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  1. 1 hour ago, shrenshah said:

    Just hoping our ban is lifted and we get a chance to sign the likes of Dybala, Jovic, Pepe, Fekir, Werner who are all available this year.

    If our transfer ban is lifted we have to go beast mode! 

  2. Only way that Sarri can gain my support is if he decides to rotate underperforming players. I am still hoping that Europa league squad was a rotation squad and we will see stronger eleven on monday. 


    Zappa/Azpi - Rudiger - Christensen - Emerson

    Kante - Kovacic - Barkley/Willian

    CHO - Higuain - Hazard

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  3. If we really want attacking football to succeed than we have to back up Sarri the way City backed Guardiola. 

    - Pulisic

    - Keep Hazard

    - New full backs on both sides (upgrades to current starters) 

    - Get rid of deadwood (Alonso, Luiz, Willian, Pedro, Barkley, Drinkwater) 

    - Extend Higuain loan, we can't afford to overhaul whole team in one window

    - Try RLC in that nr. 10 position until end of the season. We have to see if he is good enough, otherwise we need new attacking midfielder (Sarabia?) 

    This would be first steps in right direction. 


  4. Just calm down please!

    First there was a strong link with Paredes and everyone was skeptical about it - is he really a player for Chelsea; is he good enough and so on. Than he signs for PSG and everyone goes mad about our board being stupid for not buying him. I think that our board is starting to learn something from a lot of "bad" transfers in last years. If there is no quality midfielder available in January transfer window than we should just offer those backup minutes to our youngsters (RLC and Ampadu in this case). We don't lack depth in midfield - Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic, Barkley, RLC, Ampadu and even Luiz. Wait for summer and try to bring quality midfielder that will suit Sarri and will actually add something to this squad. 

    Same thing about Piatek. Less than one year ago this guy was not even a top scorer in Ekstraklasa and now everyone goes mad about him because he is on fire at the moment? Even for 30M, he IS a gamble, even though he scored 2 on his debut. Remember Batshuayi? Of course you do, he was on fire in Ligue 1, scoring for fun and being one of the best scorers in Ligue 1 (behind Ibra and Cavani I think). Higuain is not a gamble, he is on loan and we can just send him back in the summer and focus on new long term striker. I don't want to be disrespectful but Fabio Quagliarella is currently setting Serie A on fire, so this should tell you enough about this league quality. If we are taking a gamble, I would rather take it on Luka Jović. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Muzchap said:

    Fuck him - let him go.

    Give zero fucks about this - if he wants out let him go.

    I wouldn't play the cunt tonight either.


    Wow I think I'm grumpy today 😂

    I have to agree on this one, I am pretty mad on him myself. This kid is only 18y old and he played decent minutes under NEW manager. He is starting to get much more recognition from Sarri as season develops, that makes sense - you can't blame Sarri for not playing 18y kid right from the start.


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  6. 3 hours ago, Vesper said:

    Chelsea: Mason Mount is not the regista you are looking for


    Mason Mount has been playing an absurd amount of minutes at Derby County on loan from Chelsea. Some want him to return as a regista deputy. He is not that.

    Mason Mount is one of the loan army’s brightest stars. Frank Lampard seemingly agrees as he has virtually played Mount every minute he has been available. In fact Mount (and Fikayo Tomori) have both played more than Derby County’s first choice keeper and are only beaten out by the team’s captain.

    Chelsea management and fans alike are already looking towards the future. The Blues need someone to deputize Jorginho right now. But some want Mount to return and play the role, while others fear bringing in another midfielder will force Mount out of the club. But all of that does not make a whole lot of sense. Mount is a fantastic player, but being a regista behind Jorginho simply is not in his future. It would be a waste of his skill set. There is a sense that because he is young that he can learn the role. That is true; he could learn the role. But the question should not be whether or not he could but whether he should.

    Mount is very quick with the ball at his feet. He has a great touch and great passing to pair with it. But he also has very good positional sense and Lampard has clearly been teaching him how to time his late runs. To use an antiquated and rigid definition, Mount is an eight like Lampard was before him.

    Moving Mount to the regista spot could work and he would likely do well there. But he would do even better in one of the other midfield spots where he can attack more and press more aggressively. Ethan Ampadu finds himself in a similar debate right now. Whereas he can play the regista role, he is even better as a centerback. Again, just because a player is young and can learn a role does not mean they should.



    I think Mount is ideal for Barkley role and that position is there to grab. Neither Barkley or Kovacic are creative and offensive enough for that position... Kovacic is more suited for Kante (b2b) position imo. 

    Ampadu on the other hand is better midfielder than cb, what do you think? 

  7. 10 minutes ago, quickpassnmove said:

    Just buy Mitrovic and Higuan and spend big money on fullbacks and winger(s) one CM and one CB. Squad needs a makeover, not another rising striker that goes nowhere in the Prem.

    I would actually love to see Mitro here. He is tough motherf*****

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  8. Just imagine selling Fabregas, Willian, Morata, Drinkwater, Moses (pretty much deadwood even though two of them were pretty much starters <_<) and buying Malcolm, Piatek, Paredes and Barella. 

    That would be HUGE! 

    But this is Chelsea. We will keep Willian instead of Malcolm and buy Andy Carroll to lead our attack. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Vybzkartel said:

    If Sarri rotates well he can easily start half of our remaining games, we have Europa and FA Cup too. Look at RLC and Barkley earlier in the season they were unhappy about their lack of playing time but once we started playing twice and fixtures pled up they started to get enough starts and appearances to keep them content. His quick passing is world class and we could do with that in our squad if we lose Cesc. Plus he is only 24 so he is still young. 

    Club is probably expecting transfer ban in the summer so this is gonna be an important transfer window as it seems. With both midfielders heavily linked with us I assume one thing... We don't want to sell Hazard and we are probably expecting that Real won't let us keep Kovacic if we play hard with them. And also.. Barkley will have to step up big time if he wants to stay near first team. 

  10. 2 hours ago, mccg said:

    Barcelona open to selling Malcom
    Barcelona signed Malcom from the jaws of AS Roma in the summer but are now open to the idea of selling this month. Mundo Deportivo report that the Catalan side are not happy with him and are not willing to keep him at the club anymore.

    Reports suggested that Chinese Super League side, Guangzhou Evergrande made a bid for him but Mundo Deportivo claim that they are yet to receive any formal offers for the player. Roma were linked with the player again but they are no longer in the picture as per recent reports.

    To make things worse for the Serie A side, their arch-rivals, Lazio have reportedly joined the race and are the hot-favourites to sign him. Should he join them, he will easily be the most hated man in Rome.


    If Hudson leaves than Malcolm could be an option, what do you think? 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Laylabelle said:

    Nice to see him score but just not working. He doesn't look Intrested or happy so why hold onto him. He can find his feet elsewhere and we can chalk it up to another woops experince... 

    Looking at the first page of this thread.. We were all so optimistic! Only over a year ago as well... 


    He is best suited to play alongside classic wingers that cross from byline.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Jason said:

    Bournemouth are probably signing Solanke to replace Defoe, who's going to Rangers. Not every club do the '1 out, 1 in' like us...

    Not sure that Bournemouth is ready to spend 19M on player just to be Defoe replacement. He was their 4th striker... 

    Solanke is injured so I think that Bournemouth are gettin ready to sell Wilson in summer.