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  1. Southampton - Chelsea

    Found it odd criticizing conte for willian sub...Willian is already exhausted and we are backing off...We needed some energy
  2. Southampton - Chelsea

    No urgency..Need to show more intensity if we want to win....
  3. Burnley 1-2 Chelsea

    I thought Bakayoko was decent today..Kept his game simple and safe...Much better performance than his previous games
  4. Burnley 1-2 Chelsea

    Almost missed him tbh
  5. Burnley 1-2 Chelsea

    Interesting line up....Excited to see the team
  6. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    Cesc should not be a starter in 2 man midfield..But other options are even worse..
  7. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    Zappacosta is terrible...No clue defensively...Haha and more long shots by Cahill...Missed that
  8. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Pedro's pass to Alonso summed it up...Headless chicken passing to a slow turtle
  9. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Horrible finishing..Cannot finish one chance properly..Do not know what these players do in training ...We absolutely deserve this..This team does not have character
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    If some think our forwards have the workrate to press like Liverpool then they are deluded....Conte does employ high press in some moments in the match....We played attacking football in barcelona's second leg.....Conte likes to have balanced style which suits best for our team..Games against Man City are the only ones i blame conte...How many times we have seen conte on touchline instructing the team to press only to be ignored?...The current team does not have stamina and workrate to do that
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Agree with every point....He is not direct at attacking like KDB....He always ignores runs and play it safe to pass it to moses
  12. The Conte Thread

    Conte has protected his players by taking much of the criticism aimed at Chelsea on his own shoulders or deflecting it towards the boardroom over the club’s transfer strategy. But those players, who owe their winners’ medals from last season to the Italian’s coaching, are giving up on trying to save Conte or at least attempting to send him out in style. They have sensed change for months and, knowing it is Conte and not themselves who will pay the price for a disappointing title defence, too many have grown tired of his tough training, regular video sessions and dark moods. From Matt law Says a lot about this players mentality
  13. The Conte Thread

    Problems run deeper than our manager..When you finish 1st ,10th ,1st and 5th..You have to question the mentality of the squad....How can they be so inconsistent?...Conte's tactics does not excuse them performing for our badge and the shirt....We need a complete overhaul in terms of style, identity , quality and the mentality
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    He should be more direct in attacking...Dribbling no where is not going to help.. I think he has regressed in terms of goal scoring and it is not helping us......Still we should keep him as long as he wants to stay here....Selling our world class players is not going to help us like we have seen in the past
  15. The Conte Thread

    I think he will stay till the end of the season..We are still in FA cup..