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  1. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    'Get a brain Morans' guy is also a Cardinals fan
  2. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Played like a fuckin' piano
  3. Politics & Stuff

    Stop talking like felix
  4. Politics & Stuff

    Love your avatar. You know I met this Chinese guy last week called Mao? I buy weed off him.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    The thing with Americans and gun ownership is that they are delusional enough to think that the citizen's right to own an M16 is enough to scare their government into not disrespecting the wishes of their citizens. They are delusional enough to think that if the occasion calls for it, their right to own guns will be enough to overthrow the government. NO IT WON'T. They have predator drones. They have all kinds of shit. They will mass destruct yo punk ass no matter how many crates of assault rifles you've got. Like it or not the US Government has already effectively disarmed its citizens, because the US Army has access to all kinds of fantastic futuristic weapons which shit on everything the public have available to them. Now, owning a Tec-9 or an M16 is plenty for a citizen to defend themselves/to go aggressively committing crimes or whatever, but it surely isn't going to be enough in the event of a public revolt against the government. In that situation, citizens showing up with their tetchy guns, is like a medieval peasant army showing up on foot, armed with axes and scythes; against an army of mounted, fully armoured knights carrying massive lances with a 30 kilo two-handed broadsword for backup. You're just never going to win!
  6. Politics & Stuff

    What about the Boston Marathon? I once said about that, "If runner have gun, then this cannot happen", a statement not altogether different from yours, which similarly boils down to "If student have gun..". But is it practical for runners to carry guns? Wouldn't it slow them down?
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I don't get along well with my brother-in-law. He treats me like a child. And he's too similar personality wise to my dad. I guess my sister is a proof for the Freudian idea that men are attracted to women who are similar in personality to their mum, and women are attracted to men who are similar to their dad in personality. I couldn't imagine getting with someone like my mum, she's so boring, narrow minded and conservative. It's hard to even hold a conversation with her for a REVOLUTIONARY FREE THINKER such as myself. I've been watching a little bit of the Rugby Union World Cup. What a fucking awful sport, rugby league is like a million times better. In union they spend way too much time in scrums, they are too eager to kick the ball, and in general the game is played much more stop-start. League has a nice flow and is end-to-end stuff for the most of it. It's a much faster sport. I don't take much joy in seeing massive scrum packs pound each other, I like to see the ball being moved quickly, not getting bogged down.
  8. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    No, he's a thoroughbred Dangerous Darkie
  9. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I don't know where to begin. My sister isn't the villainous evil person she used to be, getting married and having a kid helped her grow the fuck up. She's going to visit in December. That's the easiest thing to explain lol
  10. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    No, registrations are closed.
  11. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Likewise. I lost my log in details for Oaty Sea and despite the best efforts of Muchacho I can't get that password reset, so I've been on the outer for a long time. I started using Google Chrome again the other day and EBH's details are auto-saved into this browser, otherwise I wouldn't be able to come on here either. Lol no, I still have probably 18 months, at full load, before I finish Bachelors. Then I want to do honours, then Masters, and if I'm good enough, a doctorate. So I'll be at uni probably for the next decade at least.
  12. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I read the other day that there have been, to date, 46 school shootings in the US this year. "If student have gun, then this cannot happen"
  13. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    How are you and RA
  14. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Whats happening y'all
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    It's happening again!
  16. Politics & Stuff

