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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    He's horrible off form and I wrote it here two years ago, when he's not in his best his link up play is average on good days or very very poor like yesterday. It was a shitshow, he'd be solely to blame as he was helping Swansea a lot. Ridiculous amount of moves that he killed that were instigated by Hazard/Cesc and looked promising. Yet he doesn't let drought grow despite his form. He doesn't have that pressure when everyone is counting hours since he last scored. Diego is in good health and can play regularly without breaks so he can build some form but he needs to do this quickly. It cannot continue as he becomes burden for the team. Generally when he's on form his link up play is good, he can do sweet cushion passes even to fast the attacks. Now it slows the attacks at best or completely kills them and his chest layoffs are so hilariously bad now. I hope it's not second half season syndrome but if in the next two games nothing improves then he needs to be dropped. His general play is now so bad that even I think Chelsea should consider offers for him and I'm full Diego Costa in guy.
  2. Federico Bernardeschi

    A bit like Carvalho used to do. Honestly, it's so good to watch. Christensen used to do that a lot in development games, I remember one particular action when he ran across whole pitch and had great shot at the end at Man United away (at Old Trafford?). He can do this but was so reluctant to last season. I don't watch Gladbach much now but I see even his passing is more positive now, all good when he's growing his confidence up at senior level because he certainly has all qualities to be one of the best playing centre-backs. It's amazing that Chelsea have him for free this summer because he'd cost a lot.
  3. Federico Bernardeschi

    Pretty good, however the most important news is that he is finally stepping up and joins attacks numerous times in the match. He's so good at this and he looks to have confidence now to do this in senior football, at least in this match. Oh, and he just scored a goal!
  4. Bernardo Silva

    True but Champions League football could be our bargaining chip if there's fight for the player. We're scratching the surface at the moment as I'm not sure Chelsea are that interested and I can't figure out why Man United would want him.
  5. Bernardo Silva

    Lol, he's not their slave. And Chelsea have excellent relationship with Mendes on their own, having let him negotiate transfers on their behalf.
  6. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Only Vidal is remotely close. He's the only player who's pretty fast, deceptively strong, has the height and leap to win duels and is pretty, pretty good operating the ball under pressure. Still glimmer of hope we get him.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    I didn't for a second think about Romagnoli as someone who stands against Christensen. Such a different players for different roles. I don't see Christensen fitting in that left side. Ok Cahill plays there for the moment but we want to replace him, right? On either side of the three you need all action guy, who likes combat challenge. Preferably he'd be left and right footed for respective side. At our level he needs to be comfortable with the ball. Romagnoli is just perfect player for that LCB, I kid you not, I can't think of any better for this particular role. He likes to challenge, likes to have many defensive actions per game, he's big, good on the ball, left-footed. On the other hand Christensen isn't the guy to perform many combative actions in a game. He's someone to read the game and adjust, bring calmness and be first distributor of the team. He's fitted to that central role in a three. I think if he wants guarantees over playing time next season, we need to push David Luiz out to the side and slot Christensen centrally. I don't think it's particularly great to do anything with David when he finally found his call in life though. Chelsea need to figure out how to keep Christensen happy with repeated reports that he wants guarantees over playing time and not break something that works. It's not easy but as I said, I don't see AC as starting LCB.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    Yes. Next time write longer posts, please.
  9. Bernardo Silva

    I have a feeling the only one Monaco player Chelsea will buy/Conte wants is Bakayoko.
  10. Moussa Dembele

    He's home-grown BTW. Could be important. Chelsea love to pay for experienced youngsters to block path for their own. I see it's happening.
  11. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Because there's many indications that Christensen will stay. He's simply the best of the 3, most experienced, full international, used to playing in this system. He can be back up to David Luiz at worst for a start. Unless he really wants to go. Honestly I think Ake will leave if he won't play. There will be good offers for him and the club. He's most likely to be third choice for LWB as I'm pretty sure Chelsea will look to buy starting left centre-back and unless Ake overtakes Cahill he will be third choice.
  12. 5. Kurt Zouma

    The biggest problem for Kurt is that we won't actually miss him. We still have lots of great young centre-backs in Christensen, Ake, Tomori, Clark-Salter and even Kalas and Omeruo aren't sold yet. If he was left-footed and semi-decent with the ball it's whole different story. He's not home-grown unlike Christensen and Ake and that may have huge bearing. I think it's between him and Ake.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    I see suggestions that we won't buy another centre-back because we're set in this position. Fools. Centre-back will be one of the key positions to strengthen for Conte. I just don't see how it's supposed to work. 3 older guys in Cahill, David Luiz and Azpilicueta and 3 very young guys in Christensen, Ake and Zouma. We currently have average age of back three at 29, those 3 young guns are under 22 on average. You can't say that will work for Conte? Chelsea are sure to get one player between these two worlds and that's youngster who will be sacrificed. There's a case for anyone but Christensen is for me most likely to stay. There was already big offer for Ake and I see it's opportunity for player and the club if Ake won't be more than FA Cup deputy. But Zouma looks so suspicious and he has non-homegrown status against him which may or may not be important, it depends if Fabregas and Begovic move on alongside JT and be replaced by non-homegrowns. For me, Chelsea will look to make a room and/or money by moving on Ake/Zouma and buy mid 20's guy. Still think Koulibaly would be absolutely perfect and there are ramblings about Virgil Van Dijk as well. We can throw Romagnoli into discussion while doing a deal with Milan for Pasalic. Kostas Manolas can be cash cow for Roma in the summer as they have budget hole due to lack of Champions League this season (so transfer would need to happen before July to be recorded on current books). That's couple of options for something which IMO will happen and Chelsea will sign centre-back.
  14. Bernardo Silva

    Haha good to have fellow Bernardo Silva aficionado here. I jumped on a bandwagon just this season but there's still plenty of space here.
  15. Bernardo Silva

    Worth it. I used to watch Monaco only for him and Glik but since we're linked with almost anybody from them I pay attention to all of them. One signing and this right-winger/right-forward thing can be solved, finally. He set ups so many chances or pre-chances, can keep the ball and straight away would be one of two most technically adept player here and that's what we need. Chelsea will have to adjust a bit though. I hope it's not a hoax and this doesn't mean that Candreva or Perisic is coming.