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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    Well your post reminds me how ignorant some Chelsea fans are about Rafa. He started his career at Real Madrid, was a player there and a coach and he helped develop their youth program. When he was a young manager he won many trophies. At Valencia he defeated Real Madrid and Barcelona to win the Liga twice. He also won the European Cup, as it then was. Why wouldn't Real Madrid want him? They wanted him when he was at Liverpool but he wanted to stay in England. Apart from the fact that he has superior skills to Mourinho, he is also a good man who is honorable and sporting. Real Madrid pride themselves on being the nobility of sportsmanship Mourinho is seen as a crude little runt who has a bad mouth and does things like trying to gouge the eye of the Barcelona Assistant Coach when Barcelona defeated Real Madrid, yet again . He is a petty, jealous man who blames the club and the players and the fans when he is losing and claims total credit for himself when his team wins. Nothing better could be said of Rafa than that Mourinho hates him. To be hated by Mourinho means (a) you are better than Mourinho and ( you are a man of honour.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    Real Madrid players want Mourinho gone. http://www.marca.com/2013/01/24/en/football/real_madrid/1359018855.html
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Despite getting 200 million worth of new players and Ronaldo, and getting rid of the Director of Football and receiving a massive salary, Mourinho is a loser in a sports sense. Not only is he losing or drawing matches against weak opposition, he is jeered by the fans. He is regarded as a crude man, lacking in sportsmanship, eaten up by petty jealousy of better coaches, such as Rafa, and now tottering towards the exit at Real Madrid. On his way out he will do what he can to stir up trouble at the club and turn players against the club. That is his technique. He spreads poison wherever he goes. Have a read of this: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/14/sports/soccer/14iht-soccer14.html Real Madrid will eventually turn to Rafa - they have been after him for years not only for his tactical knowledge and his winning record but because he personifies the kind of sportsmanship Mourinho will never be.able to achieve. La Liga has been Barcelona v Real Madrid for years. Those two teams are expected to beat everyone else. They are so much more wealthy. But Mourinho's team is 3rd and going lower. Rafa beat Barcelona and Real Madrid when he led Valencia to two La Liga titles - one more than Mourinho and only one less than Guardiola.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    "The trainer (mourinho) was at the center of attention ahead of this weekend's 2-0 derby win over Atletico, entering the pitch 40 minutes before kickoff to let the fans jeer him, and the 61-year-old feels the former Chelsea manager is only thinking about himself. "The only winner of that action was Mourinho. But the president knew what to expect when he brought him to Madrid. He has already shown at his previous clubs that he thinks about himself first," he told La Xarxa.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    As Rafa said may moons ago when he was congratulating the Chelsea team, it was Abromavich who built it, not Mourinho.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    Not knowing any fat, Spanish waiters - most of them are slim - and not knowing the "certain" Spanish waiter you are referring to -. it does seem that spitting out the word "Spanish" with such venom as though it were an insult is Xenophobic and " Little Engerland", isn't it? It reflects the narrow world-view of those who only know Spain from a 3-5 days break drinking Watney's Brown Ale and eating fish and chips out of their hands in the Costa del Sol. Using your argument, I guess we have to say that you and your type are jealous of Rafa for all his achievements and stung by the effectiveness of his mind games against Mourino when Rafa was at LFC. You don't hear the LFC supporters whinging about Mourinho's insults three or four years later.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    You cite Spanish Xenophobia - is that a bit like calling someone " a fat Spanish waiter". ??
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    You must be talking about Rafa. He's the only manager to stand up to and effectively cause the removal of owners and directors who were destroying his club. He is also the only manager to stand up to Ferguson and his Mafia in the Premierle League and Media. . Mourinho kisses asses to get a job, and keeps kissing until he is well into the job when he picks a fight with the owner and runs away with a big pay-off. Name me one director or owner Mourinho has "got rid of". . I've already mentioned his limitations: 1. Failure to manage within a normal budget 2. Failure to manage average talents 3. Failure to find and develop´and play young talent 4. Restricted range of tactics - relying mainly on heavy defence. 5. Emphasis on self - "the my team" complex which frankly sounds a bit ridiculous from a guy who has never played professorial football.. 6. Waspish tongue which takes a club into the gutter and causes adverse reactions - and, in general petty,jealous disposition which affects the players and damages the image of the club. 7. His emotional manner of "bonding" with players and his abrupt dismissal of any who don't want to "bond" with him. His trophies are to be expected considering he only takes on jobs where the owners have recently spent a hundred million or more and prepared to spend more for him and where previous managers, like Ranieri at Chelsea, have developed a fine team for him to takeover. The idea of such a person building a dynasty is laughable. Disliked in Spain" - Probably because he is Portuguese and the Spanish are renown for their Xenophobic nature, he took the league title off the self proclaimed 'not just a football club' and 'best team in the world', and doesn't let the Spanish nationals rule the club the way previous occupants of the role have done.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Of course he says he wants to settle down and create a dynasty - he knows that what his future employer wants to hear. He also knows that salary caps and budget restrictions are coming. But saying it and doing it are quite different. He is deeply disliked in Spain where he is considered to have brought an ugly kind of behavior to Real Madrid and the La Liga, He is disliked by most British football fans even though some nouveau riche owners might be attracted to his record. He won't get the Manchester United job - because they understand his limitations. He says there is one job he won't take in the UK but won't mention it - it is assumed to be LFC who rejected his application when he left Porto in favour of Rafa. His best bet is any team with new rich owners who are influenced by media - but even those types of clubs are now hiring experienced Directors who are increasingly critical of his overall effect on a club. Also he is getting old and his so-called "charm" is beginning to wear thin.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Actually he is physically smaller than the average manager, but his head is bigger. He appeals to the less intelligent fan who also likes soap operas. His method is to politic for a job at a very rich club which has just bought and will buy again practically a whole team of exceptional players. He then convinces the players he is one of them (although he never played professionally but most players are pretty thick) and he encourages them to oppose the ownership. He then wins a trophy or two, picks a fight with the owners as an excuse to get a big pay-off and then buggers off to the next rich club leaving his former club drained. He never develops or introduces young talent. It's not about the club, it's about him, not the club's future, his future. When he was at Chelsea he was already politicking for the Man Utd job and still is.