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  1. 28. César Azpilicueta

    I don't care what people say but his not good enough for Chelsea. I would get rid of him in the summer transfer ban or not
  2. Everton - Chelsea

    What's Sarri's obsession with Alonso ??
  3. Everton - Chelsea

    Sarri has lost to every decent team in the Epl. Can't even trust him to make us win the Europa
  4. Everton - Chelsea

    We need to start a dialogue on azplicueta
  5. Everton - Chelsea

    Anyway at least it means we a game closer to Sarri's exit
  6. Everton - Chelsea

    Like I said earlier, we have seen this movie before.
  7. Everton - Chelsea

    In as much as Sarri is to blame for this bottle job but come on the players need to Ben fuckimg better than this
  8. Everton - Chelsea

    Let's play a game. Drink 1 shot every time Luiz and Rudiger pass it backwards. 2 shots every time Azpi kills of an attacking opportunity and 5 shots when Everton score their 2nd goal
  9. Everton - Chelsea

    This is genuinely laughable 😂😂😂😂😂
  10. Everton - Chelsea

    We haven't scored against Everton in 2 and half games. SMH
  11. Everton - Chelsea

    Fucking hate how casual Luiz and Rudiger are always on the ball. This is why we concede comical goals because we are always doing everything causally when those 2 play. Compare this to Thursday when we had an agressive press plus quick passing and tempo. Also special shout out to Azpi, how many times has he passed back in a promising position
  12. Everton - Chelsea

    Come on how many times have we seen this movie script ?? Even against Bournemouth the 1st half was like this.
  13. Everton - Chelsea

    Do you think it's a mental thing? Chelsea have been mentally fragile for a few years now
  14. Everton - Chelsea

    Who hasn't seen this movie script before? Chelsea with all the chances and possession and Everton to knick one on the counter because we can't finish our chances it's like watching a rerun every weekend
  15. Everton - Chelsea

    Also think RLC is a great super sub to have against tired legs