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Everything posted by zolayes

  1. a thread on tactics would work well ...put one up ...
  2. Gaël Kakuta

    best news of the week ..just hope it happens soon
  3. Salomon Kalou

    so he is only a third as good as yossi or defoe but infinitely better than rooney or the whole french squad
  4. our thanks to Mr Saville then
  5. Frank Lampard

    not wine ..great british stout ....fantastic body and great head
  6. Name Changes thread

    you wouldnt like to be called TWAT would you??
  7. Name Changes thread

    can we change scumpool to hopeless??
  8. Ramires

    good read thanks
  9. Slobodan Rajkovic

    ex chelsea playing in champs lg this week sahar pizarro ,,gronks ...on bench cudicini
  10. Ramires

    hope to see him get last 30mins on saturday
  11. Gaël Kakuta

    first priority is to extend his contract .. then we all want to see him on the pitch ,,,its hard to be patient but we must trust Carlo ... hope to see gael in action soon tho
  12. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    pity he didnt come to play in europe ...that might have further defined his greatness
  13. John Terry

    oh so they told you ,,you are well informed....you too need to differentiate between opinion and fact..your friend called something that hasnt happened fact
  14. John Terry

    you know no such thing ,,,it is just your opinion ... I think that if his decline continues he wont get picked
  15. John Terry

    JT s form is a concern ..a lot seems to be lack of concentration.. I think this could be his last season as automatic number 1 pick at cb..
  16. the site is well organised ,,as to content ,,its been the close season ,a poor World Cup and little transfer activity ,, should pick up after the Community Shield
  17. Ed de Goey

    loved Big Ed also had a soft spot for Dave Beasant
  18. The TC Hall Of Fame

    what is this all about?????
  19. Gaël Kakuta

    I have been wonderring why so little news of him ..of course we have so few reserve games..surely something that needs to be resolved..why not more friendlies for them against div 1 teams ?
  20. Roberto Di Matteo

    making his way back to the bridge????/
  21. Gianfranco Zola

    My name says it all.
  22. Roberto Di Matteo

    team for the future ,,, roberto ... zola ...steve clarke ....guus (not Poyet)