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Everything posted by Rambo

  1. Juan Mata

    Definitely going to be Pulisic's new number
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    Lord have mercy. I know things at Chelsea are bad, but THIS bad? Oh my. I haven't posted in a while but had to log back in to comment on this atrocity. Are those white lines due to a corrupt file or are those idiots at Adidas trolling us?
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    Those look awful, reminds me of a Christmas sweater
  4. Willian

    B.. But he didn't score a goal?! Not Chelsea quality
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    I'd say during Carlo's tenure he was playing great for us.
  6. Frank Lampard

    Absolutely. I'm not even sure if I even want him back in a managerial capacity. However I'd welcome Drogba, JT, Ashley, Cech, Essien without hesitation. Proper Chelsea legends.
  7. Frank Lampard

    There were definitely a few boos around the stadium, especially whenever he touched the ball.
  8. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Said at the beginning of the season this kid will take over for us this year and he has not disappointed so far.
  9. André Schürrle

    Useful player to have on any team but not good enough on the ball. He was Kalou-esque at times.
  10. The English Football Thread

    Fuck off Lampard
  11. The English Football Thread

    This game has become a comedy.
  12. Eden Hazard

    The touches he made on his second goal were flawless. Mind blowing what he can do with the ball. Hope the board doesn't screw this up, he needs to retire in a Chelsea shirt.
  13. 15. Kurt Zouma

    He looks like LeBron James when he's jumping for corners. Incredible vertical and freak athlete.
  14. Filipe Luís

    You're know we're spoiled if when we have a world class LB like Luis come off the bench for us. He'd probably walk into most starting 11s in the world.
  15. Filipe Luís

    Exactly, this was his 2nd PL appearance and people expect the world from him.
  16. Cesc Fàbregas

    The level of disrespect to Cesc is quite blatant. Either he's a master troll or just that ignorant.
  17. Cesc Fàbregas

    That is also far from the truth. Just because you have good technique does not make things natural, especially with regards to vision which is something that can't be coached imo. For example, Willian is arguably our most technically gifted player after Hazard but that doesn't necessarily make him a player with good vision.
  18. Ashley Cole

    If you're referring to just Lampard in a Man City shirt, then yes.
  19. Frank Lampard

    Like mourinho mentioned, the love story is over. Frank lampard is a man city player. Let that sink in and focus on our own players. If we win the title this season, none of this will matter.
  20. Frank Lampard

    Difference between Drogba and Lamps
  21. Frank Lampard

  22. The English Football Thread

    Ramires is faster than most on the second half of the list.
  23. Loic Remy Will Join Chelsea - Redknapp Confirms

    low-risk, high-reward type of signing. Can't complain about the price tag considering today's market. Excited to have a pacy striker in our team again since the likes of Sturridge and Anelka. He'll fit like a glove here at Chelsea.
  24. Eden Hazard

    Excellent goal indeed, however this is my personal fav atm.