    Just because we know evolution to be true, doesn't mean that we only exist because of a series of extremely unlikely coincidences. You seem to be of the opinion that any acknowledgement of scientific proof and any argument against creationism automatically means that all of those people who argue these things are morons like Richard Dawkins, completely bankrupt of any spirituality in their lives and convinced that we're an accident. We aren't an accident of evolution. But that doesn't legitimise religion. Oh no. Fuck all religions. They're institutions of control and slavery. They are violent and are stained with the blood of billions. Every religion in the world boils down to "Obey what my god says otherwise I'll kill you, filthy infidel/you'll go to hell, filthy sinner". Obey. I have a problem doing that. Fuck you and your rules, Jehovah/Allah/Jesus. That doesn't mean I'm Richard Dawkins, who is as much an odious cretin as any imam or rabbi or priest. Yes, there is a god. But that doesn't mean for a second that I will worship it or obey it. I'm not afraid of a posthumous 'hell'. What could possibly be worse than human life? Only one thing: living it in perpetual fear, a fear of breaking a set of thousands of year old commandments, given to us by paranoid schizophrenics, who 'saw' angels and 'heard' their voices. You cannot allow this hell that is earthly existence to be made worse for you by placing limits on yourself based on the delusional ravings of long dead schizophrenics. I am my own God, and I damn sure will do a better job of running my own universe, than the god that created this universe has. I think this is a very important realisation for people to come to. Just as a mental exercise if nothing else. Challenge yourself. Create a better universe than this one. I'm sure all of us can imagine of a better world than that which we inhabit. And it is in doing so that we can all come to the realisation as to how false religion is and how false our creator god is; because if we mere mortals can conceive of a fairer, juster, better planet than what we have, then it is proof of our superiority to our creator! Ideas are worth as much as actual physical results in this sense, because all of our religious texts indicate that our creator planned out every single last detail of its creation and executed the plan to perfection. I.e. what we live in is, according to our god, as good a job as possible. It cannot be improved upon at all. Therefore if the individual can put together a better plan, then they've won even before they start executing the details of the plan in real physical existence. The creator should not be worshipped as a perfect being. How can it be perfect if its creations are way smarter than it is? How can it be perfect if its creation is so obviously imperfect? How can it be perfect if I can conceive of something better than what it has created?
  17. Hip Hop discussion

    FlyLo is a sick cunt. He needs to link up with Major Lazer.
  18. Politics & Stuff

    We will never have a just and fair system as long as our standard of civilisation remains on a par with the likes of ants and bees. That is to say, the worker - queen model; in which the many work to feed the few who rule and control advancement. This firstly is utterly incompatible with human nature as we are simply not conditioned, unlike insects, to be servile. The worker - queen system relies on the existence of a servile class in order to survive; without such a class, it will collapse. Secondly, it is extremely inefficient to concentrate development in the hands of the few. 7 billion brains harnessed together can achieve incredible things; 10 million working together while 6.99 bn work to feed them cannot. Now, there are two solutions to the 21st Century Crisis. The first is more palatable to the elite as their position may not be compromised - robots will be the servile class and all humans will be elevated to be queens. This can work because robots obviously have no capacity for independent thought or emotion, so they will not resist against the status quo unlike the human servile class. Thus the system will no longer be undermined as the servile class will be happy with their lot.The other is to go back to how nature intended for us to live. Self-sufficiency will be the cornerstone of this as every individual becomes responsible for their own survival. Natural selection will take care of those who are incapable of simultaneously sustaining their existence and working to contribute to the advancement of civilisation, and the resulting society will be a true Utopia. Then there's a third way, which is to stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes firmly, and refuse to acknowledge that we are now at a point where the system is untenable and on the verge of collapse. This will lead to a devastating series of wars when the system does inevitably fail as we will compete for a slice of the ever dwindling resource pie. The wars will be fought over land, minerals, food, and water. This appears the most likely scenario and I'll be mighty surprised if a single human can survive through it. I'm not going to bother replying to the other inane ramblings that followed my first post. There's no hope in talking to people who are unable to think outside the box and realise how laughably primitive, inefficient, and untenable society as we know it is. And as long as the majority of humanity is unable to come up with 21st century solutions to 21st century problems, we are doomed as a species. This is it. This century is our Judgement Day. We will either sink or swim depending on what happens here and now. If you cannot understand that the rot has set into our society so deeply that a firm breeze would be enough to knock the whole building down then there is no hope for you. Once you overstand the magnitude of the problems we are facing it's painfully obvious that the current methods of fixing them will not work. Nothing we have devised yet, except for Marx's theory of revolution, comes close to being a viable solution - and even Marxism is too right-wing and too slow in implementing changes to solve the crisis.
  19. Politics & Stuff

    Of course you stand to make some personal gains but every business that is destroyed today simply saves us from having to destroy it later on. The demise of capitalism is an inevitability; human rage is an inexhaustible fuel and it will eventually wear down even the most monolithic of adversaries. What do you think the looters do with the things they take? Take a you beaut 3D TV to their nonexistent homes? Plug it in and pay the soaring electricity bills how? No, they'll flog the things they steal, so they can get enough food (or perhaps heroin) for the next month. What a ridiculous thing to suggest that America's black population steals luxury goods for the purpose of actually using them. You're out of touch with reality.
  20. Politics & Stuff

