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  1. Donations

    I know I'm not an active poster (due to work and home issues), but I think I can speak for everyone in how much we appreciate TC whether it's to post or to look at what people have written, the time that Jim, Alex, Steve etc..put in to keep it running on a daily basis. Long may TC continue!!
  2. Salomon Kalou

    He's practically part of the furniture
  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    source Chelseafc.com President John Terry Vice-Presidents Neil Barnett Steve Clarke Marcel Desailly Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink Pat Nevin David Webb Ray Wilkins Dennis Wise Chairman Richard King Director Bob Sewell Rick Glanvill
  4. Stamford Bridge thread

    I would urge everyone to fill in this survey, as it's such an important issue with regards to the future of the club. http://thechels.net/2011/10/the-burning-question-chelsea-the-cpo/
  5. Stamford Bridge thread

    All this talk about a bigger stadium can only mean one thing and that's an increase in ticket prices to pay for it.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    I don't mean in a poor guy as in not being rich, I mean the fact that people keep on at him just because they don't like him as a player and continually saying negative things about him.
  7. Salomon Kalou

    Yeah I know, It just gets me how some people overeact and continue to keep bashing the poor guy.
  8. Salomon Kalou

    My initial reaction after the handball incident was fuck off Kalou, which I think is only natural being 3 minutes away from the end of the match and bearing in mind we were 1-0 up at that point. It doesn't mean that I hate Kalou, and that I don't want him to play in a Chelsea shirt ever again, it's just an instant reaction, which I suspect a lot of people would have had at that precise time.
  9. I hope Alex you've identified those that have cheated and reprimanded them shame on them.
  10. Fernando Torres

    Such a frustrating player to watch. It's all about confdence, but i'm sad to say that I think that that AVB is going to choose other players at his disposal over him to start.
  11. Daniel Sturridge

    Why? Everyone in the Chelsea end where singing his name.
  12. Fernando Torres

    I'm wondering whether we might see a partnership of Torres and Lukaku up front, that is if AVB will play them together, like with Drogba and Anelka a couple of seasons ago, they had that period where they were completely on fire and worked well together.
  13. Salomon Kalou

    My feeling is he must be doing something right amongst all his bad points to have lasted so long at the club. I wonder if the CFC board know something and are keeping it from the rest of us?
  14. Stamford Bridge thread

    I was wondering why they hadn't sorted that out, it's been ages.
  15. Mikel John Obi

    Fantastic news, what a relief his dad has been found OK