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  1. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    We need to sort out this cutback problem...All the sides in PL will be using same attack after this match.. We were excellent for the first 30 minutes and lost our heads after 2-0 I think Barkley and Willian's positioning was off during that stretch .....Luiz and Ruidger should be more smart especially when Arsenal are using same type of attack...Central Midfielders cannot always track back as they will press high...So Luiz and Rudiger should have stepped up and limited the shots... We were much more in control in the 2nd half..This is how we should play.... Kovacic and Hazard coming on was too much for them..They were linking up so good.... Hazard should have scored a goal ..He should be more ruthless
  2. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I am glad that the board is acting but i still feel they are ignoring the most important position striker...We should try to replace morata with someone like icardi
  3. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    I agree ....Morata should be replaced asap..It is way more important.....Lack of goals is a real concern
  4. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    SMS costs more than 100M which we are never going to spend...Thiago will not come here anyway...Golovin is the only option who was available and would have come to chelsea...But our board decided not to buy....Golovin would be better than fabregas and barkley in this system..Lots of gaps that appeared today would have been covered by him
  5. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    The difference between morata and aguero is staggering
  6. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    They are carving us open...Fabregas should be out of team.....Odoi made terrible decision
  7. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Need a RW , LB, CM and most important position ST...and it looks like board is happy with the squad...Hope they wake up or else it is another season out of top 4
  8. Chelsea 0-2 Man City

    Fabregas is so slow...He should be on bench.....Morata continues to disappoint....Azpi is average as RB...Rudiger turns like a tank with his so slow passing..He should have closed aguero sooner
  9. Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

    Agree with all your points...No goalscorer in the team except may be Pedro....it is really a big concern.... striker position must be sorted out Wingers tracking back is something the likes of hazard will not enjoy...I think our team is better suited to 3-4-3
  10. Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

    Honestly we should go all in for Icardi even if he costs 100 million... Do not why azpi is not overlapping..That right side is invisible with pedro cutting inside
  11. Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

    I am saying it again we will not challenge for the title if we go with morata as our main striker....Clinical finishing is incredibly important for title winning teams.We have to address the striker issue as soon as possible
  12. Inter Milan 1-1 Chelsea

    Bakayoko is bad.. how can a pro player misplace basic passes?...we should sell him and cut our losses... keeping him in the squad is a serious mistake.. Long diagonal passes will easily bypass our press especially if the press is not co- ordinated.... more opposition teams will use this tactic...we should be prepared for that...I didn't like the idea of our wingers dropping back to defend their full back... Hazard will not like doing that .
  13. Inter Milan 1-1 Chelsea

    Fabregas and alonso are not suited to this style..They are too slow and to press with them will easily open up gaps
  14. Inter Milan 1-1 Chelsea

    Impressed with Bulka..Hope he is in the squad for this season
  15. Perth Glory 0-1 Chelsea

    Kante is underrated in short passing..He is very good at that and also long diagonals...Kante does not need to stand out ..He just needs to do what he is doing...Jorginho can take over playmaking...Against better sides we will be under immense pressure and rapid counter attacks who will slice through our midfield without kante...Cesc will be a big liability as we have already seen he faded out in the second half..He just does not have legs anymore