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  1. @rhinos skin

    the fact you visit the bridge has given you a false sense of superiority , BUFFON ... Now you are a medical expert as well .You talked of moving on but ypou are unable to resist you childish

    digs at those you perceive responsible for Mourinho's dismissal .

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  2. Possibly, but maybe in the third season at United they'd back him, give him a chance to succeed and he'd have competition for places to keep players on their toes.

    You speak as if people are incapable of changing, of growth. Yet I've already heard people say that this wasn't the same Jose as 2005 Jose, so clearly they believe people are capable of change even if it's change they don't agree with.

    But I'm sure you'll get the manager in you want next. Who is that by the way?

    WHO do you want ,, you ask everybody but chicken out on your choice

  3. He'd do a great job for 2 years and then lose the dressing room. It's happened at Madrid. It happened here. It would happen there aswell.

    He's simply been found out as a short term manager. The siege mentality, which is vital for Mourinho, turns against him after a while.

    He needs to keep escalating things to keep the us vs them thing going and his pragmatic way of coaching gets boring fast.

    manure fans scream ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK at the Dutchmans team .. imagine with Jose it would be priceless

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  4. Jose would go there, he'd get them scoring goals and he'd probably lead them to the title because their board would back him to the hilt. He's done that everywhere he's gone.

    I know a lot of people have got into the habit of betting against Jose but I guarantee not a single person would put money on him failing at United if he went there.

    I dont think they would take him now.

  5. For those who think Mourinho will be at United your having a laugh.

    They are already wanting Van Gaal out for his style of futbol and you think Mourinho will improve that?

    Sorry my friends, I think he will go to another team in the PL that is not United if he stays that is.

    agree I dont think a TOP Pl team would touch him with a barge pole ,, W Ham might

  6. And yet they're primed to win the league this season, look well positioned in Europe and have a great idea of who they want to take over next summer. Plus they have a fantastic infrastructure in place, a great academy and a growing stadium and fan base.

    You quite within your rights to talk about short term thinking but I can honestly say I wouldn't follow such thinking in either my personal or professional life. Short-term aims are key, but you have to have long-term aims as well as measurable goals along the way.

    They know exactly what they want to achieve this season and they went about doing it ruthlessly in the summer whilst we bodged every deal. You can dismiss them all you wish but let's see if you can do that next May.

    agree there is so much to admire in the way they deal with the community and their academy . There is I think fundamental differences between their aims and ours .

    Roman is a football fan (atic) , he wants successful and exciting football . City are part of a giant PR exercise , image is important . Trophies are less important .

    I have no envy towards City fans they have suffered for years . Good luck to them . I do hope more English clubs look at what City are doing for the community and within

    their limited budgets follow the lead.

  7. Maybe I'm stuck in the past, getting the train into London, seeing those first flickers of blue at the station, having a chat with some bloke I've never met before but have known all my life, getting a song going on the tube, packing onto a train at Earl's Court and hopping off at West Brompton, having a sing in the Lily, wandering along to Brogans and sweating my bollocks off for a pint and then doing what I've done for almost 30 years, what my dad and uncle did, what their dad did and singing whether we win or lose.

    Maybe I should just evolve. :D

    But that sounds like shit.

    your profile says you are 32 ..

  8. Tbh, whether it's for the right reasons or not the club did try. They've never been so patient with a manager as they have thus far, it was only going to ever get to a certain extent. It would've been inconceivable that the club would let things get so irreversible and then act, I'm sure we would've all been furious over that more than anyone would be now.

    They are guilty of a lot of problems we're currently facing, but their intentions to see out this "stability" thing was there to see. I do feel sorry for Roman that it hasn't worked, like the AVB project, we seem burdened to go through managers like the ghost of Christmas past.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, it's worth the club now offering minimum 2-year contracts, with an option to extend based on performances. It seems the only way Roman's going to avoid paying ridiculous compensation fees

    agree but think you mean MAXIMUM 2yr contracts