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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Schneiderlin to United seems to be done deal. Some great bussines from Manchester and we are still sleeping
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Schneiderlin is a perfect pick for us. Mourinho prefers to play with two strong and hardworking defensive midfielders anyway Not to mention that Schneiderlin knows how to play offensive football too
  3. General Transfer Talk

    You have to know that apart from some world class players (Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Ribery, Lahm) everyone have their price !
  4. Charly Musonda Jr.

    You want to loan youth player without senior experience to Monaco, quaterfinalist of CL? He needs playing time and he won't get it in Monaco or PSV. They have a lot of their own players and even if their own young players are less talented than Musonda, they will still play them over him. Loan him to Vitesse or something like this where he can be starter for whole season. He is 18, he won't ruin his career if he doesn't play in top league next season but he can surely slow down his development if he doesn't play regular football.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    He is actually underrated IMO But he is not answer to our midfield "problems", I think we need better player but he would be nice backup.
  6. Petr Cech

    Going to Arsenal for 14M Let's go for Oxlade Chamberlain now
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Maybe not "world class" but some players available are much, much better than Costa and big upgrade to players we have on right winger and also with potential to become "world class" - Reus, Griezmann, Sterling, Di Maria and maybe even Bale. The same goes for midfield players, we need one who can play in big matches because Fabregas can't play deep if we defend pretty much all the time. I think we could go for Pogba, because Allegri wants Oscar. We should include him in deal and add something like 30M and 22 years old beast is ours for next 10-12 seasons On the other hand players like Kondogbia, Gundogan, Naingollan and Schneiderlin are also perfect suited for Mourinho system ... think about Matić. Did you rate him world class playing in Benfica? He is world class now, for sure If we get two of mentioned players, we will win the league I think Falcao deal is just a shred move by Mourinho so we can get some more Jorge Mendes's players (Griezmann/Di Maria and Varane). I rate Schneiderlin and Gundogan highly so I won't be dissapointed if we miss on Pogba and get one of those two players
  8. General Transfer Talk

    I don't know why we should buy players like Douglas Costa and Song? Traore, Salah or Moses are all players from same quality level and can take rotational role. As same goes for Loftus-Cheek or Van Ginkel. What we need is two world-class players that will add quality to our first 11 - right winger and central midfielder. Some additions in back 4 is only bonus but we should firstly sort out what we need.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Loaning to Premier league club can be risky. He could easily be 2nd or 3rd striker with low playing minutes ... I think another year in Middelsbrough will do him good. He is their main man, main striker, in a pretty strong league. One year loan there and he can attack top scorer and help Boro reach the Premier league
  10. General Transfer Talk

    What about Konoplyanka? Free transfer in the summer ... really tricky, fast player that is not lazy, he can defend. I was impressed with him in knockout stages of Europa League.
  11. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I really hope so
  12. Filipe Luís

    I would love to see this lineup sometimes Azpi - Ivanović/Zouma - Terry - Luis It would be also easier to score against weaker opponents with both full backs bombing forward