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  1. Oscar

    Lol, can't believe it... You guys are overreacting! So, even if he said it, so what? A player can't have preferences? Or the problem is that he talked? Today people give much more importance to things other than football... Everything has to be too perfect, all beautiful. He didn't say that wants to leave... Or that Mourinho is wrong.
  2. Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

    Torreeeessss LOOOOOOL
  3. Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

    Holy shit David Luiz! What if he made that goal lol
  4. Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

    Rmpr, are we going to win?!
  5. Liverpool v Chelsea

    "@DTguardian: Tomas Kalas two weeks ago: "I am a player for training sessions. If they need a cone, they put me there"" Is this true? Say that isn't true... Please lol
  6. Atletico Madrid v Chelsea

    You may not like it, but even for me, Brazilian, Cattenacio is still football... If well done, beautiful football. That story of anti-football is fallacy, that "ugly" game gave us a UCL title.
  7. Atletico Madrid v Chelsea

    I think that Mou should have put Oscar instead of Schurrle... He could defend more and help at holding possession of the ball
  8. Atletico Madrid v Chelsea

    David Luiz as centerback... Hope its the national team version
  9. Oscar

    I also agree that he may be better suited to the 4-3-3 for leaving space for him to create and go up front to shoot, but not as the main playmaker Cam... I think it would be ideal for him to be the second man in the midfield, to give him liberty to press foward or behind, drop deep to create and come up front whenever he want.
  10. Oscar

    Disagree, he may have a amazing work rate and be really good pressing up front... But i think its the other way around! In this game he may had helped in the pressure but i think that he struggled to lead the attack in the CAM position... His best moments were when he dropped deep to give flair to the game. In the big games we will need someone that can defend and orchestrate the game from behind... I really believe that player is Oscar and that his real position is DLP.I also believe that he can play as CAM... But with not his true best game, this, without count that we can play with Mata(our playmaker for 2 years) there.
  11. David Luiz

    Well, you must be understanding and forgive! I'm corinthiano, so i shall write wrong LOL
  12. David Luiz

    No, you got me wrong, I'm not talking about the goals that we conceded to them. I'm talkin about the play that David started passing the ball to Hazard.Edit: oh... I writed wrong! lol now i see hahahahaha I must just die lol
  13. David Luiz

    if i remember right, one of the 2 goals against Bayern started with one of his crazy runs in which he passed trough 2 defenders and made a long pass taking Bayern's lineback unprepared.