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  1. European Competition thread

    I'm hoping against Basel we can use our A team, or at least the offensive half of it once, and hopefully kill the tie, or at least make the job easier than the Spurs did for their second leg.
  2. European Competition thread

    My concern is that playing Fener or Benfica would require us to commit a lot of first team players over 2 legs while the champions league race is still on. Not to mention our starters tend to turn off once they go ahead in the Europa League. Much rather play rotated sides against Basel so we can keep the Champions league spot pressure on, and then we can take out which ever team progresses in a final where our players actually turn up.
  3. Victor Moses

    Moses is not just any squad player he's a young squad player. People seem to have problems with his decision making but that'll improve along with his skill on the ball.
  4. Nathan Aké

    Let's get Witsel and Puyol too.
  5. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Really hoping we get Basel. Normal cup sense says to go for the strongest team over the 2 legs, but we have to rotate, and Basel is the only team that our rotated sides stand a chance of beating at home or away. We would definitely need our best side to be favorites to Fener or Benfica, and we can't afford to field 2 full first team sides in these next couple weeks. Not to mention or first team seems to have a hard time turning up for these 2 legged Thursday night matches. If we end up with Fener or Benfica for the final, our league status will be much clearer, our away support will be better, our best players will play less matches, and hopefully theyll show up.
  6. Didier Drogba

    The difficulty was turning the defender. After that, the finish is the same anywhere in any league with any team. He's too old, in a position where pace and insane reactions are everything. His strength isn't gone yet, but that may be all he has left. Mazacar live on the reactions of the players around them, let it be Azpi, or Ba. I respect Moses as a squad player, but when he's on the field he often seems like he can't keep up with the others technically. The difference is, is that Moses and Lukaku and our other non perfect AM's are young or only squad players. Drogba may come back in another role though. As a coach, he could teach Lukaku everything.
  7. Ashley Cole

    I personally rate Baines higher than Cole this year. Cole's just getting older really. His technique and stuff is good, but honestly, between Baines's free kicks, experience, and leadership qualities, along with his excellence, I would choose him over Cole.