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  1. Andrea Belotti

    Please tell me he is fast and technical player. Don't want another Destro or Immobile. Remember how closely we were of buying Destro in 2014? Ffs Chelsea.
  2. Patrick Bamford

    https://mobile.twitter.com/GianfrancoVela/status/820958562230865920 Exactly my thoughts. We're football frauds. And I say this in original meaning of this word.
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    I wonder if club haven't forecasted it with summer bids for Lukaku and Morata (after we acquired Batschuayi even). Yeah we may play with 2 strikers but those guys are rather more suited to be solo striker than operating in a duo. So even back then they could be already lined up as replacement for Diego. Maybe. For me it's still no story until after tomorrow's press conference. I'm not too fussed. But if it turns true then we HAVE TO aim higher than Lukaku /Morata.
  4. Dimitri Payet

    Payet, Hazard, Diego is a brutal idea. Keeping possession galore! Remember when we couldn't deal with any kind of pressing and just look lost? Or couldn't create anything against relegation battlers? And here's the player who excels in chances creation and keeping possession under pressure like it's nothing. We'd sign a title if we sign him. Not happening because we want to do this hard way. Also Chelsea don't overpay for players and surely not at this stage in player's career. Shame because we really can seal the title this winter. So far we do anything but. Can't wait when we lose to Liverpool and be (almost) level on points with few hours of the window left.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    Personally, I'm quite sure that Antonio Conte would actually prefer some experienced signings than using youngsters for a title bid. He has a record of using utility players for specific task. Making average players useful. Such manager surely would prefer to sign a couple of those in title challenge.
  6. Hakan Calhanoglu

    We should pay 5-10m and loan some player. That's the only option we can take to a) fill the gap don't overcommit on wrong player. Obviously it's super unrealistic. Attacking midfielder is the only position that you can't plug the hole with stop-gap solution. In goal, defence, midfield you can buy experience for a few months, even in attack you can buy some old poacher who will do the job for you.
  7. Michail Antonio

    I'm sure that's the club's wish as well. I bet they went through 30 or so names last month to try to find that player. I'd take Antonio over nothing (:D). Although we much more need left wing-back than right. We have our long term solution in this position already. Dujon Sterling. Literally same build as Antonio but only 17. He has every physical attribute of Antonio as far as his age can allow, even like him can arrive in the box to score but he is way, way better with the ball, more intelligent, already playing right wing-back in youths for years. He's made for that position. Can't think of player more ready to play with the first team accompanied with actual need to find a player there. And I just say that Luke Shaw was playing Premier League football at the age of 17 and his physical attributes allowed him to not look out of place. I'm thinking Antonio Conte should seriously evaluate this kid because we're sitting on a gold mine.
  8. Hakan Calhanoglu

    Honestly, I'm ok with this. He looks that he has some talent to play possession football and he likes to play through balls. He can shoot. His freekicks shots/deliveries are great. What I know is that we absolutely need attacking midfielder this winter but we also crave for major player next to Diego and Hazard. If we won't block here a pathway to marquee signing in the summer, then sign him up.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    1/3 of the window gone and we're yet to be seriously linked to anybody. Worrying. We must add to the squad. LWB, midfielder and attacking midfielder minimum. Can only hope they're seriously evaluating Kenedy and Musonda but I suspect in 10 days time we'll be in the same situation.
  10. Franck Kessié

    Now even poverty teams like Atalanta say that they don't sale in January. It used to be easier.
  11. Nathan Aké

    If we'd really like to, we can recall any player currently on loan. After all Chelsea own these players. Probably would need to pay penalty fee but that's it.
  12. Nathan Aké

    I really think we should recall Baba Rahman if we won't sign anyone there in January. Ake should be only emergency option at LWB.
  13. Nathan Aké

    Francis Coquelin springs to mind. We can really use Ake versatility I think especially in the middle.
  14. Chelsea 4-1 Peterborough

    Thankfully, I saw this game is scheduled at one TV station here in Poland so there should be streams for you guys in Britain. I was worried that I will need Periscope again.
  15. Charly Musonda Jr.

    If he moves then 99% we'll try to sign attacking midfielder.