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  1. Renato Sanches

    I would like this. Some people say that he was trash this season, but I mean come on. He is 19, went to one of the biggest clubs in the world and cost a fortune. It is a lot to put on a teenager. It was only a friendly but he was great against us. If we got him and he turns out to be worth all the hype he got last year, we suddenly have a midfield general for the next 12-13 years.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    I honestly think we should just try and go for both of Nice's wingbacks (Dalbert WBL and Pereira WBR). I only saw them in some of the bigger Ligue 1 games, but they seem capable and are also of a different profile than Moses & Alonso. My biggest concern is that time is starting to be a bit of an issue.
  3. Alex Sandro

    I agree, right now there is little reason to change the back three. All of them have weaknesses, but they have shown that they can be relied upon. Having said that, Conte have shown that he can make changes quite fast. We started last season with Ivanovic and Terry, and they are no longer at the club. Rudiger is just starting to train with the club, Christensen is 21 and is learning Conte's methods. Neither of them have to slot in straight away, but if they show promise in training and during the games they get, I feel confident that they will play. Furthermore, it needs to be said again that Christensen is 21. That is really young for a defender. There is no urgency to make him our starting CB just yet. Let him learn from the veterans this season, get maybe 10-15 starts and he will be better for it. It is too optimistic to think he can just be thrown in and start performing on the highest level straight away.
  4. 9. Álvaro Morata

    I thought Bats was poor. In his defence, he did not get much to work with just as the other front two, but never the less he just seems to struggle to be aware of his surroundings. When he gets the ball in a somewhat dangerous area he instantly seems to only see the goal, and he is not very good at holding on to the ball. Getting a goal does not equal a good performance. Alonso scored as well, that did not mean that he had a good game (also, Bats missed an absolute sitter in the sequence where Alonso scored). I think he will be great as either a super-sub, or as the main man against lower quality teams.
  5. Alex Sandro

    Agreed. I dont think the squad will be perfect this season and I am ok with it, but I do find it imperative that at least three positions per window get some elite players that are meant to be carrying this club to greater heights. Bakayoko and Morata so far are great, but we need at least one more (Sandro would be amazing) together with more width
  6. General Transfer Talk

    It was just a friendly, but it showcased many of our weaknesses. With Fabregas in the middle we just get overrun, while the WB's are absolutely massive for our gameplan. With Moses and especially Alonso not tracking back properly, we were wide open. With them staying back, we had no attack to speak of. The two WB positions are a priority, we need to find upgrades on both Alonso and Moses, they might be enough to compete for PL, but they will never be good enough for CL. I also think we really need another CM should either of Kante/Bakayoko get injured. Sanchez is actually an interesting option, should he be available.
  7. Jeremie Boga

    Not impressed at all. Great technique, but off the ball he was horrible. Out of position in terms of defensive duties almost all the time, which Alonso had to compensate for a couple of times. Granted, off the ball movement improves with time so I suspect he will become much better eventually.
  8. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Good technique. Hard to really evaluate though, played as a winger for most of the game when we barely had any possession in the opponents zone. I think for sure though that his cameo was better than anything Bats did (except for the goal). I hope he gets to play a bit longer as a CF next game.
  9. Alex Sandro

    Sandro is still realistic. There are plenty of reasons why it is dragging on. It could be Juve trying to make him sign a new contract, could be Matic being negotiated into a deal, could be Juve demanding time to find a replacement first, could be fee negotiations etc. These type of deals can take a really long time. There are many factors that reinforce pessimistic thinking here true, but also keep in mind the ones that give reason for optimism: 1. All our LWB rumours have involved Sandro, up to this very day. 2. Sandro has not signed a new contract. 3. Juve wants Matic. Does this mean that we get Sandro? No, but it indicates that there is still a good chance of it. EDIT: ok, all the bullet points disappeared for some reason.
  10. General Transfer Talk

    Yeah City is building quite the team, they really feel like Chelsea did in the first years post Roman. It just feels weird that they can spend so much time and time again without any repercussions. It also makes me feel like it is hard to really evaluate Pep. Barcelona with prime Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and many others followed with a freshly treble-winning Bayern and now a City where there is next to no limits to their expenditure. The season as City where he actually had to play with some mediocre players ended with him withing absolutely nothing. Coincidence?
  11. Benjamin Mendy

    It is certainly nothing to celebrate, but we are currently pursuing the better option. If we get Sandro then Mendy is irrelevant. My only hopes on the matter is that Chelsea actually have a clear target that is either equal or better than Mendy. If we end up with Clichy then suddenly this transfer is very much an issue.
  12. Richarlison

    Do you know for a fact that he is joining Ajax?
  13. Richarlison

    Some comments about him from different reddit threads (I personally know nothing about him): "He needs to leave this summer, still quite raw but huge potential seeing as hes built like a gazelle. Milan would be ace but stepping stone in a weaker league would be a good idea. If he tidied his mistakes up a bit he could be a Cristiano lite." "Good up and coming player. Is he worth that much? I don't think so, but after the money that was fropped for Vinicius Jr. nothing surprises me anymore. Richarlison can definitely be worth that price if he continues developing like he has." "He's our second top scorer this season with 14 goals, but is a bit raw, he still has a lot to develop. He can do both (on whether he is a striker or winger), he will be a great striker, he finds himself on scoring positions quite often, but he needs time to develop" "He's been the best talent in that U20 team so far (i.e Brazils U20 team)." "He is worth it. I don't know how David Neres is doing there, but he wasn't proven in Brasileirão yet. Richarlison is already proven." "Agreed. We played against Fluminense yesterday and playing against Richarlison was an absolute nightmare. He drew and scored the penalty last night." "Plays winger or secondary striker, skilful with the ball, almost ambidextrous, relatively fast, and very young. Good prospect!" "Definitely worth 12M, if not more. He kinda remembers me Gabriel Jesus but a bit less physical and a bit more skilful."
  14. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    For sure. I went into this window hoping for three clear upgrades, two depth signings and one or two players that were bought for mostly their potential. If the following is our window (and I still hold hope for Sandro), it would be close enough: Morata - perhaps not a clear upgrade on Costa as a pure striker, but a clear upgrade on the striker situation (better fit both in terms of competence and personality). Bakayoko - Imo better than Matic Alex Sandro - Clear upgrade on Alonso Rudiger - Width that could in time become an improvement Ox - Width that could in time become an improvement Caballero - Width Richardinho (w/e) - Bought for his potential Really, really good window if it happens.
  15. Richarlison

    Chelsea should act as a meritocracy. If someone is good enough, they will play. Youth integration shouldn't stand in the way of us recruiting players and potentially missing out on the next world beaters.