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  1. Diego Costa

    Be careful what you wish for. I remember a certain Loic Rémy setting Ligue 1 alight not so long ago... and now look at him.
  2. Diego Costa - still hot or not?

    Good article, poor topic. We, as Chelsea fans, are our own worst enemies at times and expect far too much. If a player goes through a patch of fine form, we begin to expect that sort of standard consistently but the reality of football is that very few footballers in world football can be that good, that consistently. (In fact, two players only spring to mind...) He's played well this season, suffered a dip of form as of late but still managed to score (yes, it definitely was his vs. Spurs) when it mattered most. He's the closest thing we'll have to replacing Drogba so, in my eyes, we should be thankful rather than over-analytic.
  3. The PES Thread

    Totally agree, Henrique. While FIFA is - and will remain - the go-to football game, I can see vast improvements in this game as opposed to their recent PES titles. Last years variation was shambolic but this years iteration leaves me in a positive mindset as to how they may improve in the future. That being said, Konami being Konami will no doubt take this game and manage to take three steps back after this years instalment. The main reason why I preferred PES over FIFA in the past was due to the enjoyment of playing against the computer. On FIFA, it offers nothing outside of Ultimate Team. (The best thing FIFA did was bring in Pro Clubs, but that's for another discussion, another day...) Whereas on PES, I can play Master League for hours upon hours and not get bored. Yes, playing PES is frustrating at times due to the licensing issues, but they have options to edit just about anything you want so you can really make the game yours. It is far from being the complete football game, but if they can use this game as a platform and build from it in the future, they're more than on the right track. I will be buying next years instalment, for sure. I played the demo of this game and wasn't too impressed, but after borrowing a friends game for a week I simply had to buy it. It's a shame it sometimes takes a while to match-make as there isn't too many players playing multiplayer, but I also believe that the reason behind that is due to 90% of PES' fan-base being single player guys. Enough "reviewing" of the game, anyway... I'm currently three games into the "Top Player" difficulty on myClub. I have Thiago Silva at the back, Willian CAM and Llorente as an option up top. I say "option" as he isn't that good at the minute and doesn't fit in too well with my current managers tactics. I am currently using some random 65-rated player as a striker as I'd prefer a quicker option up front due to my playing style. Does anyone on here have PES? Or still play it, for that matter?
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    I like the kit, don't get me wrong, but I'd definitely prefer it if it was to have a buttoned neck.
  5. Chelsea Kits thread

    Simplicity is definitely the way forward. I'm glad kit manufacturers have finally started to work this out.
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    That is adorable.
  7. Chelsea Kits thread

    Looks like I'll be buying both of our shirts this season then if that away one is to be believed. Definitely opting for a long sleeved home shirt this time around though - absolutely gorgeous.
  8. FIFA Ultimate Team Thread

    I got a mini-Gold Pack as my daily gift today, but can't friggin' see who I've got because the computer at work is so darn slow... Grrr.
  9. The PES Thread

    I don't think they look like the players - the David Luiz one's ridiculous. As far as I'm aware, you can't download kit patches and what not for the Xbox edition, can you? You can still edit all the details, kits, etc. yourself though, right?
  10. FIFA Ultimate Team Thread

    Thanks for that information - really useful. The actual game tomorrow? What? I didn't think the game came out until next Friday (28th)?
  11. FIFA Ultimate Team Thread

    I've just got rid of all the useless fodder they give you to begin with and trying to build a Ligue 1 side. I'm also trying to keep an eye out for a bargain or two to try and get a bit of re-sale value for when the game is released. It's hard to do so though with such a minimal budget. Players I've got so far: Gourcuff, Cabella, Capoue and Gonalons. Players I've got hoping to re-sell: Bender, Mavuba and Mudingayi. I've already bought and re-sold Mathieu Debuchy - I bought him to try and fit in with my team but didn't notice at the time that I'd bought one in the wrong formation. I just put it straight back up for auction and made 100 coins. Not bad for a few seconds work, eh? How can I buy some packs now? I'm too eager to wait until the game and am looking to start trading now in the hope to find a few steals before release day!
  12. FIFA Ultimate Team Thread

    Have you all been buying packs? Is it worth trying to get all my players now before the game is out? Will the prices sky-rocket upon release?
  13. Steve, you are a God amongst men. It's been a long time coming. I wonder if he puts his money where his mouth is and attempts to create a Chelsea forum with a "better server"?
  14. Facebook & Twitter

    Follow me, @gdostephens, and my new blog site, @SwingItInSon.
  15. I want to view signatures again, how do I do this? I had to ask how to disable them and felt like a noob, and now I'm having to ask how to re-enable them...
  16. Ligue Un Discussion Thread

    True, and Marseille started last years campaign horrifically. It's a hotly-contested league that is very unpredictable. Am I right in thinking we've seen four different winners of Ligue 1 in the past four seasons, following Lyon's prolonged dominance of the league? It's nice to see PSG stumble though because they were outstanding favourites for the league and everyone loves an underdog. Lyon and Marseille had poor seasons last time out (by their standards), but have both started this campaign well which is nice to see. Especially given the fact that Marseille are going through financial trouble having renovated the Velodrome and didn't qualify for the Champions League. Don't see why other fans are reluctant to watch Ligue 1 though, most matches are highly entertaining and there are some quality players in the making plying their trade there. I love it.
  17. Seeing as though this is a feedback/bugs thread, I feel inclined to offer my opinion on a certain matter (or should I say member?) that grinds my gears... He goes by the name of 'Justin_3d'. If you're going to continue to moan about the server, I kindly suggest that you find somewhere else to post about Chelsea Football Club. We all post here because of one reason; that being that we love Chelsea, as well as discussing matters concerning the football club. If you can't see the effort and time Jim and all the rest of the staff put into this place to constantly improve and develop TalkChelsea, then I will personally book you in for an appointment at the opticians. It's glaringly evident how time-consuming it must be to run this place and if you're incapable of appreciating it, then I think you ought to take your "5k offer" elsewhere. In all seriousness though, the homepage keeps on improving and it really does entice users toward the site. Easily the most professional-looking Chelsea fan site out there. Keep up the good work, lads.
  18. Donations

    ...like a boss.
  19. You're French. No-one cares.
  20. Mugshots

    Not sure if I've shared a pic on here before... and even if I have, it must have been ages ago. The missus, myself, my friend and her boyfriend.
  21. Daniel Sturridge

    Three words spring to mind... U, mad and bro?
  22. Is the Ex-Blues database not around anymore?
  23. Eden Hazard

    All this penalty chit-chat is doing my Eden.
  24. You don't spam - you're just outspoken, aren't you? *gets coat and leaves*
  25. Name Changes thread

    You clearly ignored this post: Oh, and just to keep on topic - I'm still very happy with my display name!