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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    most of you made his life difficult, hope we don't regret this. It is mad to complain as much and kick the guy around in his 1st season, like Mourinho said about Drogba's signing 'judge him when he leaves'. this guy could have built something great here. he stabilised the club, no drama like Jose and to a less extent Conte. I saw every game at home and a few away, first 10 games were good, then like all marathons, blips and turns but we came 3rd, lost on penalty to the treble champions in the c cup and won the Europa. How many of those players would Juve, Real and Barcelona come knocking for? 1-2 at most, we had a good hand but let it slipped, this is not the board, its the fans.
  2. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    You are as good as what is in front of you, with the return of Morata 5, Higuain 5 and Giroud 2 it was a miracle we came 3rd but winning Europa and Carobo finals confirm it wasn't a fluke.
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The fans made his stay hell, he's proved himself, playing his own way. I have always sympathised with him here, Sarri came weeks into the season, new country, didn't speak the language, inherited a comparatively poor team that came 5th. I know it was frustrating at times but apart from City and Pool, all the other clubs would wish they had the season we just had. with a squad that only 2 of the players can walk into other clubs in top 6, the fans expected too much too soon. He hasn't left the club worse off and would have been sacked if Wembley didn't go to penalties or if he lost in Baku. Its rather unfortunate because he seemed to be forging an understanding with the team and the way he outfoxed Arsenal as against the November match at the Emirates would have been helpful next season. The fans couldn't wait for him to be sacked 6 weeks ago, now showing disgust for him wanting to leave, sorry guys, we don't deserve his loyalty.
  4. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    maybe I will skip Istanbul to give the team good luck , was in Monaco when Falcao demolished us and Prague when we lost to Bayern
  5. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    what a night, great support from the travelling fans. Thomas Cook got it spot on with the logistics:
  6. Abdul Rahman Baba

    one clip is not enough to judge a player, he looked fragile while here. he can come for preseason but to conclude with a10 seconds shine will be absurd.
  7. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    The only easy bit in this process was the visa, got it sorted online and issued in 3 hours. Baku would not have made it to my 1000 list of places to visit, awaiting flight time and departure airport from TC but it would be direct flights. will send pictures and video
  8. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    absolutely, Ive been saying this at the games
  9. Gary Cahill

    when your time is up, it's up. Gary was not the best CB I have seen at the Bridge, but he was honest and when he made mistakes he apologised immediately. He was lucky to have got his move from Bolton when he did, luckier to play side by side JT who covered for him a lot. It was coming, even Conte would have dropped him, he had an opportunity in the match against Derby and omg, it wasn't a game to remember. Will love him for those headed goals, spirit and honesty. we wish him the very best.
  10. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    if we had scored more goals, we couldn't have conceded more than we did. its all about cover for the defence, some cried at the sale of Matic but are they better? this is a team in transition with at least 3 forwards that are not good at tracking back and Jorginho that has been weak defensively since the Tottenham loss. William, Higuan/Giroud and Hazard offer little or nothing when we are defending, which we are most of the time, Hazard can be excused but a team like Chelsea can't afford the luxury of so many weak defensively players, you can throw Odion into that category as well.
  11. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    We need the ban to force it to happen, remember this is Sarri's first season if he gets it wrong he gets the sack.
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    We are not even at all our attack reads: Hazard 16, Morata 5, Higuain 5, Giroud 2 compare the 3 strikers we have to Kane and Song.At best Giroud would compete with Llorente Likewise Ericsson and Jorginho, Danny Rose and Alonso/Emerson, Tippier and Cesar
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I agree in regards to perception, however if Sarri finishes above Poch and wins the Europa, I will argue he is better. Give Sarri Song or Kane or both and we would have another 10 -12 points. Sarri is in his 1st season, signed 2 weeks before the season started, Poch has won nothing, Kane is an Alan Shearer but if they bottle it this Year he should consider moving because with this manager he might never win a trophy. at best 4 - 5 of our players will make into Spurs, they have a better team, buying is not always the solution ask United fans. Even Danny Rose is better than the 2 we have, if Sarri finishes 3rd Poch is overrated and manages bottlers.
  14. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    I am trying to understand your disappointment, Chelsea have been in a mess since Jose snapped the chain by letting KDB, Sallah, Lukaku etc leave. Conte performed magic by winning the premiership with a weak team that was not adequately replaced not due to the board not shelling out but the buys did not work. Everyone was excited by Bakayoko but it didn't happen. Sarri has done well with this squad, only 2 players will get into the top 5 side and with the best effort our strikers have scored 12 goals + Hazards 16 in the championship. so the team that scored the least in the top 6 could come 3rd and can win the Europa cup. we are not Arsenal, they are under performers and legendary at it. Give Sarri Lacazette or Aubamayang or both and you wouldn't believe its the same Chelsea. If we had Song or Kane or both, I wonder. Martial or Rashford, Aquero, Sane. all such players are not available to be bought, in the circumstances we are doing great.