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  1. 18. Olivier Giroud

    We certainly won't pay out 60/70 odd million for a back up option in January. We play with 1 striker, so until the summer comes we have to expect Giroud, if he goes to replaced by mediocrity.
  2. Thibaut Courtois

    Nah, he left Chelsea because he thought it was all going to be golden at RM, it hasn't been, and he's annoyed. Fucking gobshite gets all he deserves. Pity his goalkeeping skills aren't up to scratch as his mouth.
  3. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Sounds like Marseille want him in January. If true then a quick fix should be someone like Arnautovic, very under rated striker and wouldn't be a risk.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Ranieri appointed Fulham manager.
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    By the way, how fucking good is Rudiger. Best defender at the club for me by a mile, needs a top class player next to him in the summer.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Just some of the selected load of crap I have had to dig through over the last few pages, absolutely pathetic and immature from both of you in all honesty. I'm not getting into playground crap about who started it etc etc, but I'm telling you both now, and anyone else for that matter, this doesn't continue. I'm going to be diplomatic here and allow you both a chance to kiss and make up and actually start posting stuff that relevant to the forum and football in general. If you can't follow those instructions of simply posting and debating then you can both go, no ifs or but's. Now...football please.
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    We were never title contenders, I don't think we were even mentioned solidly at the start of the season. If we can get one trophy and finish top 4 it will of been a very good season, totally acceptable. The squad needs investment, it's decent but not to the quality it should be. We are lacking a top quality CB to play alonside Rudiger because Luiz is very poor IMO. One area we fall short in is the wing back areas, and I know Alonso has signed a new deal but if we are really to challenge next season we need elite replacements on either side. A striker is an absolute MUST, not even up for debate, again an elite CF who does the dirty work and bangs them home for fun. As decent as Pedro and Willian are we need a quality right-sided player too. We must back Sarri, if he can deliver what we are seeing now with this team he can achieve top things if he is given the right players.
  8. Chelsea - Everton

    Glad I missed this, didn't sound like a great spectacle at all.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    This is a fucking transfer thread, anymore off topic posts will be deleted. I will read through this thread in the coming hours and catch up and all the crap posted. If any of the content is found to be racial, insults or personal attacks then action will be taken.
  10. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    It's a no brainer, he is absolute quality and we should be buying him without hesitation. He came on last night and took the tempo of the game into his control, he's such a good player.
  11. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    How we won this I will never know, but I will take it with ease. RLC and Barkley last night were absolute shite, and the rest weren't much better. This is the problem with RLC, it's his consistency, after that good performance and 3 goals and he puts on a display like last night.
  12. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    So am I but I'm at work
  13. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    Caballero Zappacosta AC Cahill Emerson Fabregas Kovacic---------------RLC Willian----------------------------------------CHO Giroud
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Two last minute goals they have scored in a few days, fucking hate the cunts. Shame Bonucci didn't land the nut on the deluded one.
  15. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Media are quiet on Liverpool and Brendan Klopp.