    People loot when rioting because, obviously, they're attempting to destroy the Babylon capitalist system. This isn't about race relations in the same way that the Watts Riot and the Rodney King Riot weren't about race relations. That a black man was victimised by a police on all three occasions was simply the spark that set off the fire that is a poor man's rage. This is about an angry underclass rising up against the unjust slavery that capitalism and liberal democracy holds us in. Of course the media will spin the race angle to mask the truth from the world but the elite are running scared now as sooner or later they know we will bring them to the only true form of justice they deserve - death at the hands of the global proletariat. Use your brains, people. The media already fooled the world into thinking the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny was about Indian soldiers getting one back after being forced unknowingly to use bullets that were greased with fat derived from pork and beef - no! It was a rebellion against the Raj, not fucking bullets. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of precedents where what has happened has been twisted to protect the elite. The Ferguson situation is yet another.
  21. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    I don't know, I haven't seen her again since first year uni. I didn't murder her but somebody in her arch-conservative Somali family probably honour killed her and her 7 ft boyfriend by now or some such. Dodged a bullet there
  22. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Shutup I'm only single because I can't get involved in a relationship for a number of reasons right at the minute. This wasn't the case a couple of years ago but I'm really not in the right mental state. This is a very, very unstable period in my life - I'm changing every day and still trying to find out who I am. I also have no job and no money - just going out with friends is a scrap for me. A girl on top of that? I'd be broker than Leeds United. I've got a load of worries at the moment, earth shaking shit like planning for my future and trying to set some shit up, things that will take up 100% of my attention. The last thing I need is a girl to compound those because somebody was talking to somebody on Tinder or some other small time bullshit. Recently I was intimately involved in another relationship because I was very, very close friends with both the boy and the girl - it ended utterly acrimoniously, and because I was so closely linked, I had to pick up the pieces, which has completely put me off for a while. Do you know how fucking difficult it is to spend half the time playing the divorced child and the other half a marriage counselor? I don't want that shit right now. The single life is one that suits me. There was a girl a few months back where money wouldn't have been a problem (and this was before I became amongst other things a functioning marijuana addict, a manic depressive, and had all these personal issues to sort out), but that was never going to work because I wasn't in the country throughout the summer and some other guy got in before me. And in retrospect I was a lot stupider and more immature last year - now with the benefit of hindsight I realised it would have been a horrendous relationship. We come from entirely different worlds. Her and her friends are the most boring people I've ever met. And I would have felt like I had to put a power limiter on my brain whenever I was spending time with her. I need somebody who's got roughly equal intelligence to me, not some booksmart nerd who'd whip anybody's arse on a test but when it came to actually thinking proved to be as dull as a statue.
  23. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Nah it was just a random thoughtI often think about the urban industrial world and how unnatural it is I don't think we were meant to live in massive communities Or use the system we've had for thousands of years where the majority focuses on doing the essential things for survival (farming etc.) while the minority focus on improving our civilization
  24. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Sometimes it feels like people find it fun to pick a fight and behave in a manner designed to be as incendiary as possible so they can pick a fight. Nothing else explains the lack of basic decency and common courtesy that is the defining characteristic of big city life in the 21st century. I mean outside the internet, because if you do that shit online then it's just trolling and everything is fine because it's done for the lulz.
  25. Politics & Stuff

    It's such a ghetto mentality, by the way, to want to absolutely fuck somebody up (as well as everybody who ever knew them) just because they key'd your car - which is the most apt analogy to describe the Gaza situation. Such thinking is supposed to be restricted to working class ethnic minorities in the western world; people that mass media and right wing thinkers routinely condemn as idiots and lazy welfare cheats - but how is it that our leaders think in exactly the same way when they're "better human beings" than the urban poor? Substitute scenarios - thumping on a project junkie because he tried to pay you fake money for his fix is pretty much the same thing as going to war over unsubstantiated rumours of nuclear programmes.