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  1. Chelsea v Southampton

    Nah we will beat this lot, Austin will score but we will win this 3-1
  2. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    You ain't wrong but I think we all know this now. I think Moses is the better of the two, but I simply cannot see what Alonso brings barring being good at free-kicks. They would be the two areas we need to address with a matter of urgency for me.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Interview was absolute gold with Willian.
  4. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    Christensen with another big box ticked performance, this lad is really top quality.
  5. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    Job done, happy with that.
  6. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    What a player
  7. Thomas Lemar

    Price tags need to be just completely discarded now, football is just off the scale nuts. What can he bring? Is he needed? And does he fit our team going forward to the future? These are all the questions that are more prominent than what he will cost.
  8. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    We couldn't secure a door.
  9. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Needs to be sold, he will never ever be the main striker here. I have also heard he is quite close to agreeing terms for a loan to Newcastle, all dependant on us securing target in January.
  10. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    Bakayoko walks back into the side...pardon the pun. I'm not happy about this line up and if we don't win questions will be asked. One blessing, no Cahill.
  11. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    Take the game to them, we cannot allow them like WHU on Saturday to start on the front foot.
  12. Ross Barkley

    We wont get two wing backs in January, we will be lucky to get two players let alone two much needed upgrades.
  13. 9. Álvaro Morata

    He won’t be playing tonight because he’s tired and has a small back problem [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The Conte Thread

    The fact of football is you will lose at some point, the main point is player quality and identification was miles off again and the real targets we couldn't get. Drinkwater and Zappacosta were bought, I'm sorry but there is no chance in hell they were main primary targets, these came on the back of knock back from other targets. Of course we should be beating those teams but there is also another issue here, the intensity of the current campaign is taking it's toll, players like Alonso have zero competition, we bought an injured Drinkwater so that's two players to add to an already thin squad. Players are getting tired, you then need very good quality infills, just look at City, fully prepared for every campaign. Fact of the matter and this football climate, penny pinching will find you out, because when the heat of the CL really starts kicking in and the PL title race hots up, these so called 'stop gaps' get exposed.