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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    His head is not with Chelsea anymore. Until those "China rumours" he was as sharpest as I have ever seen him But since than he is arguing too much and not focusing on football ... sell him to China and bring Belotti/Lukaku
  2. Marco Verratti

    I can understand Verratti hype but Rabiot was a clear MVP today What a performance from this young guy I still think we won't push for Verratti or any other playmaker unless Conte decides to go 352 with Costa and Eden upfront
  3. Danilo Pereira

    He is tailor made for Conte Great player, great energy
  4. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Azpi is the best defender in the league but I am just questioning his suitability for center back position I would try him at wing back
  5. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    We will bounce right back Nevertheless, I would like to see some changes/new things in starting eleven (Zouma at RCB, Chalobah for Matić, Azpi at RWB, Alonso at LCB)
  6. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    I wanted to write that down Forget cold rainy night in Stoke because there is a new sheriff in town
  7. Bertrand Traoré

  8. Wolves 0-2 Chelsea

    Begović Zouma - Ake - Alonso Aina - Chalobah - Fabregas - Kenedy Musonda - Mitchy - Willian
  9. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Please, just don't panic Turf Moor is probably the hardest away game in England. Their pitch is very small and that is why they have won 29 out of 30 points at home
  10. Tammy Abraham

    This kid has it He should be in the team next year !
  11. 5. Kurt Zouma

    He should be starting much better than Cahill and more suitable for 3 at the back than Azpi
  12. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Best thing I heard today But it's not gonna happen a
  13. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Agree but Cahill is our weakest player in starting lineup and Azpi is probably too small for CB We don't need new players unless we sell first
  14. Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

    Zouma was on the pitch for like 6 minutes ... cmon man
  15. The Conte Thread

    "They can easily win" We are the only team that can take this title from us It's our own fault if we blow this up