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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose and company need to make decisions on the squad soon... Chelsea looks a lot more like 4-3-3 and unless the squad players are content not playing or being on bench, 2-3 players need to go out on loan/sold.
  2. Oscar

    Dumb posted and dumber likes, now we dumbest to complete the cycle.
  3. Petr Cech

    if chelsea were going to sell cech, they should of use him in a swap for either costa/luis to lower their transfer fees.
  4. Fernando Torres

    Kind of want to see how torres does with cesc in the lineup.
  5. Diego Costa

    YC =1 and counting.
  6. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Barcelona dont need to buy in the next two windows...
  7. André Schürrle

  8. Mohamed Salah

    Jose doesnt rotate 5 ams..... and if anything, ramires-cesc-matic will start as much as possible... unless jose plays a b team in the fa cup, cc cup, i find it highly unlikely salah will get that many games.
  9. Mohamed Salah

    well, i said barring injury/suspensions.. The fact is that he is number 5 out of the ams and the fact jose will probably play ramires-matic-cesc most of the games, i really cant see it, unless as i said before someone gets injured/suspended. And if Chelsea gets another CF, than 30 is definitely impossible...
  10. Mohamed Salah

    in a different uni
  11. Mohamed Salah

    So, Salah going to get 30 matches somehow right??
  12. The English Football Thread

    City the only team that looked good out of the top teams opening day. And they are the only ones that played away...
  13. The English Football Thread

    Ramires will play...So, will the other brazilians... Fernando going to give Matic a run for his money as best dm in the league.
  14. The English Football Thread

    I cant tell fernando from kompany. My gosh City pivot is big and their centers... Kompany +mangala+Fernando+yaya
  15. Juan Mata

    I sure did praise him many times