas who in turn pass it between each other for a while, pass it to a FB who eventually hoofs it up and the whole sequence restarts. Mount and Havertz are not really wingers, but the real problem was how we were not able to progress at all in the center. Whenever we did involve the wingers, they were far too deep and already crowded.
  2. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    Look at that, we actually threaten Brighton when we control the middle. Who would have thought?
  3. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    Our midfield play is simply atrocious, pure garbage. We have no control or ball retention in the central midfield. Mount and Havertz are not at all involved in the play in the first half, Kante is mostly disrupting Brighton, while Jorginho gets to play a pass or two when he drops deep. Otherwise it is just CB/FB hoofing the ball up. I really, really hope that this is down to missing players and when Havertz and Mount play more centrally supported by Kovacic/Kante we will see more quality in possession. The wing play is just not going anywhere currently. Really liking Werner so far, great work rate without sacrificing the offensive threat. Him and Zouma primarily have been looking good. RLC is not really doing anything currently, and as mentioned above Havertz and Mount are barely involved so far.
  4. Team 20-21?

    I think it will be mostly as you show for the preferred starting eleven. Havertz will most likely be more of an 8 than a 10, and I'm not sure if Frank will prefer James and Zouma over Azpili and Rudiger. I also don't think Rice will join, so Mount and Kovacic will probably rotate for the third midfield spot. One way or another, I suspect we wont see the "true" 11 until October. Chilwell and Pulisic are still recovering, we don't know the status of Ziyech while Havertz, Silva and Mendy will be very fresh and might need some time to adapt to the team.
  5. 22. Hakim Ziyech

    Surely a week is enough to assess the damage? The fact that the club hasn't released a statement should indicate that it is no major injury. It is possible though that he will miss the first few games I guess.
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I appreciate the effort you put into your post, but I honestly dont know what below is referring to: "some of your tall ones are shorter than some of your shorter ones" The point was just that all the names and Cech/Lollichon connections so far were tall keepers playing in France, there was no further analysis on height or anything from my side. My preference of the other three names was not so much coming from their height, but other qualities they contribute with.
  7. 2020/21 Expectations

    Compared to the 19/20 season we have: The above three points do not guarantee X amount of points in the 20/21 season. Other teams have also improved, we will have up to 6 new players starting that need to find a flow with each other, injuries could take place etc. Still, it would be extremely unambitious to plan on staying on a status quo. Personally, I expect at the very least 15 points more compared to previous season, plus a much more convincing run in the CL (its not about winning it, its about sweeping teams like Lille and Valencia out of the way, while not getting humiliated by teams of Bayern's caliber). An acceptable allowance for Goals Against would be up to 40 imo. We should also be justified in targeting scoring around 80 goals in the league. Goal difference is not a target itself, but it is a relevant statistic. Being around +40 is what I expect for 20/21 (clear improvement from this season without being at the level of Pool or Man C just yet).
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    It's a shame our scouting team seems so dead-set on tall GK's from France currently (Areola, Maignan, Mendy like wtf maybe stop being such a broken record). Italy in my opinion has some of the most promising GK's out there, and while few would be cheap it still feels like better investments than spending 30-40m on what seems like competition for Kepa. Alex Meret, Strakosha and Musso are all players I would take ahead of any of the French options. If we took someone like Areola for a loan then it would be fine, as we could focus the next summer window fully on GK and CB, but buying say Mendy for 30-35 m just increases the total spending on the Gk position without a clear WC GK between the posts. Onana would also be fine with me, I like him quite a bit.
  9. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Incredible window so far, can't wait for the season to start. The only thing I am missing right now is this complete bastard of a player in the team (think Ballack/Terry, not Costa), someone to make the others around him fire up and give 100%. A true leader. We have so many young and "nice" players and I'm concerned that many of them might crack under the pressure during the season. Who is currently expected to drive the others? We are looking at up to 5 new starting players, a GK who is probably close to a mental breakdown and a constantly changing CB pairing. Thiago Silva is a great addition and will help a lot, but I have never seen him as a strong leader on the pitch. Giroud is actually a good shout, but between Werner and Tammy I doubt he will be starting most games. Jorginho could work, but is also unlikely to start most games (if he even stays). I have heard that Rice has the potential to be that type of player. it is one of the primary reasons why I really wish he joins us this summer.
  10. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    It's only a friendly so I'm not going to read into it a lot, but I am concerned about our central midfield. The way we play now Kante/Kovacic/RLC are mostly disrupting the opposition and instantly passing it to the flanks, reducing the chance for our wingers to make space for themselves. We need a CM that can carry forward the ball to some degree and pull the opposing defence to him, and only then go wide. If Ziyech gets it too close to the middle of the pitch, he cant make any dangerous runs and has to pass it back to the defence. It makes our plays very predictable, while also slowing the tempo. I think Havertz could be the right player for this, but it concerns me that this issue is carrying on from the previous season.
  11. Sergio Reguilón

