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  1. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    He's good player but you can't bring external factors to defend his extremely poor output. After all he still managed to play those 129 games and most importantly, he's still an offensive player, 9 goals is indefensible.
  2. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Would like to think he's our ~5th option. Only for reasonable money. He has scored 9 goals in total in his 6 Premier League seasons ! Marcos Alonso scored 6 last season.
  3. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    He'd be shrewd signing for us but I'm not that worried. Unlike striker position, when there was literally 3 options in total, there're many players that are fast, durable, sound technically that can potentially play wing-back position. Lots of less known names in France. And I think it's obvious we'll sign full-back or even two.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    I wonder about that midfield spot. Kante, Fabregas and Bakayoko are 3 senior options for 2 spots. And Bakayoko has knee issues that we have to keep in my mind. We have to buy someone for Matic when he leaves. But I don't know who, can't even think about one. We'll surely be linked with one when Matic leaves. There's certainly young, Vidal esque player out there that we don't know about yet. We need to sign him,
  5. Jeremie Boga

    Can integrate him and use him as 4th option or we can go and buy decent-not-world-class player in Mahrez ilk to completely block the path for our youngster. Those are decisions. Boga surrounded with quality can be something else. Eden Hazard + Jeremie Boga playing in one side is a dream. I was just sold a dream. Thanks Ospina.
  6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    You can't smart buy a striker now for a club like Chelsea. We have massive problem at hand and the pool of players is very, very small. We either pay up or be left with nothing. I don't see any logic at all with loose approach regarding strikers. "Not be held to ransom" and what are alternatives ? Striker is the position with limited options and we can't pull a rabbit out of the hat. It's not wing-back position when there's plenty of players with required skillset, at striker position you need everything, quality, experience, pedigree. Where we can find those outside of maybe 5 very obvious names ?
  7. Antonio Rüdiger

    Di Marzio said it is done. Not interested or in advanced talks but done. He basically put his whole credentials into this. He'll be done if this doesn't happen.
  8. Alex Sandro

    So he needs to getting used to it. Emergency option. 2nd choice LWB. Doesn't mean he won't play +30 games. He can easily slot ahead of Cahill for the place in 3 men block which I assume will be Van Dijk - David Luiz and Azpilicueta. Not bad at all.
  9. Alex Sandro

    Chelsea gave him unique opportunity and exposure to the football world. There was a bit uproar that he was omitted from Spain squad. Some people are questioning why Chelsea are bringing the second best left-back in the world. Look at this. This time last year Alonso was nobody. I want to see him play as a LCB a few times. He could be very good there. His dealing with crosses is usually top notch, he can pass and deal with the pressure reasonably. BTW Like this type of question. Thinking straight, semi-long term, pretending like it's completely normal situation that we're signing top class player and not giving a hint that we're passing out on the floor in complete ecstasy. Riiight...
  10. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Funny if true. How can he joins the manager that subbed him on and off in the same game? But if Mata could make peace with Jose then Matic also can. He'd be good squad player but if the club receive such good money then it's yes every time. We're buying another midfielder alongside Bakayoko in this scenario. Honestly maybe we need more starting calibre central midfielders with our shortcomings upfront. We're likely to have Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Batschuayi and Lukaku, that's laughable comparing to City. We can play more times with 3 midfielders then and use Fabregas as creative source more often, with two adept midfielders alongside him and Alex Sandro on the left. It's unlikely anyway that we're signing top class creative player. The scenario with 3 central midfielders and Fabregas being one of them requires at least 4 absolute quality option, Matic isn't one so if we replace him with starting material midfielder with minimal net spend then it's advantage Chelsea.
  11. Alex Sandro

    Apparently Juve are recalling a guy from loan, who coincidentally plays left wing-back.
  12. Alex Sandro

    OMG. If this happens ... We should spend all our "wing-backs" budget on one truly world-class player. Right side can wait. We can collect money from sales and go all out in 2018 or maybe give Dujon Sterling a chance as he's made player for that position, excellent physique. I don't remember time when we had a world class winger and full-back/wing-back at the same time on one side. Truly historical move that would be. Beppe, love you for that one sentence at the end. We can dream for the next 2 weeks
  13. Tammy Abraham

    Was invisible whole game. Hopefully won't be dropped. Can't even think about him being with the squad next season if someone like Michy hasn't played last season.
  14. Alex Sandro

    I know shit from Italian, apart from "cazzo" obviously, but I just opened the news and understood it completely. The sense, the figures, the Chelsea in there, just a question, is La Repubblica reliable ? Honestly, we should drop whatever it takes to have at least one elite wing-back. The axis of Hazard and Alex Sandro is the best in the world including both left and right side. We can get away with Kante and Bakayoko combo with such quality on the side. Elite signing, therefore unlikely to happen.
  15. The Conte Thread

    That briefing from Chelsea was quick.