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  1. Chelsea v Barcelona

    The fact that our midfield options are Drinkwater and Bakayoko(injured) says a lot about the quality of this team .....Not to mention Fabregas with zero pace and defensive qualities....Our midfield is so weak compared to other top teams..
  2. Chelsea v Barcelona

    I am not as optimistic as others..Regardless of tactics they have better players and are the best team in the world atm.....We do not have world class players and enough quality in the team..
  3. Chelsea - Hull

    Willian is in form...glad to see that...Emerson is playing good
  4. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    We are never going to beat barcelona...Get off the dreamland..We are far away from their quality....Not the best game but still decent performance...Hopefully this performance gives us confidence and momentum....top 4 should be our priority
  5. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    Cesc legs are gone..I think this will be his last season at a big club....we need to replace him with a better quality in summer....Same problem. exists...No pressing and no midfield.... Passing should be much more quick
  6. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    Good line up..Must win game...Let's go...Come on Chelsea
  7. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    Any chance for emerson to start?
  8. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Shit.. ...Hope he never plays for chelsea again
  9. 24. Gary Cahill

    We should sell him...Cannot pass the ball under pressure..Always turns like a donkey...
  10. The Conte Thread

    He is making same mistakes again and again..His persistence with cahill and bakayoko is really bad...I do not want him to leave ..Ultimately his stubbornness will be his downfalll....I think he will change tactics and players next game...Hope he stays that long
  11. 21. Davide Zappacosta

    Absolute shit...leaving behind space..Always going inside instead of staying wide....Should never be playing for chelsea...Fraud
  12. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    When we prioritze workhorses over technical quality players this is what we get....
  13. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    Zappacosta should never be in LWB...this guy does not have brain..Leaves acres of space behind..Does not know defending...Fucking frauds are playing....
  14. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    Why the hell Cahill is in central position
  15. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    The moment baka got yellow card...I know he will get red card for sure...Worst performance ever by a chelsea player...This team is absolute mess ...Cahill , Zappa and Bakayoko are stealing wages