    I saw the game too and in no way thought he was a beast in any aspect. Not to say that he was poor, but there were in my opinion few occasions on either end of the pitch were he did anything of note. A typical 7/10 performance as he worked hard, had enough positional awareness to not be a liability and caused no goal for the other team through any errors.
  12. Ben Chilwell

    Excellent price, the only concern is how fast he will be back in form following his injury. There is nothing indicating that Reguilon, Tagliafico, Gosens or Telles would have been a better signing. Furthermore, the board is never going to spend 50m+ on a player just because Frank fancies him, there is certainly a lot more belief in the player than from one person. We should be happy to be honest. The worst outcome is when you have a coach with a specific idea of how to play, but then go and buy players who don't necessarily fit (Gosens or Tagliafico for example). 50m is also not a fortune in this day and age for an English national player who also has a long contract at a rival team.
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We can't buy world class for every single position in one summer. So far our window is looking like adding at least the following: Werner - The most prolific young striker in Europe. At least Liverpool and Bayern have recently shown interest in him Ziyech - Best player in Eredivisie several times, great performances in CL. For sure one of the top available RW's out there. Havertz (not done yet) - One of the most hyped up talents out there. Massive potential combined with already existing skill. Another great season from him and I doubt we would even be able to get him in the future. Chilwell (not done yet) - People act like the board is crazy for not buying Telles, Tagliafico or Reguilon, but Chilwell is actually the most ambitious buy. For sure top 3/4 in his position in the league, 23 years old and has several seasons under his belt in a good team. He is expensive yes, but it is a calculated risk from the board. No doubt the club wants more leadership and communication on the pitch, and Chilwell would for sure help us move in that direction. Reguilon in particular is annoying, as not a single person would have written the same things about him one year ago (at which point he was 22, not some 17-year old talent). He is so obviously riding the hype-train right now as he is cheap, available and comes of a good season. Suddenly ITK links and youtube compilations are being spammed, and people start thinking he is either the solution to every problem, or a cheap player to be discarded in case he fails. I too see him as a decent purchase, but only if Chilwell's fee would be blocking other purchases. That is something we simply have no information about currently. What we do know is that LB is seen as a priority, and that we have a clear idea of which player we want. CB & GK are unknown factors at this point. They are both needed, but it seems that their importance is secondary based on what we have heard. We have read about Oblak, Rice, Onana and other players, but way way less than the four above. Even with good sales it seems unlikely that we will buy 6 clear improvements to the starting eleven in one summer. Overall, I think the board has shown great ambition and coherence in pursuing even those four players above. For GK and CB it would make sense to find cheaper options that are still slight upgrades. It could even be about having an older player in either position who shows leadership skills. Foster or Dunk are in no way sexy signings, but if similar players like them come together with the four above, it will still be one of our best transfer windows ever imo. Perfect combination of potential, ability, experience and targeted problem-solving.
  14. Ben Chilwell

    Can we try to remember that Chilwell is a decent player that has not peaked yet? I strongly suspect that Chelsea knows what they are trying to accomplish, and if they are prioritizing Chilwell over other signings (not counting Havertz as I am confident it will happen) then they do so because they strongly believe in the player's quality. Let's keep in mind that we live in a world where Maguire and Rice are valued at 80m.
  15. Kai Havertz

    Same problem every time I watch Leverkusen, Havertz gets isolated on top when they play better opposition. In this game their central midfield might as well not be there. Completely wasted.