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  1. Leandro Paredes

    His actually slow. I will book mark this for later use
  2. Leandro Paredes

    One potential warning though, Paredes is super slow so he might get exposed a few times
  3. Arsenal v Chelsea

    We need to win that Arsenal game at all cost. United will walk their fixtures and we have Man Citt soon who probably want revenge for the game in December
  4. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Death, taxes and Alonso starting this
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    My biggest concern with Sarri is his adversity to rotation. Wi his high tempo game we need fresh players and he seems to only pick the same players. Some of our problems are because of this and less so about the talent at hand.
  6. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Sarri' didn't learn from his Napoli days. Dude just doesn't rotate and his to blame for most of the fatigue that's crept into the squad of late.
  7. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I'm pissed that he was not in the match day squad. The guys just scored 2 goals last week and might be riding a confidence boost and Sarri decides to totally drop him from our last 2 match days?? Its really annoying because he could have actually made a difference today or on Tuesday. Don't give me the bullshit excuses of him being injured I saw training pics of him training with the squad yesterday
  8. 22. Willian

    The problem is if Willian stays I know Sarri will play him even over Pulisic. Would rather he goes so that Sarri doesn't have a choice.
  9. 22. Willian

    I hope we cash in on him during summer and upgrade to younger winger.
  10. Chelsea - Newcastle

    I will take the win. Fair play to Willian he played well in the 2nd half. We look really leggy though so Sarri needs to sort it out and rotate more. The defenders especially. Hope Paredes comes in this week. Jorginho needs a breather
  11. Nicolo Barella

    There have been rumours of it being 30 million bid, but come on you really think we would turn down that much for Willian at age 29? Barca bid but wanted to low ball us from what I heard. She managed to get 35 million plus for Courtios with 1 year left on his contract and who was forcing a move. She's incompetent with everything else but I disagree about selling. Marina was the first person to exploit China and get 60 million for an average bum like Oscar. Also I have a feeling Sarri has more to do with Willian staying than marina.
  12. Nicolo Barella

    This is actually not true Marina usually knows how to sell.she might be incompetent at buying but selling is definitely her strong suit. This is the reason we are constantly in profit because of player trading activities
  13. Isco

    Worst part is Real Madris have been bad for 2 seasons now. Last season they just managed to get their act together for the 2nd half of the season mainly in part to having Ronaldo a hungry goal scorer main reason why he should have won the Ballon Dor. The need a complete refresh like in 2009, only problem now is most teams now have money to ward off any interest from them. Most of their players right now looked better because of Ronaldo and the system they had. Eden should be careful he will potentially end up being a scale goat for upper management failings rather than failings of his own. Eden will never be a 25 plus goal scorer and that's what Maddis need right now
  14. Edinson Cavani

    Yeah no way we are doing a 50 million deal for a 30 plus year old player. Kepa had to be given a 7 year contract just to balance the amortization of his monster deal
  15. Chelsea 2-0 Nottingham Forest

    Unpopular opinion , Morata and Giroud are not the problem rather it's our first team fullback play combined with Willian and Hazard's ball hogging that are the problem. Azpi and Alonso don't overlap and can't cross so Morata most of the time now barely gets in goal scoring places (his movement has always been his strength) because he has to come out of the box to retrieve the ball. Same with hazard. This is why our 2nd team is usually better at creating clear cut chances compared to our first team because Zappacosta and Emerson even though they are not the best full backs out there still do the basic full back play well enough