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  1. Chelsea 2-0 Hull

    lol...so even saying we have the weakest squad...have seen enough on here...
  2. Chelsea 2-0 Hull

    I am not mindful of the performance considering how our rival teams dropped and lost point...although we win to need to improve which am very sure Conte will take of that...for the moment let me enjoy the 8 points lead at the top of the table...
  3. Chelsea 2-0 Hull

    great line up...go for the kill guys ktbfh...
  4. The Conte Thread

    The atmosphere right is quite abysmal...words are not enough to quantify or describe how Conte has been a revelation to the team and d club entirely...bearing in mind most of his transfer target were not gotten at the end of the day...barring the high pressure and intensity we failed to cope with we were okay yesterday cos of the number of chances we limited them to...IMO we even cope better and fair better than City when they visited WHL...13wins in a row different shapes formation conditions we were subjected to in the 13 winning run yet we came out triumphant and won d matches gallantly...yet some fellas clamouring we didn't improve under him...absolute hypocrisy...m done here...
  5. General Transfer Talk

    For Pedro/Willian position...I hope we go after Nabil Fekir of Lyon...while Allan of Napoli or Leandro Paredes of Roma would be a great addition of quality to Central Midfield position...
  6. West Ham 2-1 Chelsea

    Just a win at southampton will do for me.....not good losing but fuck d EFL cup...
  7. West Ham v Chelsea

    I dont even mind d defeat...just dont be shit....
  8. Hull v Chelsea

    How I hope some drastic measure can be put in place so that I wouldn't see Cahill in that starting line up....his sight alone in that line up is worthy of self suicide...
  9. 30. David Luiz

    Apart from his defensive deficiencies...on his day he is one of the best centre back in the world considering his superior technical skills and ball playing abilities...Passion he will bring to the team will be second to none...exiting PSG that has CL to offer for Chelsea that ll not compete in Europe dis season is clear enough to send message to cfc fans about his love and passion for Cfc...
  10. Kalidou Koulibaly

    The hypocrisy here is quite astonishing....when cfc was bidding 38m to 40m....generals here keeps clamoring for increased bid....to desist from low-balling...now we submitted 50m bid same crops of generals are shouting he is not worth d price...He is only worth 30m...epic hypocrisy!...another ridiculous topic popping up...his ball playing abilities is similar to that of Terry when actually they have not seen him....right now i dont care....I dont want to see the combo of TerryCahill...dat combo alone is worthy of self suicide....
  11. Kalidou Koulibaly

    At this rate i dont care about strikers or central midfielders....all I praying for dis guy or any other quality central back and a left back....I fear for AC cos if those signings are not made....we gonna struggle for 10th position...
  12. Shkodran Mustafi

    seems a bit solid to me
  13. Shkodran Mustafi

    though a bit off topic....how about this southampton guy...Van Dijk
  14. Shkodran Mustafi

    Any info any this young lad...strength and weakness?
  15. Axel Witsel

    The more reason my statement is conditional...if we can't afford Joao Mario...due to his incredible transfer fee...or any other quality CM...I can't withstand anoda season of Mikel with outstanding shocking display or performance....