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  1. Pedro Rodríguez

    This is the shit...
  2. Kevin de Bruyne

    Belgian squad and formation that in my mind will win the European Cup: Courtois Alderweireld Vermaelen Kompany Vertonghen Witsel Naingolan KDB Januzaj² Hazard³ Benteke/Origi * * against the weaker oppositions that park the bus, Lukaku against the top teams ² Switched by Mirallas ³ Switched by Mertens Other subs to play a role : Fellaini, Dembele, Denayer, Praet, T.Hazard, Van den Borre
  3. Thibaut Courtois

    May I inquire as to what team you play(ed) for? You once mentioned you train goalkeepers?
  4. Eden Hazard

    Half time now - hasn't received the ball from anyone and the game has been atrocious... Better fix it, JOSE!
  5. Thibaut Courtois

    Set to become the first Belgian football player in history to get voted "Sportsman of the year"... I feel like writing an epic action story about this dude...
  6. Thibaut Courtois

    For what it's worth, was voted "Man of the Match" tonight against Iceland. Excelled throughout the night, Though he was given a hand by some extremely shabby defending by our back 4.
  7. Eden Hazard

    From what I have read from your posts, sir, you have the football intelligence of a 80 year old Arsenal fan with brain damage. Absolutely ludicrous, categorical, unfounded hog wash. You can hide behind your rants of criticism and cynicism all you want, it won't change the fact you're either a success supporter or no supporter at all. Definitely not the type of fan I wish to relate to... And note that I have not said a single word against anyone else criticizing Hazard, as I subscribe to a lot that has been said, so it's not that I'm a fanboy.
  8. Thorgan Hazard

    I honestly don't... I think he's nowhere near physical enough to assert himself in the Premier League. It's all fine doing it at Zulte and even in the Bundesliga, but playing under Mourinho in the Premier League is a whole different ball game. Still a long way to go before he becomes the machine he needs to be to be given a run at Chelsea's. That being said, I hope I'm wrong :dude:
  9. Thorgan Hazard

    Here we go ... again
  10. Thibaut Courtois

    On a sidenote: Apparently Courtois got awarded a point over Cech in Fifa 15, clocking at 86 (number 31 in game) over 85 for Cech. Just or not, it sure as hell is cool
  11. Eden Hazard

    Hi Barbara, I got curious during the day and looked it up on http://www.whoscored.com/Players/33404/Show/Eden-Hazard But I don't know if there's some "official" Premier League Statistics database to review... Are you saying that officially, the assist did get awarded? There doesn't seem to be one clear, uniform rule that applies to these situations, does there? In my opinion, it should count as an assist, even though, as CHOULO19 said: as long as it counts for the right team, it's of marginal importance. Edit: I just realised I probably should change my picture already
  12. Eden Hazard

    So guys, how does that great raid in which he forced the own-goal at Goodison not count as an assist? Does it officially register as an unassisted goal, then, and if so, how lame is that?
  13. Eden Hazard

    I really hope these comments aren't going to create any fall-out for Eden at the club, especially in our revered, idiosyncratic manager's mind. Ultimately, Eden puts his finger on the sore spot when he says we have systematically struggled with breaking down defensive teams this season. Our lack of attacking options is something that was adressed masterfully by Mourinho at times by making strong, armed-concrete defending are nr.1 priority and going from there; i.e. counter-football. Against the weak sides though, where we were forced to make the game and break down parked jumbo jets because they were happy to take 0-0s against us, our strikers' weaknesses showed. I think anyone would agree that these matches cost us the title... (though I still hope for some miracle this weekend). That being said, bad move Eden for feeding the troll press. The fact that he spoke passionately though, shows his sadness and thus his commitment to the club. From all his neutral interviews I have watched, I am SURE that he's happy at the Bridge and that he can't wait to become better and better as the seasons progress. It's all about the growing curve, people. Shouldn't lose ourselves in ihis defensive lapses (especially after injury - though frustrating to watch) or spirited-away spells during games. He WILL come back stronger. Just imagine COSTA playing in front of him (Hazard on the 10), and Matic and Luiz together in his back for the CL next year. I shudder at the thought, especially because he SHOULD be relieved of his defensive duties more to reach his full potential.
  14. Chelsea 2-0 PSG

    Prize money[edit] As of 2012–13, UEFA awards €2.1 million to each team in the play-off round. For reaching the group stage, UEFA awards a base fee of €8.6 million. A win in the group is awarded €1 million and a draw is worth €500,000. In addition, UEFA pays teams reaching the first knockout round €3.5 million, each quarter-finalist €3.9 million, €4.9 million for each semi-finalist, €6.5 million for the runners-up and €10.5 million for the winners.[55] Playoffs: €2,100,000 Base fee for group stage: €8,600,000 Group match victory: €1,000,000 Group match draw: €500,000 Round of 16: €3,500,000 Quarter-finals: €3,900,000 Semi-finals: €4,900,000 Losing finalist: €6,500,000 Winning the Final: €10,500,000 A large part of the distributed revenue from the UEFA Champions League is linked to the "market pool", the distribution of which is determined by the value of the television market in each country. For the 2012–13 season, Juventus, who were eliminated in the quarter-finals, earned nearly €65.3 million in total, of which €20.5 million was prize money, compared with the €55.0 million earned by Bayern Munich, who won the tournament and were awarded €35.9 million in prize money.[56] Quite a nice parting gift from Demba Ba apart from raising his market value, the man just gave us the funds to buy whoever the hell we want :blue scalf: :blue scalf: :blue scalf:
  15. Chelsea 2-0 PSG

    *opens new beer* So, I know it's too soon to already start looking ahead, but... Any news on Hazard, anyone? I'll take Atletico in the semi's !!! (No Courtois allowed) Grtz to all you beautiful people