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Everything posted by zolayes

  1. The Mourinho Thread

    I would like to see us get Pochinetto , Young but already proven in PL and with a record of developing YOUNG players even English ones
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    agree I am sure he would get much better clubs wanting him. Don't think he would want to sort out this mess.
  3. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    and once we had Essien ,Lampard and Ballack
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    can I have a few weeks to think about one .
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    so no matter how bad we get Mourinho should be given next season as well . Is that what you are saying ?
  6. Diego Costa

    because this time last year Costa was on fire .
  7. Le Boeuf and Gallas were excellent as well
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    it used to be said that jose blamed officials ,, bad decisions bad luck .. to deflect blame from and protect the players .. NOW he is blaming the players ...... to deflect criticism from who ,,,,?????
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    come back when we are in the top 4 or even top 6 and we can be happy together
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Do you remember when Ranieri was our manager .. check out his record if you can't
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    TOP post regarding Hazard and Willian ,, trouble is Hazard is in the same situation as Robben was , Stay in the PL and get your career cut short .. For his sake he needs a move to the continent , Willian is perfect for the PL
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    REMY? play him and he scores goals ,, doesnt that count ?
  13. Mikel John Obi

    do they want to play attractive free flowinfg football ,, well it makes sense then
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    learn the full Chelsea history then lecture me ..
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    SO I am a pseudo fan am I .. checked your profile you won't give your age or how long you have been a fan .. Perhaps just a year .. YOU don't seem to be able to comprehend the damage your hero is doing to the club I and my sons have supported for about FORTY YEARs ,, 40 and you with your new found loyalty call me and others FAKE , SUPPORTER .. respect friend
  16. The Mourinho Thread

    who still back his judgement after getting rid of Bertrand Lukaku Kdb Salah Schurrle ,, none fitted "his eye" or his ego . there are others still at the club and even in the squad
  17. The Mourinho Thread

    DEATH WISH ,, give him what he wants Roman
  18. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    that is the funniest post Ive seen tonight. you only left out Neymar and Pogba oh and Messi and Ronaldo ... meet be better to get Carlo instead or Claudio
  19. The Mourinho Thread

    the people on here who recognised things were wrong ,, stood up to be counted .. they got a great deal of abuse on here ,, none more than Didier and lionsden standing up and expressing unpopular views is NOT being a " kid " as you so insultingly term it . If you don't have proms why use the term .. you do have a cute av tho
  20. The Mourinho Thread

    I started to complain IN jan this year ,, some saw things then and saw even more during the preseason .. Some others were like love sick young teenage girls. Did you enjoy your prom date?
  21. The Mourinho Thread

    if he was ..it would be my best Xmas present since i was 8 and got a rugby ball for Xmas ,, oh and the war was over
  22. The Mourinho Thread

    expect Rhino skin on here tomorr ,, and essien but even Tomo has realised Jose is a busted flush ,, Oh perhaps Barbara will be here calling us all moaners who should be banned
  23. Pedro Rodríguez

    I have liked Pedro in the last few games .. would like to see him start with REMY
  24. The Mourinho Thread

    even Scolari or Avram Grant ,, they had better stats
  25. The Mourinho Thread

    put Emanola in charge ,, he managed a girls team in USA ,., perfect fit for us