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  1. j.cole is a legend but it's time for a new era. In carlo we trust.

  2. The FIFA Thread

    fifa 11 needs to have a better manager mode
  3. Em's new album = not bad..

  4. iphone 4 = hmmm

    1. Steve


      Thinking about getting it when it comes out. Not sure yet.

  5. You think that’s air you’re breathing?

  6. Gaël Kakuta

    sky news said he made no impact in that reserve game, so i doubt he will get any time against arsenal but he looked good against wolves
  7. Alex

    every summer carvalho says he wants to leave alex should play.
  8. The FIFA Thread

    i agree PES has been murdered by Fifa.
  9. Fabio Borini

    if either of them were at barca they would be branded the next big thing
  10. Rate The Sig Or Ava Above From A Scale From 1-10

    avy - 1/10 sig - 8/10