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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Remember when he had already signed Lukaku and Bakayoko?
  2. Kalidou Koulibaly

    This is eerily similar to the Hulk saga.
  3. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    I only come on the forums to consult the football experts.
  4. Antoine Griezmann

    Mata, whilst being at ManU, knows he's not going to be first-choice at any top club. He was one here until Mourinho showed up.
  5. Corentin Tolisso

    He seems to weak to be a midfield general and not technically gifted enough to be a playmaker. Going from Nainggolan and Verratti to him seems like a downgrade. Think he would be a like-for-like replacement for Matic. I hope he proves me wrong. At the end of the day, IF, big if, Antonio wants him as a primary target,he's good enough for me.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Arsenal showing their massive ambition by buying a kid from Belgium. Can't wait until they shock the world with their next 10m pound transfer.
  7. Dominic Solanke

    Liverpool isn't a big club.
  8. 21. Nemanja Matic

    We should only use him the same way we used Mikel; hardly ever and when we're 4-0 up.
  9. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    They can get relegated to league one and still say, " we beat you in the FA Cup final." Those smug cunts make me tilt. 3 months without any football. 3 months until we play them again. Hopefully Sanchez leaves them and they get an 18 year old from the French 3rd division. I'll feel a bit better then. Just a bit.
  10. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Come on mate, I'm sure bikini-clad women and alcohol will make this "bitter taste" go away for 3 months. Those pricks from Arsenal will have enough to gloat for the next millennium. That makes this loss worse. We showed no effort for 70 minutes.
  11. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Big Vic Moses realized his technical ability was never going to get us back in the game, so he resorted to his cunning wit. Fair play to him.
  12. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Just go for it already.
  13. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Be thankful we are only down by one. Could have been 2 or 3
  14. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Moses in his worst game ever.
  15. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Hazard isn't even playing!