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  1. Demba Ba

    Do not want to sound 'racist'.. ...but... he does really look like a Black SHREK to me. And I like Shrek very much...
  2. David Luiz

    ^ You (also) just do not get it. That's not hate, rather freedom of expression. If he starts defending seriously, I will hail him through my avatar. I do not hate David Luiz for any thing. But he has been very very irresponsible with his defending.
  3. Oscar

    Neither am I by your performances. We have seen 'better' trolls. Oscar's been doing very well.
  4. Eden Hazard

    This is one of those 'one-liner' trolls. And you said before,
  5. Oscar

    OSCAR is boss. What a player!
  6. Eden Hazard

    I never said, Belgians are plastic just because they are here for supporting Hazard. I just replied to insults, which were started by Hazard fans. And a fan who supports a club just for one player is not equal to a fan who supports the club just for the club. Yes. My 'popularity' could be less in other threads just like this as I do not insult other members. And I never asked you to judge me. More false accusations and insults directed towards me. And the analogy fails. You did not reply properly to my previous post where I asked you some questions. You have avoided many questions.
  7. Eden Hazard

    Just a mere criticism does not make someone 'anti-hazard'? I still believe that he can be a good player for us in the future. But, currently not so good. Not 32m Class. That's my opinion.
  8. Eden Hazard

    Again, this applies to you. Just because I said Willian and Reus playing a lot better currently, Belgiannutt, said very harshly, Well go support Shaktar or Dortmund then. Why would he say that? So, When I said I am not like you, I was merely speaking the truth. You guys are supporting Chelsea due to Hazard. Also, Belgiannutt started his post by saying Fuck off. I can't even begin to tell you how much you pissed me off. Isn't this ad hominem ? Did you say anything to him? You rather picked up my innocent post and tried to insult me by using very coarse language. Once again, isn't it ad hominem? Why would you use ad hominem to advise me that I should not use ad hominem and then post sth like that (quoted above)? So, Please, read your own posts. Use your own advice on you.
  9. Eden Hazard

    I will use this part for later part of your post. I never said that he is playing very poorly. I was just saying he should have been more clinical and helped us more. And I never said that he can not improve and/or I do not want to give him a chance. Club comes before player. If a defender does not want to defend in so many matches, he deserves even harsher comment. Look at your first part of the comment. Use your own advice. This is an ad hominem argument and should be dimissed as invalid and not to the point.
  10. Eden Hazard

    Very bad behaviour. I expect better from next time. You contradict yourself. If he was having so much problem with new club, new country, new league, new system, new language, he would not make such a good start. And stats does not give the complete picture of his form so far. Having three assists against weaker teams in one match and then almost invisible in many other matches is not portrayed in stats. Oscar, Michu are also at a new club, new country, new league, new system, new language And I never said he is playing very poorly for Chelsea. His performances are not so good either. That's what I am saying. He should try to use his skills more against big team opponents. I thank him for his assists against Spurs and Man Utd. He should have tried to help his team more in the UCL like Oscar, Moses have done. And penalty takers are generally the favourites against Goalkeepers. You have skillfully avoided his UCl record. We are in terrible position in UCl. We needed at least one match winning performance from him For first, he should not have given the GK chance to save. Professional players should be able to hit with both foot. For second, he should have applied better technique. I have seen many players scoring those. For third, again, he should not have given Buffon the chance. I am not saying he should have finished all of them. At least one of them especially the one in Turin. Sorry to say. I am not like you. I support Chelsea just for sake of Chelsea. I will support Shakthar against Juventus though. And presence Wilian has got nothing to do with my decision .
  11. David Luiz

    Very Childish comment. Chelsea always come before Luiz. David Luiz arrived at Chelsea in 2011. Chelsea FC was formed in 1905. Many many defenders before 2011 had served Chelsea FC far better than David Luiz has done and/or been doing. He is 25 years old. By this time he should have the maturity that playing for any club (does not matter big or small) means a lot and you in no circumstances can defend so irresponsibly in so many matches. He is quite clearly the weakest link in our squad and directly responsible for our bad results. You have tried to insult me. But I will in return just say that love CFC for sake of CFC, NOT for D.Luiz or F. Torres. And yes! I am not an anti-Luiz fan. I hope that he stops taking the duty of defending lightly and helps CFC.
  12. Eden Hazard

    You mean Oscar, right?
  13. Eden Hazard

    I have seen that very very insulting remarks have been directed towards me, a die hard Chelsea fan, by die hard Hazard fans. Ironically, they even started questioning my loyalty just because I said two other players currently playing better than him!! I will respond to the comments later on.
  14. Didier Drogba

    I don't think he is coming here to play.