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  1. Marko Marin

    You can't say whether it worked out or not until he he has had regular playing time.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Gorgeous finish by Silva!
  3. David Luiz

    Jesus Christ. It was a bit funny at first, but they took it too far!
  4. Oscar

    Don't feed the troll mate!
  5. Oscar

    Ah I see! Use those commas for god's sake!
  6. Thibaut Courtois

    Courtois has made at least 6 or 7 amazing saves so far against Betis. Still 2-0 to Atlético, he deserves to keep a clean sheet.
  7. Oscar

    'Mata and Hazard and Oscar and Hazard'? Do we have another Eden Hazard that I don't know about or is Thorgan back?
  8. Oscar

    Well, I'm agreeing with you more than anything. Of course we can't expect everyone to watch every single Premiership game week-in week-out. Obviously, we depend on the media a lot but people shouldn't base their opinions only on what the media says. If you can't watch a lot of games, then you could at least listen to what the media has to say and then try to watch the odd game. For example, I maybe watch 5 Bundesliga games every year, but I still know that Bastian Schweinsteiger is a fantastic player and that Mario Gotze is a great talent. The English media is extremely biased. I could be wrong but the football media here seems a lot more biased than in Spain, Germany and Italy. It's just something we have to live with.
  9. Oscar

    To be honest, if anyone depends on the media to form an opinion rather than watching actual football matches, then they're stupid in my opinion. But I do agree, it's sad to see how easily people are affected by the media. It's not just in Brazil, it happens in the UK and Europe a hell of a lot too. Most non-Chelsea fans seem to think Chelsea are 'evil.'
  10. Oscar

    Anyone who believes that is an idiot. But that doesn't mean that Brazilians in general know nothing about football. Just like many people think every Spanish midfielder is world-class. It's just not true, but there are still quite a few world-class midfielders who are Spanish. I explained that terribly, so I apologize if that's confusing.
  11. Oscar

    My point was that Oscar is not a winger, so I'm not sure why you're telling me he's not a winger.
  12. Oscar

    I'm not saying we should completely accept a string of bad performances from Oscar, don't get me wrong. But some players are just less versatile than others. Oscar needs to be played in the centre of the pitch where he can dictate play. And I'm no expert on Brazilian football, perhaps @Rmpr could enlight us on this, but I'm guessing that being a winger in Brazil is much different than being a winger in England. Wingers are expected to be dangerous on the counter attack and put in a shift defensively in England. Basically, we signed a bunch of players who are build for playing possession football, then we sacked RDM and appointed a manager who doesn't seem to favour possession football at all.
  13. Oscar

    I agree, he does need to improve and I'm not going to ignore that. But it would also be silly to ignore the fact that he has consistently played out of position. With players like Oscar and Hazard, we need to use them to their strengths. Benitez is not utilizing Oscar nor his strengths very much at all.
  14. Daniel Sturridge

    'Haters gonna hate'
  15. Daniel Sturridge

    Really? That's the best argument you can muster up?