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  1. Anthony Martial

    It could be possible, OGS seems to really like Rashford. But this transfer makes too much sense for us
  2. Gonzalo Higuain

    He will surprise many people
  3. General Transfer Talk

    Just imagine selling Fabregas, Willian, Morata, Drinkwater, Moses (pretty much deadwood even though two of them were pretty much starters ) and buying Malcolm, Piatek, Paredes and Barella. That would be HUGE! But this is Chelsea. We will keep Willian instead of Malcolm and buy Andy Carroll to lead our attack.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Based on skill set, probably not But Silva at least has "pitbull mentality" ...
  5. Leandro Paredes

    Club is probably expecting transfer ban in the summer so this is gonna be an important transfer window as it seems. With both midfielders heavily linked with us I assume one thing... We don't want to sell Hazard and we are probably expecting that Real won't let us keep Kovacic if we play hard with them. And also.. Barkley will have to step up big time if he wants to stay near first team.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    If Hudson leaves than Malcolm could be an option, what do you think?
  7. 29. Álvaro Morata

    He is best suited to play alongside classic wingers that cross from byline.
  8. Callum Wilson

    Not in the squad today
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    What else does he need to do??
  10. Callum Wilson

    Not sure that Bournemouth is ready to spend 19M on player just to be Defoe replacement. He was their 4th striker... Solanke is injured so I think that Bournemouth are gettin ready to sell Wilson in summer.
  11. Denis Suarez

    Could be very useful as creative attacking midfielder, especially versus teams that defend deep.
  12. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    This! Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho seems like a great midfield for games like City but most of the time we would need someone more creative alongside Jorginho and Kante/Kovacic IMO. We need extra creative force versus deep defensive lines
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Was watching a little bit of Real Madrid - Villareal tonight and that kid Chukwueze is really something Great player, great player ...
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Our biggest weakness apart from striker situation is nr. 10 position IMO. City struggled when Silva and KDB were injured, not because Gundogan and Bilva are not good midfielders but because they didn't have a creative force in midfield. Liverpool struggled to break down teams that defended deep when they played Wijnaldum-Milner... Look at their scores when Shaqiri starts in nr. 10 position, they are scoring for fun. They both have much better trio upfront but with lack of support they can't produce miracles. The same with us... Kovacic and Kante are probably worldclass midfielders but they can't create. They are b2b midfielders and they need creative player alongside... Barkley used to be this kind of player at Everton but right now he is "too safe" with backwards and sideways passing. Fabregas would be the best choice right now.. Maybe RLC but I am not sure. Mason Mount seems like an option for this position or James Maddison from Leicester. Someone with that flair... I would even try Hazard there with Odoi in his natural left wing position.
  15. Houssem Aouar

    Tbh Kovacic is more suited to Kante position I think RLC is our only true attacking midfielder that could do damage in final third ...